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River Ridge Amusement Park





"Former President and CEO of Six Flags, Mark Shapiro, has purchased the abandoned River Ridge Amusement Park. The park, which was opened in 1994 by Cedar Fair, closed three years ago due to the park "no longer fitting with the long-term strategy of the chain," according to Cedar Fair. Shapiro, who has entered a joint-venture with LTS & Stern Capital, LLC, says the park was profitable and will be profitable again under new management techniques. Shapiro left the Six Flags company in 2010 after the company emerged from bankruptcy.


Shapiro says no outside funding will be required for the refurbishment of the property.


"Major changes will be coming to the structure of the park, including a new midway and park layout over a 5-year plan."


The Vortex Coaster, which had been standing but not operating for 6-years prior to the closing of the park, will be removed.


This coaster, formerly known as Raptor, will be dismantled to be re-installed at a later date.


"This park is in dire need of some paint," says Shapiro "coasters like Forest Run will be getting new coats of paint."


Unfortunately, many coasters are so overgrown that they will not be salvageable.


This small area across the river will not reopen immediately, however, there are plans to expand this area.


Some coasters will even recieve new brand deals to help market the park.


"We're very excited to begin work on the park in just a few weeks to open by next memorial day. Our current priority is renovating facilities and attractions which haven't operated in years."


Stay tuned for more with Channel 9 News.

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Looks like a good start. However, your buildings needs more detail, and your pathwork could use better textures. With the path textures that have been released lately (alpha paths) would look a lot better. They show shadows and make everything look more realistic. I like the second shot a lot though.

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I'm a RCT2 guy myself so forgive the dumb question but why all the clones (mostly from Cedar Point)? Is it just because they look a lot better than most RCT3 coasters do as far as transitions?


Overall I really like this.

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^There have been a few custom tracks made from Cedar Point and most custom tracks are clones of real rides.


I like your park, and that you're using a lot of CTs!

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If the park closed in 1994, how does it have a Mondial Windseeker? Or a Giga, for that matter? Or even a Raptor clone?


Reread the introduction... The park Opened in 1994.


Concept Art


The new marking team at River Ridge released some conceptual images of the all new area of the park which will feature two new coasters, multiple restaurants and areas to take a break and relax.




Also attached was a list of Roller coasters that will be operating when the park opens next year:


  • Temple Run (Formerly Mantis)
    Rain Forest Adventure (Formerly Forest Run)
    Dr. Steam's Laboratory
    INSANE (All new! Intamin ZacSpin Coaster)
    ProtoFlight (All new! B&M Wing Coaster)
    Little Flyers (All new! Vekoma Family Inverted Coaster)


The list indicates that four coasters originally with the park will not operate, including:

  • Zonga (Schwarzkopf looping coaster)
    Raptor (B&M Inverted Coaster)
    Vortex (Arrow Dynamics Looping Coaster)
    Wooden Vortex (CCI Wooden Twister)


The park intends to open by Memorial Day of next year.

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River Ridge Reopens!


Hello- I'm Mark Shapiro and I'm the President of River Ridge! I'm so excited to be personally updating you on the happenings at our lovely park. Along with the three new roller coasters we've introduced this year, our park has made other significant additions in order to benefit your experience. For example, we've repaved large sections of the park in concrete, which is lighter than asphalt and will help keep us cool on those hot summer days. We've also planted more than 200 new trees and shrubs for additional shade and beauty in the park. I hope you enjoy some of the following pictures I've prepared to share with you:


Dr. Steam is at it again with his infamous mischief on this awesome launched coaster.


New wide concrete paths will accommodate more guests more comfortably!


This entirely new midway is home to six new rides for everyone in the family!


Protoflight is the longest wing-coaster in the world and features a smooth but intense layout.


Temple Run is a great stand-up coaster for everyone in the family to ride together.


Due to the quick nature of the turnaround, some rides are not ready for the season yet and others are waiting to be removed.


Rainforest Adventure remains as one of the best roller-coasters in the WORLD! It's the staple of River Ridge.


New meal options will ensure there's something for everyone!


Guests enjoy world-class rides and attractions at River Ridge.


With modern infrastructure and clean midways.


This new building is dedicated to park information and Season Pass processing.


New rides and coasters keep our lineup fresh and up-to-date.


NASA's Little Rovers takes our young guests on a adventure, out of this world!


INSANE will be just the second vertical twist roller coaster in the United States.


There's something for everyone at River Ridge Amusement Park!


Come on out and visit the world's cleanest theme park!


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