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[NL][NL2] Project 314 - Intamin Blitz - Test the track!

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Hi guys, I'm new here. This is the coaster I'm working on. I have already posted this in other forums, so some of you may have seen it. But for the rest of you I'm going to post the most important things that I've post. The ride is done in FVD and NL1, but it will change to NL2 before the release. Well, let's start with layout and stats:



Lenght: 1355m

Max elevation change: 43m

Max Speed: 105km/h

Max G-Force: 4.9G/-1.5G

4 Inversions

8 Airtime moments (9 if you count the Inverted Zero G Stall)


Layout is finished and now I'm currently theming the ride. Here is an artwork of how it's going to be themed and a few renders of the scenery I have done.


There will be an artifical splash in that lake.


And last, but not least a POV. Keep in mind that supports and terrain are not finished (I used prefabs because I don't like to show floating track). Also, the last S-hill doesn't pass tunnel test. Don't worry, it is fixed by now.



Tell me all the flaws you see, I'll try to rework them. Hope you like it.

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This week I'm planning how the queue line should be, so I added the most important buildings as reference (without detailing them, just the basic shape). Here are a few renders. Keep in mind that everything is a wip. This is only the beginning.




Under that inversion will be the entrance to the ride. It's is going to be an hybrid between Indiana Jones style camp and this:



Will add some more details, a Jeep, some crates... The sign will be carved into stone and the crane will act as a ride support. Finally an overview:



Let's explain the numbers:


1 Entrance

2 Big temple. It hide a hill and part of the queue will be inside

3 Camp. Part of the tents will be full with objects found in the temples (tresaures, totems...) Something like this:



4 Zig-zag queue line inside the building. The building will be made following this one:



5 Small temple. Same as number 2

6 Reonstruction-excavation work. Will cover the hill and the brake run

7 Station. Building in a similar way as number 4. Will cover the transfer track. The two temples are the two stations.

8 Two towers joined by a bridge. They cover the inverted Zero G Stall and its support structure. The towers will be similar to the one in the picture mentioned above, but without windows. A flame coming from the mountain will surprise riders.


Well, that's everything for now. Ideas for objects to be placed in the queue line are welcome. Thanks


Edit: forgot a picture:


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Wow! VERY nice layout! I'm loving it so far. And the roll into the break run is fantastic! And so is the zero g stall!


As for flaws, I believe the headline roll right before the launch is taken at way too high of a speed. I would recommend either stretching it out or removing it completely. It just seems sort of out of place.

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Thank you. About the heartline roll... Well, there are opinions on both sides. I like how it is now. It's like Blue Fire's one, but a bit more intense, which is what I think Intamin would do. Anyway, all G's are in check, so it wouldn't have problems like Maverick's one.

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G's are in check. The only yellow G's are in the top hat (4.6 and 4.9) wich are taken from real life coaster (Ispeed).


I've made 2 sketches showing the trains:




Theme explanation: They are high tech vehicles designed to explore the temples and the mountain.


The real trains will have 3 cars of 4 seats, plus the last car seen in the picture which is for the sound system. Part of this car will be the motor of the trains and the other part is storage. The trains will have lap bars, modeled after the ones found in the new Intamin 10 inversions coasters (like the one at Cinecitta World). I have thinked of turning the back seats of each car backwards (like Invertigo trains), but I'm not sure. Do you think a backwards launch would be comfortable? The launch is set at 1.5G.


BTW, here is a little tutorial. This is what I do for creating a mountain. I do it in 3dsMax, but I think you can use any modelling program or even without modelling anything:

- Create a rock. Clone it a few times

- Scale the rock to bigger size. Make the shape of the mountain with big rocks

- Scale and rotate few rocks. This will make the illusion that not all of the rocks are the same. Cover the mountain you've created with them

- Once you are satisfied with the result, cut the rocks for removing unused geometry. I don't know if you can make this in Sketchup. In Max I use a tool called Proboolean

-Texture it. You can find textures of almost everything for free in CGtextures

-Setting LOD's. I don't know how you do it in Sketchup.


And that's it. It is not difficult, just take a bit of time. There is a set of rocks realeased by a guy called ByeTom. I've seen it in other forums, but it may be available here too. Hope this helps.

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^ I agree, especially with lapbars
I agree times 3... However.. Even going backwards... and it may be intense ... Maybe even "harsh" I would STILL ride it going backwards... So I hope moving forwards you still include the backwards seats.... AND a backwards POV!
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Thanks for all the kind words. They really motivate me to continue the project. I won't rotate the seats. Too extreme. I will save the concept for a future family coaster. But I will make a backwards POV, like on newer TPR videos.


I have been working on the lake. There are still things to do, but I have improved a few things:


- Made the path higher. Now you see the track from above, so it doesn't block your view and you can see the splash.

- Reworked the shape. Now it's a perfect circle. Take a look to the first post to see the difference.

- New fence.


Here are the pics:





And here is the work plan for this week:


- Modify the fence. I want to give it an "adventure" feeling. Now it looks like a fence you buy in your local store.

- More work in the mountain. Also making holes for the track from station to the lake. There will be a cavern in the top of the lift. One of the scenes of the coaster will be there. I have a pretty complete idea, but won't give details of it for now.

- Start working on the station. Maybe even finished. Here is a sketch:



The two temples are the stations. The building in the left is the transfer track. Proportions may not be accurate.


Remind that textures aren't definitive. Just for showing the scenery with some material on it. They will be the final step. If I made enough progress I will post a new update this week. Thanks for watching.

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Thanks, but they are not that good. They are simple perspectives, pretty easy. Just need a bit of practice.


Anyway, on topic. If Disney has taught us something is that a ride must have a story. And, of course, this ride has one. And a story must have a main character. So, I present you to Qulcatan, mayan god of the elements (fiction). He is the responsible of making you take the ride of your life. Very important guy, isn't he?



He will have two animatronics on the ride, and few sculptures in the queue line. I have big plans for this bad boy

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He will have two animatronics on the ride, and few sculptures in the queue line. I have big plans for this bad boy
Now I REALLY can not wait till this project is complete!!! You are doing such a great job so far, I can not wait to see how much better you make this. Keep up the great work!!!
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Thank you very much for your kind words. I've tried to make the mountain look more realistic, and this is what I have now. I mixed the old mountain with a new technique. There is still a lot of work to do on it, but I wanted to know your opinion before.




So, V2.0 or V3.0? I also opened the NL2 demo and imported the coaster and the mountain to see how it would perform. I'm pretty happy with the results. 50-60fps with all settings at max. My computer is very low: Intel dual core E5200, Nvidia GT640 and 3.25Gb of RAM (4, but XP doesn't support so much)



That imported mountain has about 16000 polys. The old one would be a bit higher, but not a lot. I have to clean a lot of things, as well as add a bit more (1 hour working in the new mountain) , so maybe it can be reduced even more. The scale in NL2 is wrong, look at the renders for it. Thanks for watching.

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Well, next week I will be taking a small break, and will be making a small side project.



I'm working on this small scene to see how realistic I can render it. So I have to finish the coaster (supports, LIMs...), redo the buildings, making a path, replace the trees and apply correct materials. If my computer can handle it... It ran out of memory a few times while rendering that scene. But I think it was because of the trees, so I will render some trees and place them as textures. Well, so I've showed you the before, next week I will show you the after.

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I couldn't work a lot on this, since I wasn't home and was using a laptop where I can't install 3dsMax (Mac), but I installed Sketchup (so many years without using it) and planned out the new buildings. I used Vray demo to make a render:



That building with the tower is where the coaster is placed, the tower covers the lift. The big building next to the path is a restaurant. Last day I was home I worked on lightning, and turned really good. I took a render of it, but I saved it in a wrong format and lost a lot of quality. I will render it tonight and will update this post. Thanks for watching.


Edit: here is the render I promised. Wanted to upload it before, but it took a lot to render (I hate my computer).



The same view of the old render but with improved lighting,trees and a bit of work on the supports. I don't know if I will be able to complete the scene as I had envisioned, but I'm trying my best to optimize it. My main problem is vegetation, which is a big problem, because it gives a lot of realism to the scene. I will be able to put some trees, as you can see, but I wanted to put grass. My computer runs out of memory everytime I try to render the scene with grass on it. But I still have some tricks, and if no one of them works I will change the terrain type. Also, I am not done with lighting yet. Please comment.


Grass! It is not perfect, but it looks better than just flat ground. BTW, which lighting and background do you prefer?


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No offense, because it is a good ride, I think you killed the thread with the ZacSpin.


I don't know why I have killed the thread. I was bored working on that ride, so I changed to a new project to make something different. Anyway, I will finished it this week and will be back on my main project again.


WOW! The ZacSpin looks amazing!!! Can't wait to watch this project progress even more! The end result should be amazing!!


Thank you very much. I hope so


Update: I have finished the station and one of the other building (a restaurant). I still have to do some changes (pavement, coaster materials...), and adding some new things as well, but I think I will finish it next wednesday.



There won't be animation since my computer can't handle it. But I will buy a new computer soon, so I will finish it then.

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Thank you Will get back to it at some point and finish it.


Next week l will make a big update on the Blitz. I have started working on the station and entry of the ride. If I can optimize the 3ds enough I will make a Mexican village surrounding the Mayan part (for those who have been there think of Port Aventura Mexico zone). Well, until then here is a render I've made to test my new computer.


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