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Libertyland’s Revolution Reappears In The Philippines.

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Around 8 years ago the old corkscrew coaster at Libertyland in Memphis was dismantled and shipped off to DelGrosso’s Amusement Park in Pennsylvania.


The ride never opened at DelGrosso’s but was instead bought by Gloria’s Fantasy Land in the Philippines and is recently reopened as the oddly named Zimerman Corkscrew Coaster.


Below are a couple of pictures during construction, I've not found any of it operating yet but there are trip reports which mention it. it’s always good to see an old ride get a new lease of life somewhere else even if it is an old corkscrew ride.




Source: VHCoasters via Skyscraper City (needs login)

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I was bummed to hear that Delgrosso's couldn't pull off getting this ride installed after our visit in 2006, but it is great to see it living on, even if it is so far away!

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8 Years?!?!? That is amazing. I can't believe that it held up so well without the maintenance for 8 years. Must have been in a good storage facility. Maybe there is hope for Speed: The Ride in Vegas after all!

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