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Photo TR: Suzhou Giant Wheel Park

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Since my stint as a foreign student in Shanghai is coming to an end, my friends and I are trying to hit a few parks that we haven't visited yet. Last weekend, we went to Suzhou Giant Wheel Park and Suzhou amusement park. Unfortunately, my camera's battery died after taking quite a few photos in the Giant Wheel Park. What can I say about Giant Wheel Park? Well, It's a little dissapointing with only 6 rides inside and only one roller coaster. But, that coaster is the one and only Vekoma Stingray in existence currently and it really was a smooth and intense coaster. Vekoma really did a good job on this flying coaster. It was kind of compact and the tight turns and flips packed quite a punch unlike the B&M Flyers. Unfortunately, it opened at 11:00 right before we had to leave so I only managed to get one spin on it. Suzhou Giant Wheel Park's giant wheel provided some great views but nothing too special to see in my opinion.


Now, I don't have any photos of Suzhou Amusement Park but it was a TERRIBLE park. It was jam packed and NONE of the four coasters were operating. The knock-off SLC was cycling the whole time but never opened. I should probably feel thankful for not riding the knock-off SLC but its still a credit missed. The flat rides had an average dispatch time of 10 minutes and we only got to go on three rides(Top Scan, Space Shot, and an upcharge zipline) before the park closed. Probably not coming back to get the missing credits after seeing the terrible ops. I mean seriously, lines at the flat rides were 45 minutes to an hour and NONE of the coasters were operating. Not even the kiddy coaster.


Anyways, enjoy Suzhou Giant Wheel park with me.


From the side entrance, you can kinda see the Vekoma Stingray?


The namesake of the park.


The chains on the swings were kinda rusty and looked a bit unsafe


A view of the island in the middle of the lake from the ferris wheel. Don't know what its called.



A plaza that leads to nothing...


Another view into the distance...


A giant monopoly board as seen from the wheel. However, up close, it was a dissapointment. There were no real slots like Park Place or Boardwalk. Only Blue 1 and Blue 2.


A look towards the city


another view from the ferris wheel


There were quite a few mazes in the park though


More mazes and the awesome Vekoma Stingray




More pics of the Vekoma Stingray. Unfortunately as I said earlier, they opened the ride late so I didn't manage to get a pic of a train in action.


Nerd shot of the ferris wheels drive motor


and I'll leave you with one final shot of the awesome Vekoma Stingray

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Now, I don't have any photos of Suzhou Amusement Park but it was a TERRIBLE park. It was jam packed and NONE of the four coasters were operating. The knock-off SLC was cycling the whole time but never opened.

Do you mean Suzhou Amusement Land? Oddly enough, that's not a Knock-Off SLC. That's a REAL Vekoma!!!


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