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Marcel's SPAIN adventure...and some Intamin Goodness!

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Nice TR so far...


On what day of the week did you visit? And was the Fastpass really good value? Next to that I read on some older reviews on other sites that the two Madrid parks only dispatched a train if it was completely filled and therefor took some time to dispatch a train. Is that still so???


Just have all this questions as I will fly for long weekend in Madrid early May...


I visited Parque Warner on a Saturday. I expected huge crowds since it was Easter weekend. Apparently, the Spanish people don't go to a theme park on these days


I think the FastPass is worth it when it comes to months like July when all the Spanish people have holidays. Like people have already said here, go to the park, check out the crowds and play it by ear then. I would not buy it again except there are really long waiting hours.


As for the train dispatching, all I can say is that they were running two trains everywhere, even though there weren't huge crowds. That was really awesome!


Keep in mind that the park can get more crowded later the day, because all the Spanish people go out in the evening. That's why the parks could get busy then.

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Nice pics! I went to the park in 2007 and 2008 and it was also rather empty (especially in 2007) so it's interesting to know it hasn't changed much.

It's a shame that Stunt Fall has gotten bad, when I rode it it was great and packed a nice punch, making it a pretty good ride! Coaster Express, on the other hand, is the worst coaster I have ever ridden: it gave me a terrible headache because it was super super and, one more SUPER rough. And then there is the fact that the layout itself isn't great either. So if yo say Hades 360 is even worse, I can only imagine...

How was superman running? I'm interested as it is kind of a special coaster for me as it was my first properly big one and for a long time, my favourite. (and, yeah... you can tell by my avatar picture)

I'm not sure he rode Coaster express as he said "looks like pain" as if he hadn't rode it.

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With Parque de Atracciones and Madrid, my trip report comes to an end. On my last days, I visited both Parque de Atracciones and the city Madrid. Parque de Atracciones isn't really a one day park. You are most likely done in the afternoon which allows you to visit the city in the evening.


Parque de Atracciones has some flat rides, but also an Intamin inverter which was really good, two Maurer&Söhne coasters called Abismo and Tarántula (out of service), a mine train and two kiddy coasters one of which is hidden in the newer Nickelodeon area of the park.


With the season pass of Bobbejaanland you get free access to both Parque Warner and Parque de Atracciones, so if you're interested in going and a European citizen, order this season pass!


The city of Madrid was really crowded and even the shops were open until 9pm on Easter sunday, which surprised me honestly said, because I thought the Spanish are quite religious.


Enjoy the photos and get some last Spanish parks impressions.


Panorama photo!


Free Falling!


Coaster selfie!


Mc Donald's for sure!


Madrid at night!


Flying home!


Airplane credit!


Random Top Spin Flat ride




Entrance of...








Nickelodeon Shop!


Kiddy Coaster!


Coaster track!


More coaster tracks!


Twisty again!




I'm hungry!


Madrid at night again!


Mine Train!


WIld mouse!

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Nice pictures, one day I'll have to go to Parque de Atracciones as I've been to Madrid a couple of times but never wet there.

The city of Madrid was really crowded and even the shops were open until 9pm on Easter sunday, which surprised me honestly said, because I thought the Spanish are quite religious.

We are also supposed to be quite religious here (in fact, together with Spain, the most religious in Europe, I think) and yet pretty much everything is open normally, just like any other Sunday. So I guess in Spain it's similar.

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As they have it still on their website I hope it is only a temporary outage. But only a second priority coaster for my visit. Looking like a nice park - and having a TopSpin and Frisbee side by side will keep my occupied some time...


How was the program of the TopSpin?

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when I was there the frisbee was closed.... I'm starting to wonder if this park has some serious reliability issues!


I rather enjoyed the mine train though, had quite a fun layout. To add to the flat ride collection there's also a HUSS condor which I hadnt seen outside of RCT3 until then and a disk'o.

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