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Theme park mega holiday

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The WDW resort complex is four parks, not just the one. That's not counting the two water parks on property either. If you're planning to do all four parks in two days, you'll have to skip out on a lot of stuff and rush between the parks not to mention ticket prices are incredibly expensive. If you're really that strapped for time and don't wanna rush things, I'd save WDW for another trip and do Busch/Sea World instead. Both can be easily cleared in under a day, plus both have fantastic rides/shows. Or you could spend the extra time getting rerides in at both Universal parks instead. Most of the Orlando parks offer special packages that give good gate discounts if you buy over multiple days and/or stay on property.

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thanks for all the help guys, much appreciated. sorry for the late replies, been hectic this part of the world but i have narrowed down my picks for the parks to visit. since we have pretty much planned where we are to stay for the duration of the trip, its made it easier to pick which parks to go to yet its still such a tough decision picking which parks in that area. with a trip to Toronto instead of Vancouver on the cards, this may mean i can hit Canada's Wonderland also which would be fantastic as i always liked the look of that park.


Like i have stated in previous posts, i am travelling with 3 other people who although like the theme parks, aren't as crazy about them as myself. In saying that, i'm more than happy to hit more parks than what we will be seeing, so if anyone out there is willing to show me around to a few parks, or just the aera in general, that would be awesome. i don't want to sound like a desperate person but i like meeting new people especially from other cultural backgrounds so don't be shy to PM me or send me an email just saying hi, it would be nice to meet people with the same interest for once. I always seem to like the things that normal society doesn't lol.


so these are the dates on our schedule


LA - mon aug 25- sat aug 30 - (will be doing Six Flag Magic Mountain & Disneyland)

Toronto - sat aug 30 - thurs sept 4 (maybe Canada's Wonderland)

NY thurs sept 4 - mon sept 15 (Six Flag Great Adventure or Hershey Park)

orlando - mon sept 15 - thurs 18 sept (Universal Studios & IOA, Busch Gardens & either Magic Kingdom or SeaWorld)

miami - thurs 18 sept - sat 20 sept

Las Vegas - sat 20 sept - wed 24 sept (AdventureDome if time permits)

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Just found this thread again! Sounds like you're doing a LOT of bouncing around the country.


LA and Vegas shouldn't be more than 3 hours apart from each other by car. You could move your Vegas trip toward the beginning and fly out from there to the eastern half of the country.


Toronto - you should be fine in terms of CW if it's open for Labor Day. Crowds should be pretty low on the holiday itself.


New York - Unless you plan to visit both GAdv and HP in one weekend, I'd stick with GAdv since it's a lot closer to the city. I'd check on the operating hours for GAdv since a lot of parks are typically closed for private events the weekend between Labor Day and Haunt kickoff.


Orlando - Unless you're willing to drop the $100 gate price at the MK, I'd suggest going to Sea World instead. I know Uni has a package deal with both Busch parks, so I'd look into that.


You're gonna probably need a day to adjust to the local time differences on your West coast to Toronto leg. Just as long as you're hitting town on Labor weekend, you should be good.

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