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Do any other ladies on this board find pick-up lines absolutely sleezy? If any guy does that to me, and they have, they get the death to you look, and if they are really annoying, a slap to the face.


Guys, find better damn pick-up lines. The ones you have just SUCK!



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how do you pick up girls?


with a forklift. *rim shot*


or use my non-field tested pickup line, "hey baby, if I was a squirrell and you were a tree, I'd so bury my nuts in your trunk."


(allison is not responsible for any physical harm caused as a result of using said line out in public., nor does she imply said line will actually work. usage of the above pickup line acknowledges that allison will not be held for any damages, either physical, mental, or emotional and also will not be liable for any contraction or treatment of STDs.)

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Bottom line.


Either girls like you or they dont.


And if they do, GREAT! If they dont, damn, that sucks!



A girl should see you for who you are, but they will also see how you act. If you act like a coward and cant gather up enought courage to ask her to homecoming, well, she is going to see you as a coward, and hunt for some other man meat.


However if you do take a chance and actually do ask her, she is going to think completly different of you, especially if you would have never asked in the first place.


If she says no, o well, life goes on, and try again.

If she says yes, great, you got a date.

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First off, get a tricked out car. 15 yr old suburban girls love those, (at least that's what my 15 daughter and her friends say.)

Speak with an accent, I suggest a french one, like in Holy Grail. Ever since the 'Freedom Fries' episode, you'll come off like a rebel. They love rebels.

Say you like trance music, and like it loud.

The rest will just happen.


I think i've watched too much Strongbad...


good luck.

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