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[RCT3] ImagineerTim's CHIAPAS

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768239732_ImagineerTimsChiapasLogo.thumb.jpg.7aae949a5733c7bd1fadee9dd61a6ecb.jpgA spectacular adventure awaits you!

Get ready for an exciting expedition with CHIAPAS – DIE Wasserbahn! The world’s most advanced log flume ride offers a breath taking ride, unique landscapes and loads of fun!

Experience a full 6 minute adventure and the world’s steepest drop on a log flume ride.










Here is my project: CHIAPAS - DIE Wasserbahn

The title says it all...Actually I started working on that during the same time when Phantasialand announced their version!





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I would have done this as a Private Message but it's beneficial to everyone, so here we go:


We instituted the "Preview Thread rule" initially because we would consistently be getting new threads with very little content.


Theme Park Review is a real-life coasters / parks site first, and a games community second. If you haven't noticed, we don't have a whole lot of threads in the Theme Parks, Roller Coasters and Donkeys forum dedicated to single attractions - we usually merge them into a single "big" discussion thread for a single park. Example: instead of creating a thread for "Banshee: New for 2014 at Kings Island" we have Banshee discussion in the "Kings Island Discussion Thread". Also, most trip report threads are archived by TPR moderator larrygator, then moved from the main forum to the archive forum - again to reduce clutter.


We have a lot of threads to manage so we like to consolidate. Because coaster games / simulation projects are so diverse it's hard to keep them in "big" threads. We instituted the title tag system ([RCT2], [RCT3], [NL2] and so on) so we could manage them more easily.


Over the past few months I have become a lot less stringent on the Preview Thread rule due to real life getting in the way. But in all seriousness, you really should have a large amount of content ready if you want to make a project public. I don't care who you are or what projects you've done previously. We especially dislike bumps of several-month old threads with single images. Videos are great because they typically provide users with a much better idea of your project than a few screenshots would.


I don't know if you're into NoLimits, but the NoLimits Exchange also has a "preview" thread called "The Uber Idea Thread" which follows basically the same principle. So do NOT think under any circumstances that we're the only ones that do this, even if we may be more strict about it.


On the topic of presentation, we have and have always had two ways to put up images - either attach them to your post from your desktop using the panel located at the bottom of the Post a Reply page, or link them externally using tags. When you actually attach an image it's put on Theme Park Review's servers so you don't have to worry about crap like running out of Photobucket bandwidth. You can use the "place inline" button to plop the attached image as text code in your post so you can write paragraphs in between images.


Please understand that we (I) don't do this out of hate or dislike for creativity. Theme Park Review is a really huge site to run and manage on a daily basis, for everyone involved. When a process is streamlined it makes it all the easier.


Now, on topic:


I can definitely appreciate your sense for detail in your work. You obviously put a lot of time, effort, love and care into it. However, the environment is incredibly hard to look at - not because it's bad, but we really don't get a sense of where we're supposed to go. How does the queue lead to the station platform? What does it look like on the inside? Where's the exit? That sort of stuff makes us think more of your attraction as more of a complete experience as opposed to nice screenshots.

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