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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff


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So the tasks are finally starting for the blimp. Lots of long tasks and now clearing out the new district which will take a few days. I noticed that Carter has a task to get Plutonium so I'm going to send him on that while I'm waiting in case anything is tied to that.

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Definitely taking some time to collect all this plutonium for the blimp, grabbing enough for Prehistoric Era now. It's actually getting kind of boring only having 3 people required to collect them, though it does give me more time to focus on Simpsons and do stupid stuff in Quahog until the Star Trek event starts next Thursday.


There is no drought monitor in Quahog right now!

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I have noticed something strange when smashing the pinatas. If I have more than 2 blindfolds, and I try to smash the pinatas all at once, it will only give me candy on the first two. I actually had five one time, and only the first 2 dropped. Seems the only way I can get the candy to drop again is to wait an hour or so, and it is always only two at a time.


Just curious if anyone else has had this happen.

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Was anyone able to get Spanish Peter? I wasn't able to get the candy part done. I thought I was playing enough but I wasn't able to get enough piñatas to smash. I always had blindfolds but nothing to smash.

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There wasn't any notice that the candy requirement dropped... I only figured it out when I started to get angry that I wasn't getting candy from any of the pinatas any more decided to see how many I was missing for the outfit.


BTW, the quests for the new outfit end with a terrible pun.

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