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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff


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I woke up early this morning, and on a whim checked the game. Got Vinny with 10 Mins to spare. Got really lucky as both Brian and Stewie and Mort gave me the Guard Keys.


Kool-Aid man is going to be quite tough. Those pitchers and cubes aren't dropping that often.

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I'm missing 7 more pitchers for Kool-Aid Man. Got the last cherry and ice cube this morning. With Jerome's 1-Hr Task and Chris' 4-Hr Task, I should be able to get them. With Lois' 12-Hr also dropping stuff for Mayor West, I'm not expecting her to drop the pitcher.


It's crazy how many things are going on at once. I still haven't unlocked Tom Tucker, and now Mayor West is waiting for a bunch of items.

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^I think the only way you know (through gameplay so far) is if you have notifications on it will tell you who visited your town and especially if someone got a clam.


Facebook page was updated saying Halloween event will start tomorrow!

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