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Grandma rides her first coaster

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Reminds me of the summer of 2008 when my 80 year old Grandfather asked if we would take him to Waldameer to ride the new Ravine Flyer II. We found out in the queue line that this would be his first coaster ever. After riding he stood up and said to my Mom and Aunt "Damn that F*cker was fast!" And that became the first and only coaster ride of his life. He is still around and in good health but one RFII ride was more than enough coasters for him.

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I love this! My grandparents are all terrified of roller coasters.


My dad's parents took their first coaster rides ever on the same coaster, the Revere Beach Lightning! Both vowed never to ride a coaster again. Probably not the best to start with a Traver Triplet haha. Oh well.


Her genuine laughter makes me so happy.

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This is really cool and I think that it's awesome that some seniors really love riding coasters or are willing to take the plunge at a late age.


My partner is 70 and while he didn't wait until that age to ride his first coaster, he will still ride just about any coaster with me including TTD, MF, El Toro, RFII, Montu, etc...a lot of times, younger folks will give him props and high fives in line and say things like, "You're awesome" or " I hope that I'm still riding coasters when I'm your age!" And of course, he eats all that attention right up!



He rode everything that I did during our Florida trip this year, but after taking one look at Falcon's Fury and me explaining how it worked, he said that he was glad it wasn't open and that he would definitely skip that one if we ever go back!


Some of these RMC wooden coaster designs with the loops also have him a little skeptical, but I told him that from what I have read on here that they are butter smooth and those are the one's that he likes. I think his biggest concern is going upside down multiple times without an OTSR.


But it's the bone-crushing, horribly jarring woodies that he really doesn't like and now that I am in my 40's, I have to say that they aren't all that fun for me either. I certainly don't want him coming off some rough piece of crap like Hurler or Wild Beast with broken bones.


This is where I usually rely on TPR so that if we go to a new park, I already know by the majority of reviews if a wooden coaster is good, decent, or is just a rough POS!

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What a great coaster for her to start with! I remember on the 2008 tour we were all blown away by how smooth, fun, and fast the ride was!


My immediate thought as I saw the video. Great "starter coaster," LOL!


Man, I hope I last that long and enjoy coasters, just as much as her (and the others mentioned here) right now.

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