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Which current record coasters have you ridden?

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I couldn't find anything similar so here it goes.

Which rides have you ridden that, right now, hold some record?

The only one I've been on that still holds a record is Kingda Ka.


P.S. (if you want, you can also include some flats like drop towers and star flyers)

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Gosh, just current records?

For currents

- Gatekeeper

- Beast

(- Banshee on opening day.)


I've been to universal, Seaworld, Cedar Point, Six Flags KK, Kings Island, Holiday World, Beech Bend. But that's the only record holding coasters at those parks I can think of.

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Gosh, just current records?

I just don't want the lists to be huge as I know many people would have massive ones. Just to keep it simple.

I would also have a lot more if I had included coasters that broke a record when they opened.

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This really depends on what records you feel are important enough to include and if we're only including world records.


Off the top of my head...


Kingda Ka: World's Tallest Coaster

Beast: World's Longest Wood Coaster

Lex Luthor: World's Tallest Drop Tower

Leap the Dips: World's Oldest Coaster

El Toro: World's Fastest Wood Coaster

SkyCoaster: Fun Spot Kissimmee: World's Tallest Sky Coaster


Beyond wood and steel I'm not going to get into world's tallest / fastest / longest **insert type of coaster** here because we could go on forever. For example, I've been on the world's tallest, fastest, slowest, longest, shortest, oldest operating Flying turns coaster.

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^Yeah let's stick to main records rather than things like "world's coaster with the most powerful brakes".

Still, if you want to include things like world's tallest invert/standup,... I don't see any big problem

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^FYI, Parrot Coaster is currently the record holder, GateKeeper lost it.

So parrot coaster has broke all of these

Longest wing coaster - 4,164 feet

Fastest non-launched wing coaster - 67 mph

Tallest inversion on any roller coaster - 170 feet

Longest drop on a wing coaster - 164 feet

Most inversions on a wing coaster - 6


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Here's Wikipedia's entry and here's a starting point on RCDB. Any others? I guess that pretty much covers it, though.


Looks to me like I've ridden every world record holder that is currently operating and located in the US. At a glance, I appear to have all the US record holders as well, but I won't bother posting the non-world ones.


My world record holders (according to Wikipedia)

Kingda Ka: tallest, longest steel drop

El Toro: longest wood drop, fastest wooden (I plan to ride Goliath this year)

The Beast: longest wooden

GateKeeper: tallest inversion (wow, huge deal that is...)

Full Throttle: tallest vertical loop

Outlaw Run: steepest wood drop, most wood inversions

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If you want to be very pedantic, I have a few very loose records:


World's Tallest and Fastest Shuttle Roller Coaster: Superman: Escape from Krypton

World's Most Inverting Roller Coaster: The Smiler

World's Longest, Tallest, Fastest Flying Coaster: Tatsu

World's Longest, Tallest, Fastest, Most Inverting Stand-Up Coaster: Riddler's Revenge

World's (equal) Fastest Suspended Roller Coaster: Ninja

World's Longest Mine Train Roller Coaster: Big Thunder Mountain

World's Tallest, Fastest Dual Track Roller Coaster: Superman: Escape from Krypton

World's Longest Wild Mouse Roller Coaster: Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster



I guess, according to RCDB, I also have:


World's Fastest Enclosed Roller Coaster: Rock n Roller Coaster

World's (equal) Most Inverting Floorless Roller Coaster: Scream!

World's Most Inverting Indoor Coaster: Canyon Blaster

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Kingda Ka: Worlds Tallest Coaster

El Toro: Worlds Fastest Wooden Coaster

Beast: Worlds Longest Wooden Coaster

Full Throttlle: Worlds Tallest Vertical Loop

Outlaw Run: Most Inversions on a Wooden Coaster

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Gotham City Gauntlet: Escape From Arkham Asylum: Longest Name for a Wild Mouse*


In all seriousness though, I'll try to be as basic as I can. It's either going to be an incredibly short list or a stupidly long list.


Kingda Ka: Tallest roller coaster

The Beast: Longest Wooden coaster

El Toro: Fastest Wooden coaster

Gatekeeper: Highest inversion





*Is there any name for any coaster longer than this?

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Major Records:


Kingda Ka (Tallest coaster, Largest drop on a coaster, Fastest coaster in the US)

El Toro (Largest drop on a wood coaster, Fastest wood coaster, Tallest wood coaster in the US)

Full Throttle (Tallest vertical loop)

Bizarro, Medusa, Scream!, Viper (Most inversions in the US)


Minor Records:


Millennium Force (Longest steel coaster in the US)

Tatsu (Fastest, Tallest, and Longest Flying coaster)

Wicked Twister (Fastest and Tallest Inverted coaster, Largest drop on an Inverted coaster)

Riddler's Revenge (Fastest, Tallest, and Longest Stand Up coaster, Largest drop on a Stand Up coaster, Most inversions on a Stand Up coaster)

Ninja (Fastest suspended coaster (tie))

Vortex (Fastest suspended coaster (tie), Tallest suspended coaster, Largest drop on a Suspended coaster)

Iron Dragon (Longest suspended coaster)


Pointless Records:


X2 (Fastest, Tallest, and Longest 4th Dimension coaster in the US, Largest drop on a 4th Dimension coaster Most inversions on a 4th Dimension coaster in the US)

Alpine Bobsled (Fastest, Tallest, and Longest Bobsled coaster in the US)

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  • 2 years later...

-Banshee (longest inverted coaster)

-The Beast (longest wooden coaster)

-Wicked Twister (tallest inverted coaster)

-Lightning Rod (fastest wooden coaster)

-Fury 325 (tallest non-launched coaster)

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Worlds slowest Intamin cable launch coaster: Kanonen.


Worlds most inverting coaster in one shot: Colossus.


Worlds biggest travelling rollercoaster: (soon) Olympia Looping.


Worlds biggest wild mouse coaster: Wilde Maus XXL.


Worlds most inverting coaster: The Smiler


Not many of my records are real ones!!

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Interesting topic. Though I haven't been to a huge number of parks, I have ridden three wooden coasters that still hold records:


Longest - Beast, Kings Island

Biggest drop - Goliath, Six Flags Great America

Most inversions - Outlaw Run, Silver Dollar City

Most awesomeness per foot of track - Outlaw Run, Silver Dollar City

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Below are my lists of record coasters I've been on.


World Records:

World's longest wooden coaster (The Beast at Kings Island)

World's longest inverted coaster (Banshee at Kings Island)

World's tallest suspended coaster (Vortex at Canada's Wonderland)


Minor Records:

Tallest and fastest coaster in Canada (Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland)

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Fastest and tallest coaster in the southern hemisphere: Tower of Terror II, Dreamworld

Fastest wooden coaster in Europe: Wildfire, Kolmården

Tallest and fastest coasters (in operation) in Germany: Schwur Des Kärnan, Hansa Park and Silver Star, Europa Park

Longest bob coaster: Bobbahn, Heide Park

Fastest and tallest wing coaster in Europe: Flug Der Dämonen, Heide Park

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REAL records:


World's fastest coaster: Formula Rossa

Worlds's tallest coaster: Kingda Ka

World's longest coaster: Steel Dragon 2000

Coaster with the biggest first drop: Kingda Ka


"Meaningless" records:


Wooden coaster with most inversions: Wildfire

World's longest wooden Coaster: Beast

World's tallest wooden coaster: Colossos (or Wildfire, since Colossos is SBNO)...oh wait, or El Toro, since Wildfire is SBNO too...

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A whole bunch! But after a few rides, the novelty of (fill in the blank record) wears off and I'm stuck with same old favorites. Thunderbolt, Legend, Voyage, Mind Bender... Magnum, and a few others.

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According to rcdb -

Longest coaster in the world: Steel Dragon 2000

Longest wood coaster in the world: Beast

Tallest coaster/largest drop in the world: Kingda Ka

Largest drop on a wooden coaster: Goliath


I've also ridden:

- 9/10 tallest coasters in the world

- 7/10 fastest coasters in the world

- 7/10 longest coasters in the world

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Largest drop on a HYBRID wooden coaster: Goliath


Fixed that for ya. Even if you count topper track as wooden (which I don't, I know I know... dead horse), half the structure is still held up by steel.

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