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[NL2] Holiday World Coasters (Ongoing Project)

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Hello, everybody!


I'd like to announce my current big project I'm working on in NoLimits 2. I've always been a big fan of Holiday World's wood coasters, so I decided to build all of them for all of you to enjoy! I started this project around early February, and I've been putting it off a lot because of school, but here's the progress so far.


The Raven and The Legend were fairly easy to build. Lots of straight track and uniform turns. I think it took me around one to two weeks to finish each coaster, so those two rides are done.


Then I got to The Voyage, which is a beautifully modern design that basically has no stretch of straight track on it minus the lift and the MCBR. The track alone took me around three weeks to build. I had to rebuild the spaghetti bowl a couple of times as it was REALLY tricky to get right. I thank the NL developers so much for the de-pumping tool! Anyways, I've been having to manually delete the wood beams in the structure and use the remaining nodes to add the steel lattice structure, and I'm building the wide supports completely from scratch. This is where I stand now. The project has really tested my patience, but I'm slowly getting there.


Here are a few teaser shots.


Raven looking good.


Legend also looking good.


Here's Voyage before I started the support work.


And here's where my progress stands currently.


Finally, here's a beauty shot. =)

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BIG update!

I've added some trees around the areas of Voyage that are completely finished.


Overview of Legend


Here's the "rip-you-from-your-seat" double helix.


Here's part of the finale. Legend was probably the most fun of the three coasters to build.


Now let's head over to Raven.


Lift hill and first drop.



Yes, I know this turn should be over water. This turn is above sea level, and I don't know how to raise the water level for this particular spot if there is a way. If anyone wants to chime in and help me here, I would greatly appreciate it.


Finally, the most frustrating of the three. (You can see at the 3rd 90 degree turn where I haven't done supports yet.)


Building Voyage has been the first time I REALLY got to put all of NL2's fabulous new tools to the test, and boy do they help!!


It probably would've taken me twice as long to try and build a coaster like this in NL1. Not to mention that Voyage is HUGE, and would not have fit properly in the NL1 building space.


Here you can see some of my support work. The new beam node absolutely saved me a TON of work here.


Man, these new graphics are beautiful!


Trick track!

That's all for now. I'm working on the supports in the spaghetti bowl right now. I can't decide whether I want to build custom stations or not. I'm not very good with 3d modelling, so I try to build everything within NL2. I'm really happy with how everything is turning out, though!

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Yeah, I'd say a good bet is to use a plane with a water texture on it. That's pretty simple even for someone with no experience using 3D software.

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The 3rd 90 degree turn on the Voyage looks a little bit taller than it is in real life. Also, the part that comes out of the 3rd 90 degree turn under the lift is also lower to the ground. That portion of the coaster is bridged in real life and seems really close to the sidewalk when you walk under it. That's just nitpicking at this point. Absolutely love all the work you've put into this project! Keep up the good work!

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Looks great! Only thing I noticed is does Legends helix really go that low to the ground after the first tunnel? I know it has a few changes in elevation but it looks a little extreme. Keep up the good work!

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It's back from the dead!!!


My work on this project had been getting more and more tedious and boring, so I ended up shelving it for a few months. A few weeks ago I decided to dust it off and keep going, and today I finally came to a milestone that was worth posting here. Voyage's speghetti bowl is totally done!!


The only thing I have left to finish is the support work for the final third of Voyage's structure.


Quick disclaimer: I'm not a huge nitpicker when it comes to absolute 100% accuracy. I wanted the track work to be about as close to the real thing as possible, but the support work is mostly educated guessing. I just want the supports to be realistic, but not necessarily completely accurate. And finally, I'm not even going to attempt making custom stations, at least at this point. Maybe at some point I'll come back and see what I can do, but once the supports on Voyage are all done, I'll call this project finished, and I'll post it on the game exchange.


Anyways, here are some screenshots of current progress.








I ended up re-building Raven, because it was originally about 400 ft short of the real length, and because this turn was never over water.

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Was doing a google image search to compare The Legend's modifications that GCI has made so far to see what it looked like when it was under construction and came across this thread. Really hope you might revive this project and maybe add Thunderbird! Would also to see you post it on the exchange. I didn't see there when I looked.

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Was doing a google image search to compare The Legend's modifications that GCI has made so far to see what it looked like when it was under construction and came across this thread. Really hope you might revive this project and maybe add Thunderbird! Would also to see you post it on the exchange. I didn't see there when I looked.

Didn't expect anyone to come back to this thread!


Long story short, I was ultimately unsatisfied with the accuracy of my layouts, especially Voyage. My building technique has gotten MUCH better since I started this project, so I decided to start over. I built another, much more accurate Voyage track that doesn't have any supports yet, and I've restarted Raven and Legend too, but neither track is anywhere close to being done. I kinda wanted to wait to see what layout changes would come to Legend first, so now that I know, I think I may get back to work on this. Problem is, my motivation has been shot recently, and I haven't done anything in NL2 in a few weeks. I'm hoping I can find my spark again soon!

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