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Shotguns?/Weeman's workbench [RCT2]

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Well hello there. What you're viewing here is coloquially known as a "thread". This concept may be foreign to the common, proletariat mind, but surely you'll get it. But hell, this isn't just any sort of thread, no.



... Oh my, what is this? This, my friends, is a screen, that of RCT2. But why stop there, because It's also NCSO.



Oh wait? You wanted more? Does one mere screen not whet your insatiable appetite for RCT screenshots. I'm like your grandmother that's always trying to fatten you up, have another. And this is only the hors d'oeurve.



Oh my, you're bloating up like never before. These aren't potato chips, man, this is high-calorie waygu beef. It;s quality, man.



... It seems you're stuck to your chair. Possibly these screens have intoxicated you, or it is more? I'm the RCT succubus, you know.



This? This is just desserts.


From NCSO with love, my dear.

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That looks really nice! I like using NCS over CS so seeing NCS parks is wonderful. I'll say this though, even though you do an amazing job at doing it, I wouldn't really ever use as much track-architecture as you. Don't get me wrong, its lovely, its just makes it look like an RCT1 Park to me xo


(Although I will not stop using side-friction track as path rails. It looks awesome!)

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