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Photo TR: Six Flags over Georgia 2014

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Myself and the girlfriend just got back from a trip to Six Flags over Georgia on March 22nd (Second operating day of the 2014 season). We had very mixed results and wanted to share our experiences here. The park was open from 10:00 to 8:00 and our ride count was,



Acrophobia x2 Batman: The Ride x2

Dahlonega Mine Train x1 Dare Devil Dive x1

Georgia Cyclone x2 Georgia Schorcher x1

GASM x2 Log Jamboree x1

Mindbender x2 Monster Mansion x1

Ninja x1 Riverview Carousel x1

Skyscreamer x1 Superman: Ultimate Flight x2


Overall we had a decent time. My biggest complaint was that load times were unbearably slow, even for six flags standards. Line jumping was also a large problem. We ended up trying out "The Flash Pass." It was clear that certain ride operators were not familiar with it and the time it saved varied from ride to ride. For example, on skyscreamer the regular line was 2 hours, and the Flash Pass got us on in less than 10 minutes. On Georgia Cyclone the regular wait was 30 minutes, we waited 15 minutes for our Flash Pass to buzz that it was our time, then waited another 20 minutes in the Flash pass line If we go back we would probably buy it again but would be much more selective about which rides we used it on.


Another issue was that if you queued for an attraction using the Flash Pass and that attraction broke down there wasn't really anything you could do about it. Four times during the day the ride we used the pass for was broken when we arrived. Ride closures were a significant problem that day as well. Many rides did not open at park opening and we felt like the first hour we were there was us wondering around trying to find something that was open. Goliath and Superman were closed for most of the day. We were in line three times for Goliath, but never got to ride Batman and Mindbender also suffered periodic breakdowns. Two trains were being run on everything except Mindbender, Ninja, and GASM in the morning. Both the woodies were running very well, you could tell they had some work done over the offseason.



Walking to the park from our hotel (which was less than 0.25 miles away!)


GASM station in front of Superman. We both really enjoyed both of these that day.


Ninja doing its crazy thing. Quote from the GF "I feel like I just punched myself in the face"


Ninja's new car design this year


Special rack for souvenir cups while you ride. This was a bit confusing, some rides had places for you to store loose articles and such while others did not. We found it difficult to keep track of what we needed a locker for and what we didn't.


The Lickskillet area was the only one where I thought the theming was decent


More fun Lickskillet stuff


New Skyscreamer ride, line was over 2 hours long for most of the day


It's way up there. On closer inspection it doesn't look nearly as sturdy as the Cedar Fair versions


Random base photo


Full cycle went all the way up, down to about the middle, the all the way up again. This was much more exciting than I anticipated (and a little frightening). It was windy and the seats were at a large angle when at the top. I wanted to ride again, but the GF was a little freaked out by it. Talked to some of the GP about the ride and the general consensus was they liked it, but not worth a 2+ hour wait.


GF enjoying the Riverview Carousel


I had read some stuff about DDD being a little disappointing, so I was prepared to not get too excited about it. It was even worse than I thought. Other than the first drop neither one of us found it exciting and the remainder of the ride was a bit uncomfortable. We couldn't decide if it was the seats or the restraints, but neither of us wanted to ride this again. Quote of the day from the GF "I liked it less than Ninja"


Batman was Batman. It was fun, but I've given up trying to count how many times I've ridden these things. I did find it a little more forceful, loud, and rough than usual


Overall fairly fun trip. We'd like to go back mostly just because we wanted to ride Goliath and couldn't. Wait times for this trip were between 30 to 45 minutes on Ninja, Cyclone, Batman, 1 to 1.5 hours on DDD, Goliath, GASM, Superman, Scorcher, and 2+ hours on skyscreamer.

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