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[RCT3] Greywood Amusement Park: Update #6

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A new amusement park recently opened it's gates on Memorial Day, 1980, in Iowa. It's called "Greywood" and already seems to be a big player in the industry....

A few pictures were taken by a recent visitor named Michael Graham, and he has sent these photos to us:






Hate to say this, but yes Fresno Vista kinda fizzled out. I got bored with it and it really lagged on my computer. I've recently started this new project in FVAP's replacement. Check in soon for this park's opening post.

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With more pictures I could get a better feel of this park. The dining area looks decent, although it's giving me the Cedar Fair vibe.

That Arrrow Looper is eye catching.


Will there be a final update for FV? I think it at least deserves a farewell post.

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Thank you guys! While currently the park isn't a Cedar Fair park, that is were I plan to head with it, so glad to know I'm on the right track. FVAP may get the 1995 season closing post and possibly a download if I can find out all the CS sets I used.

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Hello again. Many of you saw the teaser pictures of this new project, and I'm glad to say that the opening post to Greywood Amusement Park is ready! Enjoy:



Hey Y'all, I'm Michael Graham. I moved to Iowa a few years back, and I was super excited when a well-off business man announced a new amusement park that he was going to open up in 1980! Well that was last year, and boy what a rush this park is! A couple of y'all saw the pictures I took of Greywood last year on grand opening day. Those pictures were used in advertisements all over the country! Such an honor to be helping this great new little park get more popular. So far the park hasn't added anything for 1981. Anyways I took some pictures on memorial day of this year so I hope y'all like 'em. Here they are:



The entrance area is very nice!


Apparently the park may get an award for having one of the best fountains in an amusement park!


The park has a building that surrounds the entrance plaza. It currently contains the only bathrooms in the park (A full-sized men's & women's bathrooms on each side), the season pass processing center, and the guest relations office.


The park only has one food building at the moment. It serves hamburgers, fries, hot dogs, drinks, and ice cream.


Here is a look down the midway to the left.


This is a brand new prototype "Aviator" from Chance Manufacturing. The ride, dubbed "Thunderhawk" is a swinging ride that flies high above the ground, and you can use a "control stick" to fly either inwards or outwards while the ride is in motion. Like all prototypes though, Thunderhawk has many breakdowns and maintenance issues. It is very fun when it is running!


Orbit is the park's Schwarzkopf Enterprise.


This is the park's Tea Cups ride.


Here is the park's main attraction, Corkscrew.


The feature of this ride is it's double corkscrew element, flipping riders upside-down twice!


The ride was built by Arrow Dynamics. It stands 70ft tall and reaches speeds of over 40 mph!


Looking down the midway to the right, you get this view.


This first ride you get to going this way is Greywood Express, the park's mine train family coaster.


The ride stands 52ft tall and is longer than 1700ft!


It reaches speeds of over 30 mph!


Greywood Express has two lift hills, both reaching the ride's max height.


This is the ride's big drop, producing airtime in the back of the train.


After the big drop, the ride curves upwards, does a little dip, and then turns hard to the right.


After that, the ride hits the brakes.


The nice Ferris Wheel.


Paratrooper, a fun family ride.


Streamliner is the park's kiddie coaster.


It is built by Zierer with decorative trains. It has an oval layout.


Parachute Drop is built by Intamin. Though it has a similar name to Paratrooper, the ride experience greatly differs.


It is Greywood's tallest attraction, as shown here by this skyline shot. Over 130ft tall!


The last attraction is the Skyride.


It stretches from in front of the Ferris Wheel to the end of Corkscrew's side of the midway.


Well, it is time for me to get going.



Thoughts and constructive criticism?

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First, sad to hear that Fresno Vista is no more. That park was just starting to make a name for itself with the growth it experienced.


Greywood is starting to look like a nice small park though it seems there is a lot of brown/earth tones in some of the park buildings. Is this to make the park have an "organic" look to it?

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@Geauga Dog: Yes, the brown is there to add more of a rustic/organic/old-timey feel. Thanks for the feedback!


Update #1/1982



Hey subscribers, Michael Graham again. I recently visited Greywood, and nothing has changed from last year, but that isn't a bad thing. It seems they have fixed some of the downtime problems for Thunderhawk, as it only broke down twice during my visit. All the other rides were also running well. For some news, the park has announced a new ride called "World War 1: Fighter Pilots". It is a new WW1 Plane-themed family ride, slated to be built next to the tea cups. Exciting that Greywood is finally expanding! Here are the pictures from my visit, plus an artist rendition of World War 1: Fighter Pilots:



I really enjoy this classic-style entrance area.


A picture of Thunderhawk running.


Greywood Express.


Corkscrew flipping it's riders.


Another picture to show Parachute Drop's dominance.




Paratrooper in full tilt.


And lastly but not least, World War 1: Fighter Pilot's artist rendition!


I'll be visiting again next year for pictures of the new ride. Stay tuned!



FVAP will probably get a closing post within the next 2 weeks. Possibly a download as well.

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Update #2/1983/ World War 1: Fighter Pilots



Once again I visited Greywood to take pictures. After riding the new World War 1: Fighter Pilots, I must say it's a perfect addition for the park. It is another fun family ride that was cheap, is easy to maintain, and has decent capacity. Guests to Greywood have received the new attraction quite well. Hope this leads to even more expansion in the future! As always, pictures:



This is getting familiar.


Thunderhawk is also being received well since most of the issues have been fixed.


Something new down this way!


It's World War 1: Fighter Pilots!


As I said, a fun new ride for all ages.


In other news, the park has finally installed Greywood Express' brake run catwalk.


They even added a catwalk from the station to the first lift!


Once again, it is time to go.


I can see a bright future ahead for Greywood, and hope that they expand more!



Thoughts on the new ride?

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@JonnyRCT3: Thanks!


Update #3/1984



Michael Graham here, and I recently took my annual trip to Greywood. Nothing new this year, but they did announce a new ride! You'll have to see it at the end of the pictures.



Back again.


Dining Area.


Skyline picture.


World War 1: Fighter Pilots.




Here is the artist rendition of Greywood's new-for-1985 attraction, Stuntman's Dive! A new Intamin AG designed & manufactured "Freefall" attraction, Stuntman's Dive will be 131 feet tall and reach speeds of 55 mph!


I personally am super excited for another thrilling ride at Greywood! It is rumored to be located somewhere on Parachute Drop's side of the midway. Check in for the next update!



I'm excited to put in Stuntman's Dive. What are your opinions?

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Update #4/1985/ Stuntman's Dive



I visited the park on Memorial Day of this year to see the opening of their new ride, Stuntman's Dive! I think the park did a very good job with the new attraction and the ride itself is terrifying! It was the perfect addition at Greywood to pull in more of the thrill-seeker market. Here are the pictures!



Welcome back!


This is one of my favorite pictures that I have taken so far.


The ride sign. Author's Note: I will fix this sign as the end of "Stuntman's" is barely readable.


The ride area.


Stuntman's Dive is the first ride in the park to get a new type of queue line, called a "Switchback". Early in the day, it was completely full!


The ride has a very long area, extending past the edge of Streamliner!


In the ride experience, you first get pulled up the 131 ft tower.


Once at the top, you slowly inch forward...


Then you drop!


After the drop you hit the brakes..


And then you are corrected to an upright position before being pushed back into the platform.


The ride has a significant impact on the skyline and is a great addition!


That's it for now! See you all next update!



Thoughts on Stuntman's Dive?

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Update #5/1987/ Greywood Log Chute



Michael Graham here from Greywood in 1987. I missed an update last year, but a new attraction opened up this year! Greywood Log Chute is a new flume ride that the park built to soak riders on those hot days! It wasn't too popular the day I visited, but it's the middle of March and I heard that it was packed on opening weekend. In other, sadder news, at the end of 1986 the park chose to remove the Skyride. Noted reasons are that is was the least popular ride and was more expensive to maintain then other, more popular rides. The stations of Skyride were saved, with the Corkscrew end being turned into a bathrooms building and the Parachute Drop end being turned into a currently popular midway games building. R.I.P. Skyride 1980-1986. Now onto pictures of 1987 and Greywood Log Chute!



The entrance area, now with Skyride no longer looming above it.


The new midway games. This side is facing Parachute Drop.


This side is facing the Ferris Wheel.


The former station turned bathrooms building.


You can now turn right after walking past World War 1: Fighter Pilots.


The station for Greywood Log Chute!


The new log ride has a switchback as well as Stuntman's Dive.


Most of the ride is located in a densely-wooded area, so it is hard to photograph.


The ride has 1 drop, and you hit 30 mph before splashing down!


Here's to many more years of family fun at Greywood!



Feedback Appreciated!

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@David0069151: Safari J's Skyride Covers (www.customscenerydepot.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=1402)



I recently visited Greywood again for 1988, and I'm happy to say they added a new ride! Wave Swinger is a new family swing ride located by Greywood Log Chute. Here are some pics of the new ride!



Always start with an entrance picture!


Tea Cups got a more vibrant repaint.


Here it is! Wave Swinger!


Here is the line and ride sign.


Another picture!


I'll leave off with a picture of the Log Chute.


Interesting news, the park has also hinted that they're looking into building a new steel looping coaster for their 10th anniversary in 1990. I wonder what it'll be....



Thoughts on Wave Swinger? What do you all think the new roller coaster will be?

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