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Kolmården Discussion Thread

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OMG Mattias He's already sexy ASF!!! Then he owns Amusement parks/Zoos and building one of the most beautiful and downright insane looking coasters on the Planet! I am totally in love, this is the hottest man on thee planet in my eyes!!! The name WildFire is perfect because between Mattias and this RMC masterpiece I am feeling the heat lol

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^loling so hard at two people tightening the bolt in the "rain"


I absolutely LOVE these videos they keep posting!!!


As do I! I think they add so much excitement and anticipation for this ride! I seriously cannot wait to visit next year.

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Love these short videos! Structure is starting to look good now. It will be very exciting once track starts being placed. REALLY excited to go there next year!


Though I do wonder what wooden rollercoaster they have built in Norway during the last five years. I know Thundercoaster was built by people from the British Islands, but that was in 2001...

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I just recently discovered these mini-videoclips and I really like them! They are short enough to keep the GP interested, but they have enough information to keep us enthusiasts content as well. Plus Damien seems like a cool guy who knows his stuff. It would be awesome to get a guided tour in the site with him as a guide

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