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Photo TR : Siam Park City, Bangkok, Thailand


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Long time ago that I don’t see any TR of this park. Last week I’m visited Siam Park City, Bangkok, Thailand for Super Big holiday 2014 opening ceremony. This festival is setting up for Summer school out (March-May). Siam park is one of old major park which have been opening for 35 years. They got about 30 attractions and water park feature world’s largest wave pool and 2 slides on about 120 acre.



Iconic castle at the entrance.



Inside the castle is a large lobby hall.I arrive to it 1hour before park opens.


so quiet.


the park gate.




Ticket Booth.


a few minute later. It became crowded with many school student from other province went to field trip on school out.



Park gate opens on 10 o'clock.


Do you believe me? Aladin and Top spin have been closing for 5 years.

I'm start the day with the newest ride of the park. Takeoff.

Is was so far so good. Not dizzy so much. Most of rides are setting automatic program that the park wants to prevent human error, but sometime it was boring like this at the first part was slow with full tilt.It's very hurt. And then it just speed up in full power at the last 30 sec.


Then I went to educational area. I stopped at Jurassic Adventure. you will ride the real truck with driver and encounter with old awful Dinosaur animatronics. During the adventure they have thai on-board narration which doesn't sync the scene. It was early and delay on some scene.


Yay, Jurassic Adventure.


They use REAL truck.


Next ride was Africa adventure. you can chose to ride the train or boat that have something different during the trip. It was highly educational as Jurassic Adventure That learn how they live. But They have the same thing is HYPER REALISTIC ANIMATRONICS that you can see in on-ride video below.


They Use real boat with life vest.


Pneumatic structure use to push the boat to platform.


And Train side. It differ from the boat that It run passed gazelles zoo behind waterfalls



Dinotopia was re landscape with many flowers. Inside they have 2 major parts. The first part is very dark with Animatronic Dinosaur from germanny (very better than Jurassic Adventure). You will hear only loud dinosaur sound until you trigger sensor. They will appear with light and movement. Second part is dinosaur museum with fake dinosaur bones and some information board. Very decent.


Dinotopia. Dinosaur museum.

Grandcanyon express is one of Zamperla Pony express powered coaster. It long one and they lift the track higher than normal that you can see on the foundations because when it still at Jerudong in Brunei it terrain coaster.


Grand Canyon Express. Zamperla powered coaster




Inside station.


Pony train.



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I guess it use to push the train when the train is stuck.




Vortex. The 1 of 2 Largest Vekoma SLC (It same as standard version but it mirror that start from sidewinder and adding helix at the end on the opposite side.)



Si-Am Tower. 109 m Huss Sky tower




Huss Mega dance, It's very rare.


Log Flume. The most popular ride in the park. It features Backward drop and double dip drop.


Loop the Loop is SBNO for many year. I heard they want to keep it as monument. Rumor it will be overhaul when they finished 2 Huss Flat rides (Ranger,Break dance NO.3) installation and Aladin & Top spin overhaul. I hope it come true.


75 m. Giant Drop




Grand Canyon Express




Balloon Race



Waterpark features 2 Slide and World's Largest Wave pool.


Before The Event start, I have some a little bit time to look around. First stop at Speed slide. It 7 stories high with 6 rainbow track.


Speed Slide. 7 Story slide.



Wave pool from top of speed slide


Are you Ready?

World's LARGEST wave pool.

Wide Side

Narrow side


I'm arrived the event.


Now It's start.


Mermaid was playing ukulele on the pool.


Mr.Mario Marmon Chairman of IAAPA


Not only festival, but also open new restaurant too!



After event. I went to Park zone again.


Double Deck marry go round






Astrofigther (Telecombat)




Rock and Roll


Rock and Roll


Astroliner. 90's Simulator


Pink Monster




Big Double Shock (Walk through Haunted House)


Log Flume


And the last one. TAGADA DISCO. Unfortunately, They change to automatic program and connect 3 pneumatics(back, left and right) together.That's why It can only bouncing on one direction and It was hurt than modification.I don't know why they do like that.


Now is 6 p.m. Park closed.


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Tagada was lame. They should have been bouncing all over each other. Wusses.


Great share of your visit there. Thanks!

Yep. It isn't fun anymore. Because they Changing it to auto program and connect all of pnuematics together. That's why it can bounce only one direction.It makes me very hurt and don't fun as before it modified.


I love that castle and the lion/tiger log flume. Thanks for doing a trip report on this place. Sad to see that shuttle loop SBNO.

I really love this Log Flume too. It's the most popular ride in the park. I heard they kept Loop the loop as monument because before they climb to this point is not a bed of roses They were effected with many financial problem but they still moving forward. And also heard some rumor that they will overhaul it again after everything is complete e.g. 2 Huss flat rides (Ranger and Break dance) are still construction and Top spin & Aladin is under maintenance too. But I hope It come true


Thank you for every comments. I'm sorry If I do something mistake.

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This place is awesome, I visited back in 2010! Vortex is the best SLC I have done to date, but the Boomerang is crap. Great to see that they have a few more rides now.


and the lion/tiger log flume.


It's a Mack one, almost brad new, and by far the most expensive ride in the park. Was under construction during my visit.

Unfortunately their old log flume had a malfunction back in 2007 and killed a person.

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This place is awesome, I visited back in 2010! Vortex is the best SLC I have done to date, but the Boomerang is crap. Great to see that they have a few more rides now.

It's a Mack one, almost brad new, and by far the most expensive ride in the park. Was under construction during my visit.

Unfortunately their old log flume had a malfunction back in 2007 and killed a person.

I agree, Boomerang is terrible and hurting on my back.


That accident is terrible, but it makes many chance to this park too! This map showed the future projects That include some of rides from Jerudong and waterpark expansion place near Dinotopia and waterpark. When it occur They torn old Indiana Log (aka Log flume) down and place the new one on it. It also meke them to re-planing the park which replace all rides that on future project into normal plan as today ^^


Old Future project plan.

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Joining the bandwagon and saying that the log flume looks EXCELLENT! I've always been a sucker for long log flumes. The ones with the double dip are especially awesome.


The SLC, though, made me giggle. It's essentially the same as the cookie-cutter models you can find everywhere, but some of the turns are more drawn out and the turnaround after the corkscrews is added.

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Wow, this reminds me of Six Flags America merged with Aussie World and then put in Thailand. Interesting report! Thanks for sharing.


Hmm--interesting way to look at it.

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I lived in Thailand from '08 - '12, we went there several times and had a season pass one year! We liked the park, but it does have its warts. Overall a pretty good day and they've made some improvements. They were building the zierer coaster when we left so didn't get to ride it. Here are my highlights, and some lowlignts:



- Dark walk through is VERY good, really enjoyed it, scary and very well done. I was hoping to get some good photos and write something for DAFE, but didn't get around to it.

- Vekoma SLC is one of the best, probably my 2nd favorite after the big custom one at Flamingoland in the UK. Last season tried to ride the big one, Jubliee Odyssey but was closed both times during our visit. Of the more standard models this one at Siam Park - City is the best.

- I didn't think the Boomerang was all that bad, standard one, a bit rough but similar to others. It also had a screen over much of it for shade!

- Flume ride is EXCELLENT! Really a wonderful long ride. Reminded me of the now defunct Skull Island at Six Flags America when ti went backwards.

- They have some very good flat rides, really enjoyed some of them, kids really loved them. The tagada ride was pretty evil when we went in '09 and '10. It actually hurt my back because it bounced so much! My wife and daughter ended up off the seat too...

- The Dinosaur ride, Jungle Cruise type ride, and train ride are pretty cheesy. They're sort of fun, but very cheesy. Dinotopia was also a littel odd, not that great.

- Water park is decent but nothing special, a bit rough around the edges.

-Food! We had some great food there and it's very cheap by our standards. We had fried chicken over at a place near the drop tower I think. It was amazingly good and cheap! Next visit we ate at big restaurant up near entrance. It was very good as well....

- Monkey Island! Over near the SLC they had a "Monkey Island", was very cool...but runddown. There's lots of monkeys and a few other animals there, taken care by an old guy that I think pretty much lives there. I was pretty cool, but a bit depressing. It is kinda typical Thailand and Southeast Asia in that respect...



- Some of the park is a bit rundown, but overall ok.

- The water park is a bit rundown but they're improving. The Wave Pool has really small waves....

- Some people mighe consider the little Market like stands all around a minus, we sort of like them...Normal if you're used to Thailand but probably a negative to foreign visitors

- The Shuttle loop is just sitting there! I was always hoping it would open, never seen one like it....


I should also mention Dream World, the other major Bangkok Theme park. It is more disney like, the rollercoasters aren't as big but overall a good park. They had a good rapids ride, a good suspended coaster and an indoor coaster called "SPace Mountain"! Plenty of other normal things therer, with some ok theming. It probably is more popular than Siam Park City.


There used to be another park but it closed after the floods in '11. I think it was called Wonder Wheel park?, I did get there and ride the very cool two coasters they had. It would be cool if it re-opened.


Any questions about those parks, or the Zoos, or Safari World, or other Thai parks then let me know....




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