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NEWS: Ride Entertainment Group announces 'AirSurfer'

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The Ride Entertainment Group has sent us a press release regarding their latest amusement ride concept, the AirSurfer!


Stevensville, MD: Innovation, high thrill, and a patented experience like no other. This is what the Ride Entertainment Group believes they have on their hands with their newest thrill ride, the AirSurfer. As everyone knows, Ride Entertainment is no stranger to innovative, high-thrill, patented amusement attractions since they also own Skycoaster®. It debuted in 1992 and is the most successful revenue-generating attraction in the history of the amusement industry with over 1 billion riders to-date.


The AirSurfer is the first powered zipline that has the ability to navigate turns and go up and down inclines. In addition, it offers guests the ability to sit, stand or fly as they experience this once-in-a-lifetime ride. Catch a curling wave on a surfboard. Ride the half pipe on a snowboard. Fly a windsurfer up and downhill. All of these experiences and many more are possible- the sky is the limit when it comes to the AirSurfer.


This patented ride literally removes all of the obstacles from the traditional zipline because you go over and around trees, buildings, and anything you desire. When compared to the restrictions of traditional ziplines, the AirSurfer offers unlimited design potential for sites densely-packed amusement parks and sites with unique terrain. Parks, zoos, and family entertainment facilities of all sizes can now provide to their guests an attraction that has no boundaries but the imagination.


Plans are underway to debut the attraction in late 2014 in the United States.


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