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Best Six Flags Park

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Rankings (including former parks)


Great America (2001, 2003, 2007, and 2010) - Great coaster and flat ride selection. Nice Theming. Good operations. Park layout is very simple. Awesome free waterpark. Receiving a much needed elite coaster this year.


Ohio/Worlds of Adventure (Geauga Lake) - I visited the park every year from the early 90s to when the park closed in 2007. I absolutely love Batman: Knight Flight (now Dominator at Kings Dominion), which I believe is the best B&M Floorless Coaster. It could have really used the rumored hyper coaster to round out the collection. I always liked the water park and animal exhibits. Six Flags seemed to try too hard to compete with Cedar Point and the park lost some of its charm. It would be interesting to see how the park would look if Six Flags still owned the park.


New England (2007) - Only reason to visit is for Superman/Bizarro. The rest of the coasters are average. Slow operations. Good flat ride selection. Nice theming.


Over Georgia (1997) - This was the opening year for Batman, which I loved. I also enjoyed Mindbender, Dahlonega Mine Train, and Viper. Nice theming and it still has trees! I would probably rank this park higher if I visited more recently.


Darien Lake (2007) - Slow operations. The only coaster worth a re-ride is Ride of Steel. The park does have a good old school flat ride selection with some very unique options. Hopefully the Lake Monster rumors are true!


America (2007) - I was only there for a few hours on a summer night. Superman was down when I visited, but my family had a great time riding Two Face and Joker's Jinx .

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I've only been to SFDK and SFMM, however out of the two of them SFDK wins hands down since it actually does offer something for everyone.


I've had somewhat bad experinces with the staff there this year. The biggest of which was they didn't properly scan my season meal pass voucher so my first two visits were bad though thankfully I did receive every meal I should of gotten. On the 3rd visit I brought a new copy with me but it doesn't update their system instantly so both lunch and dinner it still didn't show up.


Now on sunday on the 4th visit, after scanning my card my finger print wouldn't take. I figured they flagged my season pass for stealing/conning them out of food since they always wrote down my ID number. So I went back to season pass processing just to make sure there's no issues with anything.


Also some of the workers couldn't name, locate or tell when the fright fest mazes were open. Uninterested workers are kinda lame IMHO but I get they could be bored out of their minds working the vendor stations.

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In terms of the ones I have been to, which are SFGAdv and the two in California, SFGAdv easily takes that prize. Although SFDK arguably has a more well-rounded attraction selection, Great Adventure has operations that blow the other parks out of the water.


While SFGAdv has held up its operations well, it does not seem like many of SF's other large parks have done the same. Everyone used to say that SFOT and SFGAm were the best parks in the chain, but that has changed quite a bit in the past few years.


This is why I usually prefer to stic with Cedar Fair*



*Not that Cedar Fair is that great, either. But, that chain is the best option when you do not have a Busch, Herchend, Universal, or Disney park nearby. So, basically Cedar Fair is worse than everything but Six Flags.

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For me....


1. New England

2. Great Adventure

3. Over Georgia

4. Mexico

5. Magic Mountain

6. St. Louis

7. Great Escape

8. America

9. Over Texas


I had exceptionally good visits to New England and Magic Mountain, and I had an exceptionally horrible visit to Over Texas. If I had to add in the former Worlds of Adventure park, I'd probably put it right at the top.

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^ That's just sad, I can & do find good in any park, even the most ghetto of the bunch, SFA.


I've only done five SF parks, so;


1) SFoG - a great blend of true southern atmosphere and some great coasters and rides.


2) SFMM - some great coasters mixed with hills, trees, and ergonomic movement nightmares when it's busy...kinda like a west coast HP, in my opinion.


3) SFNE - multiple trips, multiple fun, still luv Bizarro, miss the old Riverside Cyclone, looking forward to the replacement.


4) SFGE/TGE - a pearl of a wilderness park, just need a better steel coaster to match up with Comet to round out the park better.


5) SFA - rough park, literally, yet I enjoyed most of the rides and my experiences there. Guess it depends on who you're with, right?


SFGAd, SFGA are my "goal" SF parks as they look the best from most enthusiasts point of view.

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Funny how my distaste for SF slowly grew with them leaving Kentucky. But other than that, Over Georgia is my favorite. Probably because it's well rounded in terms of rides, the theming is a tad more consistent and the area is well forested, and it's one of Six Flags' original parks.

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I've only been to three Six Flags parks so I'll rank them as follows:


1. Six Flags Great Adventure: Great variety of rides including something for everyone, nice scenic location along a lake/river with lots of green trees, three world class coasters: El Toro, Nitro, and Kingda Ka, an included one hour Safari ride, a working skyride (even though I didn't get a chance to ride it), and an enthusiastic staff and great operations the day I visited with TPR.


2. Six Flags Magic Mountain Despite the issues this park has and crap rap it get, I still manage to have a great time almost every time I go there. X2 and Tatsu are both world class coasters and Full Throttle is a lot of fun. The park is great for thrill seekers with its massive coaster collection and excellent drop ride, has an interesting layout with a nice front half and mountain, and has the major coasters spread out around the park. The operations are hit or miss, but are better this year compared to years past.


3. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom I haven't visited this park since it was SF Marine World, but I didn't like that all the major coasters were clustered by the front of park while all the animals were clustered in the back corner. I also didn't like that I could see almost half the park before I entered the main gate (which felt cheap to me). I still liked the park overall as it had three decent coasters (four now), some good flat rides, and some interesting animals to look at; I just felt like it wasn't as good as most other theme parks I've been to. This park is better for families with younger children than Magic Mountain, but Magic Mountain is better for thrill seekers or families with tweens/teens.


Other Six Flags parks I would like to visit are Great America, Over Texas, Fiesta Texas, Over Georgia, and New England (mainly for Bizarro). It sounds like Six Flags America is the worst SF park from what I hear and I have no desire to visit that park unless I'm with a TPR group.

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I've only been to SFoG, and I went to Darien Lake in '09 (so it wasn't a Six Flags park). SFoG has a great coaster selection, and you gotta love those trees! They don't have to many flat rides but the one I did go on I really enjoyed. Acrophobia is both terrifying and amazing. Plus I love the staff working it (singing songs, teasing people about when the drop will come). Goliath had fast staff, and is tied with Intimidator at Carowinds as my favorite B&M hyper. Daredevil Dive was fun, but the capacity was awful. Mindbender is great! I hadn't payed much attention to this coaster, so it was a pleasant surprise. Dahlonega Mine is my favorite Mine Train (still gotta love those trees!). GASM is my favorite woodie (decent airtime). S:UF was pretty fun. Unlike it's clones, this interacts with the terrain which makes it a very fun experience. I didn't get to ride Scorcher (Still kicking myself for not reading up on this park), or Batman. I also missed Georgia Cyclone. Not to sad about Ninja though.

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I've only been to 4 of them...

But SFOT, SFOG, SFGAdv, SFNE, in that order. For whatever reason I like SFOT more, I feel as if the atmosphere really clicks in. I liked SFOG and I had a pleasant experience with their service and their rides are well rounded. SFGAdv has a lot of great rides, but other than that it felt too hyped for me. SFNE was nice when I went, just lacking in several areas. Would like to return to give it one more try.

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Haven't been there yet, but Six Flags Great Adventure looks like the best park to me because they have Nitro, El Toro, Kingda Ka, and a lot of other great rides, and I hear lots of other great things about it. Six Flags Magic Mountain's coaster lineup looks slightly better, but I'm always hearing about bad customer service there, so if I had to choose between visiting Great Adventure and Magic Mountain, I'd choose Great Adventure.

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I think Great Adventure has a much better coaster lineup than Magic Mountain does... it's really not even close (though I enjoy both parks).


Iron Colossus could change things but right now Magic Mountain has nothing that even belongs in the same conversation as El Toro and even if you take El Toro out of the mix Great Adventure still may have a better lineup. I hate X2 and Green Lantern with a passion though so if you're in the camp that enjoys them then it might be a tougher decision.


I thought that Magic Mountain had a lot of good coasters but Tatsu was the only great one... and even that isn't close to El Toro. If we take Apocalypse out of the mix since it apparently got rough since I rode it I think the best coasters there are actually Batman (which Great Adventure has so that's a wash) and Ninja.

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1. Great Adventure - I love Scream Machine, Viper, Rolling Thunder and Chiller.....Oh wait. But seriously although this park is lacking flats, its coaster lineup makes up for it.


2. America - Don't all get your panties in a bunch, my experiences here were always fun. I know people take huge dumps on this park but I have had great experiences in both my visits. Superman is a plus as well.....Superman is always a plus.


3. New England - I thought it was a nice clean park. Very small though, Bizzaro is awesome as well as Goliath but besides those two the collection is kind of "meh". The addition of Wicked Cyclone should work wonders.


4. Great Escape - The reject of the chain. Well kept and I understand that they focus on the watermark as a draw but the dry side is in need of some help in the coaster/ride department. Comet is the only real draw there.

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Funny how my distaste for SF slowly grew with them leaving Kentucky. But other than that, Over Georgia is my favorite. Probably because it's well rounded in terms of rides, the theming is a tad more consistent and the area is well forested, and it's one of Six Flags' original parks.

The only reason I don't like them is that reason. Why buy so many parks, invest little money in them and then dump them?

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