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New theme park for Turkey, Ankapark.

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Sweet! Jet Rescue clone confirmed.





I do find this park a little bit weird. The flat ride collection is totally awesome with a Star Flyer, Mach Tower clone, Booster ride, Air race. But why on earth are they having two giant frisbee's? And also a Spincycle clone!


Can't wait too see the place when they clean up construction.


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^ Yup it's there, on the other side of the park. There's also suppose to be an Intamin water coaster/hyper splash. Some rumors have said that this is were Pilgrim's Plunge is going.

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Well SpinSpider, the Zamperla frisbee at Tusenfryd still hasn't opened for the season due to long lead time for spare parts from supplier. It's 2 months since the park opened. I guess with 2 frisbee rides they will always be able to have one ride open...

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The frisbee closest to the camera is a Zamperla giant one, but the other one looks to be a bit smaller. Not much but still. I would guess that it is probably Moser or Fabbri who is entering the giant frisbee market. Still dosen't explain why they have two...


Well SpinSpider, the Zamperla frisbee at Tusenfryd still hasn't opened for the season due to long lead time for spare parts from supplier. It's 2 months since the park opened. I guess with 2 frisbee rides they will always be able to have one ride open...


Good thing SpinSpider is not from Huss, then we wouldn't ride it until next season!

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I've been wondering if this park is operated on a similar system to Prater Park in Austria where different vendors own the rides? it would explain the seemingly random choice in rides. Although not the 3 fixed Intamin coasters.

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Here's some photos of the flat rides!



Mach tower clone








One of these KMG creations







Air Race


Fabbri Pandemodium



SBF SpinCycle






Fabbri Booster






Zamperla Giant Discovery



Ferris Wheel


The second smaller frisbee looks to be a Moser creation


Looks just like Moser drop towers restraints







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Have we got any turkish speakers on the forum?

Theres a loads of news articles which seem to say the project has been cancelled.


Such as







Unfortunately the translations I've read don't really make it clear whats going on.


The State Council decided to cancel the ankapark July 24, 2015 |


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Atatürk Forest Farm State Council for the project which was built on land Ankapark "stop," he said


The Council of State 14th Department, Atatürk Forest Farm (AOC), which allows the construction ANKAPARK in the land "Atatürk Forest Farm Zoo Renewal Area" of about July 30, 2012 and June 24, 2013 dated two Ministers has canceled the decision of the Council.


Chamber's decisions, the Chamber of Architects, the Chamber of City Planners, Landscape Architects Chamber, Chamber of Environmental Engineers and Agricultural Engineers of the Chamber, the Council of Ministers, 5366 No. Deteriorated Historical and Cultural Assets Preservation by Renovation and Prime Minister for annulment on the grounds that it is contrary to the Law on Yaşatılarak Use , they filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning Ankara Metropolitan Municipality it reported.


Decisions on about 29 hectares of the existing zoo, "renewal area" of the area is declared to be 217 hectares specified.


This area "of metropolitan open space and metropolitan domestic agricultural land" in the decision noted that the nature, 5366 by Law No. structures can perform the set objectives, the total area of ​​just that remained in the area of ​​the old zoo constituting 13.3 per cent, no building will be renovated on with it 188 hectares in the field of "renewal area" had been declared as given.


The current zoo land, due to the hold worn and face losing their property, renewed protection and to be used yaşatılarak "renewal area" adoption of the resolution referred not seen unlawfulness, but, outside of it, and the structure without land, "wear out, holding face losing its properties , the place to be rebuilt and restored "it was noted that the adoption legally not possible.


Also, on this land, Atatürk Forest Farm Organizations Act supplement Article 1 declared to be a permitted human activities that allow for the physical intervention in dispute resolution law reproducibility does this reasons, "Atatürk Forest Farm Zoo Renewal Area" of the relationship The cancellation of the decision of the Council of Ministers was transferred.


Defendant, overturned and has the right to appeal the decision of the Board.


This seems like an odd decision with so much on site and already built including an Intamin 10 looper.


Anyone able to shed a little light on this?

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So now two Intamin ten-inversion coasters will sit abandoned, this one and the one at Hopi Hari.


I mean, Intamin probably already made the money from selling them, but still...

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From the info I have been able to find it's only the zoo, which is yet unbuilt, that have been cancelled. This is due to the land for it being of some historical value from the 1400s.

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To add to their growing list of weird coasters. They are building a BSA Space Trip at the moment (although it could be the Zierer viersion. The park refereed to it as a Space Path Coaster)



Same model as this




They also have the foundations on site for a Zierer Force 190 (Same model as Air Grover at BGT) and the Intamin Jet Ski in now. Taking the minimum number of coasters expected at opening day to 11.

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It gets weirder. The park is adding a BSA built knock off Maurer Skyloop. This is the 11th coaster on site at a park that isn't even open yet.

Also the first knock off skyloop outside of China.







This image included by the park shows the prototype model at the BSA factory in China I believe.


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