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Coaster mania at cedar point

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I saw on the Cedar point website they are hosting an event coaster mania on June 6. I am hoping someone can tell me how this event works and overall how was the experience. The information on the website seems a little contradictory. Information says you must be a member of a roller coaster club in order to gain access to the park or be with someone who is a member. Season pass holders can also get in but they do not have to pay. This would lead me to believe that this is closed to the public but they offer ERT. I am not sure why they would offer ERT at the park if it is only open to roller coaster clubs technically speaking the whole day would be ERT correct? Unless the park is open to the public and members of the roller coaster club get ERT throughout the day on select rides.


Do they have events like this at other parks?

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Cedar Point will be open to the public on June 6. Coaster Mania will happen before and after the normal park hours. You will only be able to attend Coaster Mania if you belong to Club TPR, or some other coaster club. Coaster Mania is free, but it does require a season pass or single day ticket. Coaster Mania will usually include free breakfast, lunch, and a t-shirt or hoodie.

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