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Mitch Hawker's steel roller coaster poll 2013 !

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Out of Control Feeling/Directional Changes_,y,y,1

Abrupt Airtime_____________________________,y,y,2

Lateral Forces_____________________________,y,y,3

Positive G's/Loops_________________________,y,y,4

Floating Airtime___________________________,y,y,5

Sensation of Speed_________________________,y,y,6

COASTER NAME          PARK                LOC <--Please leave this

Intimidator 305       Kings Dominion     VA,y,n,1

Favorite Wood Coaster Any Park Anywhere  **,y,y,2

Storm Runner          Hersheypark        PA,y,n,3

New Texas Giant       Six Flags Over Tex TX,y,n,4

Superman - Ride of St Six Flags America  MD,y,y,5

Maverick              Cedar Point        OH,y,n,6

Nitro                 Six Flags Great Ad NJ,y,y,7

Millennium Force      Cedar Point        OH,y,n,8

Top Thrill Dragster   Cedar Point        OH,y,n,9

Montu                 Busch Gardens Tamp FL,y,n,10

Volcano: The Blast Co Kings Dominion     VA,y,y,11

Hollywood Rip Ride Ro Universal Studios  FL,y,y,12

Kraken                SeaWorld Orlando   FL,y,n,13

SheiKra               Busch Gardens Tamp FL,y,n,14

Alpengeist            Busch Gardens Will VA,y,y,15

Skyrush               Hersheypark        PA,y,n,16

Incredible Hulk       Islands of Adventu FL,y,y,17

Raptor                Cedar Point        OH,y,n,18

Manta                 SeaWorld Orlando   FL,y,n,19

Mr. Freeze Reverse Bl Six Flags Over Tex TX,y,n,20

Fahrenheit            Hersheypark        PA,y,n,21

Chinese Fireball      Islands of Adventu FL,y,y,22

Space Mountain        WDW Magic Kingdom  FL,y,y,23

Batwing               Six Flags America  MD,y,y,24

Titan                 Six Flags Over Tex TX,y,n,25

Flight of Fear        Kings Dominion     VA,y,y,26

Fav Giant Inv. Boom   Any Park Anywhere  **,y,y,27

Magnum XL-200         Cedar Point        OH,y,n,28

Kingda Ka             Six Flags Great Ad NJ,y,y,29

Great Bear            Hersheypark        PA,y,n,30

Griffon               Busch Gardens Will VA,y,y,31

Apollo's Chariot      Busch Gardens Will VA,y,y,32

Steel Force           Dorney Park        PA,y,n,33

Batman The Ride/Clone SF & Other Parks   **,y,y,34

Hungarian Horntail    Islands of Adventu FL,y,y,35

Revenge of the Mummy  Universal Studios  FL,y,y,36

Fav Intamin Impulse   Any Park Anywhere  **,y,n,37

Rock n Roller Coaster Disney's H Studios FL,y,y,38

Steel Eel             SeaWorld San Anton TX,y,n,39

Bizarro               SF New England     MA,y,y,40

Dominator             Kings Dominion     VA,y,y,41

Loch Ness Monster     Busch Gardens Will VA,y,y,42

Superman - Ultimate F Six Flags Parks    **,y,y,43

Cheetah Hunt          Busch Gardens Tamp FL,y,n,44

Hydra the Revenge     Dorney Park        PA,y,n,45

Talon                 Dorney Park        PA,y,n,46

Bizarro               Six Flags Great Ad NJ,y,y,47

Joker's Jinx          Six Flags America  MD,y,y,48

Journey to Atlantis   SeaWorld Orlando   FL,y,n,49

Batman - Dark Knight  SF New England     MA,y,y,50

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Top Posters In This Topic

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I sent my ballot the first day and received a confirmation e-mail 1-2 weeks later, so yes he probably do these all at once. Can't wait to see the results !

I sent mine right in the beginning and still got no email. I'm starting to think something went wrong.

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Sent! Some big drops for coasters I used to love more than the average enthusiast, so my list might look a touch more 'normal' this year, but it still has plenty of quirks as I'm sure most lists do!


Top 60 of Amazingness, Excellence or Relative Decency

01. X2

02. Maverick

03. Iron Rattler

04. New Texas Giant

05. Phantom's Revenge

06. Top Thrill Dragster

07. Favorite Giant Inverted Boomerang

08. Medusa, SFDK

09. Tatsu

10. Flight of Fear, KD

11. Flight of Fear, KI

12. Apollo's Chariot

13. Goliath, SFOG

14. Intimidator

15. Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast, SFOT

16. Storm Runner

17. Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast, SFStL

18. Montu

19. Volcano: The Blast Coaster

20. Powder Keg

21. SheiKra

22. Griffon

23. Millennium Force

24. Favorite Batman: The Ride

25. Favorite El Loco

26. Mamba

27. Steel Force

28. Flight Deck, CGA

29. Poltergeist

30. Joker's Jinx

31. Intimidator 305

32. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

33. Cheetah Hunt

34. Full Throttle

35. Wildfire

36. Superman: Ultimate Flight, SFDK

37. Steel Eel

38. Nitro

39. Alpengeist

40. Talon

41. Xcelerator

42. Superman: Ride of Steel, SFA

43. Kraken

44. Dominator

45. Kingda Ka

46. Diamondback

47. Hydra

48. Superman: Krypton Coaster

49. Favorite Skyloop XT 150

50. Raging Bull

51. Kumba

52. Manta, SWO

53. Raptor

54. Sky Rocket

55. Titan

56. Goliath, SFMM

57. Shock Wave, SFOT

58. Bizarro, SFGADv

59. Fahrenheit

60. Silver Bullet


Hall of Shame

157. Favorite Flitzer

158. Rainier Rush

159. Favorite Zyklon

160. Anaconda

161. Favorite Mack SuperSplash

162. Ninja, SFOG

163. Favorite Jet Star

164. Pirates Hideaway

165. Ninja, SFStL

166. Pony Express

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Got mine in today. Thought I'd do it from scratch this year, that was a lot of work.


My 472 steel coaster count (according to coastercounter.com) chunked up to 211 on the poll with the grouped coasters. That's a lot of clones.

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^Good point, I forgot they cut all them out. I'd rather ride a kiddie coaster than Goudurix, though riding neither would be more preferable. Ah memories, I remember the mini Dragon Wagon at Beech Bend almost tipped over with all of us in it.

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Sorted out my ballot at last. Top ten, in no particular order:

- Intimidator 305

- Maverick

- Superman Escape

- Griffon

- Diamondback

- Skyrush

- Raptor

- Millennium Force

- Bizarro

- Xcelerator

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my top 10 -


1) Intimidator 305 - King's Dominion (USA)

2) Expedition Geforce - Holiday Park (germany)

3) Skyrush - Hersheypark (USA)

4) Shambhala - Portaventura (spain/catalunya)

5) Blue Fire - Europa Park (Germany)

6) Maverick - Cedar Point (USA)

7) Kingda Ka - 6 Flags Great Adventure (USA)

8) Leviathan - Canada's Wonderland (Canada)

9) Behemoth - Canadas Wonderland (canada)

10) Magnum XL-200 - Cedar Point (USA)

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Top 20:


1. Intimidator 305

(1.5 Phoenix)

2. Millennium Force

3. Phantom's Revenge

4. Maverick

5. Behemoth

6. Ride of Steel

7. Nitro

8. Goliath (SFoG)

9. Storm Runner

10. Diamondback

11. Griffon

12. Top Thrill Dragster

13. Mystery Mine

14. Magnum XL-200

15. Steel Force

16. Raptor

17. Chinese Fireball

18. Alpengeist

19. Skyrush

20. Tatsu



Bottom 5:


94. Anaconda

95. Favorite Boomeranf

96. Favorite SLC

97. Ninja (SFoG)

98. Favorite Volare

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^Having ridden a few unfortunately, "Least Violating volare" would be apt.


Let's see if Goudurix can continue it's dominance of last spot, there's some bad ones out there, but I see no clear challenger. To add insult to grievous bodily harm, the day I was there, the poor French people were lining up for three hours on an infernally hot day to ride it.

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^That doesn't surprise me, I'd say about two weeks after the beginning of the poll Mitch sent an e-mail to say there was less than 300 persons who voted. I'm sure this is to allow more peoples to vote and have more accurate results.

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More time is always better, though that ruins my theory that they must've had a good turnout because they didn't extend the deadline this time (not saying it's a definite that the turnout was poor). Now get those ballots in!

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More time is always better, though that ruins my theory that they must've had a good turnout because they didn't extend the deadline this time (not saying it's a definite that the turnout was poor). Now get those ballots in!

Yeah, my thoughts exactly.


By the way, last day to vote

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  • 2 weeks later...

Result is out!!!image.thumb.jpg.6bf11a2fe3759460aef116542f320961.jpg


2013 Mitch Hawker Steel Poll Top Twenty

1. Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park

2. New Texas Giant - Six Flags Over Tex

3. Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion

4. Bizarro - SF New England

5. Skyrush - Hersheypark

6. Maverick - Cedar Point

7. Kawasemi - Tobu Zoo

8. Shambhala - Port Aventura

9. Nemesis - Alton Towers

10. Iron Rattler - Six Flags Fiesta

11. Katun - Mirabilandia

12. Piraten - Djurs Sommerland

13. Leviathan - Canadas Wonderland

14. Millennium Force - Cedar Point

15. Pyrenees - Parque EspaNa

16. Montu - Busch Gardens Tamp

17. Mega-Lite - Happy Valley Song

18. Goliath - Walibi Holland

19. Sky Scrapper - World Joyland

20. iSpeed - Mirabilandia


2013 Mitch Hawker Steel Poll Bottom Ten

355. Fav Vekoma Corkscrew - Any Park Anywhere

356. Pirates Hideaway - Casino Pier

357. Ninja - Six Flags St. Loui

358. Sequoia Adventure - Gardaland

359. Mirage Rosso - Zoosafari Fasanola

360. Roller Coaster - New York New York

361. Fav Zyklon Loop - Any Park Anywhere

362. Fav Chance Toboggan - Any Park Anywhere

363. Goudurix - Parc Asterix

364. Fav Zamperla Volare - Any Park Anywhere

Edited by robbalvey
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'Favorite Wood Coaster' would have finished #1 this year if it were included in the official results, losing no mutual rider

comparisons. The only blemish was a 25 to 25 tie given by the generally less experienced riders (see below) of #8 'Shambhala'.


This is 2 years in a row now right? If you factor this in it makes RMC and Intamin look even better. Not only are their rides taking up the majority of the top spots in the steel coaster poll but we can safely assume that El Toro and Outlaw Run are actually ranked even higher than their other coasters given the wood coaster results which were almost a first place tie.

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