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Mmmmmmmmm... Burger.

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Today is the first of (what will be called) my Park'n'Burger Days!


Go to Playland for an hour or so, then head back to Belgian Fries for one of the

burgers they offer, with a completed Fries Card that knocks several dollars off of

anything I order from their menu. Hence, getting a burger at this time.


I already had eaten (and LOVED!) their Ultimate Burger a few weeks back. I was

hoping that I'd get that same MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM feeling with their

Chicken Burger. Got that, and the fries get a dip, so I chose Scallion Green. And

I also "schmeared" some of that onto the burger, too....


It was all delicious. Again. So I will continue this for a few weeks, trying their

entire Burger Menu, with some $$$ knocked off. Saved me enough to have a nice Lager, too.


And then come back to The Ultimate Burger, of course! http://belgianfries.ca/


#36 chosen. With Scallion Green dip. (o:


Savoring my Lager, before my buzzer goes off.


The view, today. Not too busy on The Drive.


It's Here!


Looks nice, moist and tasty. And....it was!


Another burger 'thingie' for my collection, lol!


Almost done. And...I did done finish it! Great burger. So that's 2 out of 2 Great Burgers, so far. (o:

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Today, Park'n'Burger Day #2, I went to Playland(PNE) for an hour, then went and had the Belgian Fries' GARDEN BURGER. Made from brown rice and spices, this wasn't too bad. It was a much thinner patty, thinner than either the previous chicken breast, or beef burger patty I've tasted.


It had a hint of curry, which wasn't that strong. But, I did feel I needed to add a condiment or two, to make the taste better, than without. The chipolte mayo on it wasn't really 'there' for me. I had the Golden Mayo dip (it has curry in it, too) for the fries, so spread a bit of that on the burger, which appeared to perk it up taste-wise.


Of the three I've had so far here, this is definitely #3 on the list.

It's good, but not as awesome as the first two I had.


Next visit: The Salmon Burger!



My regular lager.


This one had a cute bear pick through it.


Good, but not awesome good.


Almost finished. And...more bun than burger, for a change.

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Geez, been a week already?


Today's Park 'n' Burger Day #3...uh.... burger is Belgian Fries' Salmon Burger. Served on a nice brioche bun, with lettuce, tomato, and a light tartar sauce. I enjoyed it, but I added some more of the tartar sauce I got with my fries. And that made it a bit more.... is "juicy"the right word? It would to me. And my usual lager complimented this burger & fries.




View from the back of the place.


My buzzer number.


My view.


View from the side patio area.


Nice beer.


Here it is!


A bit lacking in seasonings - so I added salt and pepper to taste.


Very nice burger. The salmon wasn't dry, and stayed moist thru the entire meal. This becomes #3 on my list,

just above the Garden Burger, and below the Ultimate and Chicken Burgers. One more to try... The Beef Burger!


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Well, here it is, two weeks later and it's Park 'n' Burger Day #4 today. From a Playland visit to BF. I had the Belgian Fries' Beef Burger, which isn't really that special compared to the other burgers here. But with a couple of added condiments (ketchup & mustard), plus a spread of one of their 'kickier' Mayo Dips (Jamaican Heat), it was a great messy thing! I really enjoyed it. The fries seemed "different" as they were larger and longer, to me. Maybe it was just me. But it was good. A very good burger and fries.


So here's the list of them all, in order of (my) preference...


Ultimate Burger

Chicken Burger

Beef Burger

Salmon Burger

Veggie Burger


Next week, or later on, I plan to treat myself to another "My #1 Choice",

The Ultimate. YUM! And here's the photos I took, today...


Here we go, again.


Ready and waiting.


This is it!


Very juicy beef patty. And the fries look a bit bigger than I've seen, before. Hmmm.


Starting to get messy here.


And messier still. But I ate it all! (o:


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^ That just - looks - wrong. Hope you enjoyed it.


I was back at Belgian Fries yesterday, using the last of my filled up 'cards' to get $$$ off anything on their menu. So I went back to get my #1 Choice of their Burgers there...... The Ultimate (#35). With bacon of course! Screw the sunny side up egg! (o;


...And my usual lager beer.


Mmmmm this looks good!


And....it was! I got some Scallion Mayo Dip for the fries and the burger, also good.


Here's the entire Burger List, again.

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We've got a new Burger Restaurant called "Old Station" over here in Kaiserslautern. It's pretty decent. If someone is riding Expedition GeForce and has some time left - go for it!




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^^ How did those fries taste? They look a bit too well done, to me. But if they taste great, who cares, right?


^ Does the lettuce wrap hold up, that way? I have thought of trying a burger that way,

but I would still miss The Bun, etc. Or was there no wrap for your burger?


Fun photo I found on the net.

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The whole trip report is going to start coming out next week. But I did want to post here, the One Burger we actually had on this S.California trip, by train, to Knott's and Disney. We ate it at the Smokejumper's Grill inside the Grizzly Peak "land" of DCA. I had eaten there three years ago, and remember it not only being good food, BUT you could also imbibe a bit if you chose to do so. And.......I wish I did so. But....I did not do so.


It was a nice cheeseburger with bacon on it. The taste was

a 'smoky' one, like a BBQ taste should be. It was good.

Not great. But an okay, nice, good burger.


And a vanilla milkshake, too. And onion ring things. I mean, why not? (o; Sept.10/19.

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^ Darnit. Missed the date completely! Well, we were still getting

over our trip to S.California, so that's my excuse, I'm old, and I'm sticking to it, lol.


P.S. The burger looks great, by the way.



But it is National Batman Day today! Happy BD!



And just because...

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New burger at Fatburger Canada.....




Are you ready for a burger that’s big, juicy, tasty and very messy?


For a limited time, come in and try our Tex Mex Burger. It all starts with our big, juicy Alberta Angus beef patty, grilled to perfection and topped with bourbon BBQ sauce, melted double cheese, diced tomato and onion.


Then we really kick things into high gear by adding crispy Cajun seasoned curly fries (oh yes we did!) and our famous all-beef chili.


You’re gonna need a lot of napkins!!


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  • 2 weeks later...

We made Burgers ourselves yesterday. Experimented with sheep cheese, buffalo mozzarella and camembert for the cheese and serrano bacon. Veeery tasty. unfortunately no photos.

I grilled the pattys and put them into the 80°C warm oven after applying the cheese, so the cheese could melt.

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So.. Again, Sarah and me were making burgers for ourselves! This time, we had:

- organic whole wheat bread

- organic burger sauce

- organic bbq sauce

- white onions

- roasted onions

- red salad

- twelve month old, hand cut cheddar

- homemade beef patties (150 g / 5.3 oz) with pepper rub

- tomatoes (Sarah only)


Best burgers we had in a while!



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