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Theme Park Review's "PhotoChop Contest!"

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I am going to comment on everyone's entries so far, something a lot of members neglect to do .


CoasterFanatic : Very funny, I love how the riders are all smiles and how Soren looks like Agent Smith from the Matrix .


CoasterCrazy : A 900 Ft. tall launch tower would be awesome, maybe I could have some Escargot while I ride


Angry_Gumball : I love how the kid is so unaware of his impending doom :shock:


Homer : You know, I think everyone at some point in time has thought that Space Ship Earth is a giant golf ball


Token Yankee Guy : Now that is a ride from hell, I love how all the guest don't notice that the ride is going to crash


AllisonY2K : Naughty, naughty ... I knew sex would peer it's head into this contest in one way or another


Cameraman : Very chilling how true your image is .. lousy Six Flags


Twister II : While yours is a spoof of Allison's I must say it is quite disturbing .... *shudders at the thought of Paul Reuban's man breasts*


Zburns999 : That was actually done before on the coaster parody avatar contest


Tinhead : You managed to take an old ride and give it new life, I was very happy to see Jaws back in action :o


Justin Adams : While it is simple, it manages to embody everything we TPR members find funny 8)


Stitch : Hey, this is my entry


SuperCrack : I really just don't find 41190 all that funny ... sorry


JackSkellington101 : Poor Bambi ... shame on you

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