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Best Roller Coasters in the US (By State) or country

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California - X2

Connecticut - Boulder Dash

Florida - Manta

Illinois - Goliath

Indiana - The Voyage

Kentucky - Lightning Run (Kentucky Rumbler was awesome too though)

Massachusetts - Goliath

Missouri - Outlaw Run

Nevada - Roller Coaster (only because it's the only one I've been on)

New Jersey - El Toro

New York - Dragon Coaster (I guess...)

Ohio - Maverick

Pennsylvania - Skyrush (with Phoenix second)

Virginia - Intimidator 305

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New York: Coney Island Cyclone

New Jersey: El Toro

Massachusetts: Bizarro

Pennsylvania: Talon

Florida: Expedition Everest


Headed to California in October. I anticipate Xcelerator will be my favourite coaster from that state, but we shall see.

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My current list... (2014 coasters not included)


Alabama: Rampage

California : Flight Deck/Batman-TR/Xcelerator

Carolinas: Afterburn

Connecticut: Boulderdash

Florida: Kumba/DD-Fire

Georgia: Goliath

Idaho: Tremors

Illinois: Batman: TR

Indiana: Voyage

Kentucky: Kentucky Rumbler

Maryland: S:ROS

Massachusetts: Boulder Dash

Missouri: Outlaw Run

New Jersey: El Toro

New York: Ride of Steel

Ohio: Maverick

Pennsylvania: Phoenix

Tennessee: Thunderhead

Texas: NTAG

Virginia - I305

Wisconsin: Hellcat

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Interesting topic. Well, for me, although I've ridden everything in Missouri, most many times, I've only recently started venturing out of the state, so here's my list:


Illinois - Goliath (my #2 overall)

Missouri - Outlaw Run (my #1 overall)

New Mexico - New Mexico Rattler

Texas - Superman at Fiesta Texas (haven't been since Iron Rattler)

Wisconsin - Meteor at Little Amerricka

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Missouri: Outlaw Run

Ohio: Millennium Force

Indiana: The Voyage

Kentucky: Lightning Run

Illinois: Goliath

Florida: The Incredible Hulk Coaster

Wisconsin: Hades 360

Minnesota: SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge

Pennsylvania: Vapor Trail (only coaster I've ridden in that state)

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Florida: Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster at Universal Orlando (I haven't been riding rollercoasters in Florida since 1999)

Georgia: I loved Mindbender (SFOG)

Indiana: Voyage (Holiday World)

Kentucky: Because Chang is gone I will have to cast my for Thunder Run because I haven't been since Lightning Run opened.

Missouri: Mr. Freeze (SFStl)

New Jersey: El Toro (SFGadv)

New York: Cyclone (Astroland)

Ohio: A battle between Maverick and Banshee..Maverick wins.

Pennsylvania: Stormrunner (HP)

Tennessee: Wild Eagle (Dollywood)

Virginia: i305 (KD)

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Out of 285 coasters in the US.


CA - Xcelerator (Not for long with Twisted Colossus!)

CT - Boulder Dash

GA - Goliath

FL - SheiKra (Fire Dragon/Montu are close)

ME - Excalibur

MA - Bizarro

NV - *Speed - The Ride (El Loco surely would win)

NJ - El Toro

NY - Jack Rabbit (Ride of Steel was closed)

NC - Carolina Cobra (...I guess)

OH - Millennium Force (Maverick very close)

OR - Ice Mountain Bobsled

PA - Skyrush/Phoenix (Masterpieces in their own way)

SC - Intimidator

TN - Thunderhead

VA - Intimidator 305

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North Carolina: Carolina Cyclone

South Carolina: Afterburn

Virginia: Volcano

Georgia: Goliath

Florida: Kraken

Tennessee: Thunderhead


Keep in mind I hadn't been to Carowinds, BGW or SFOG since 2008 and KD since 1999 so if I were to go soon some will likely change. For Carowinds I chose those based on whether the station was in NC or SC.

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I haven't been to a whole lot of theme parks, but here goes.


California: Currently X2, but Twisted Colossus could very well change that.

Nevada: Desperado (haven't been on El Loco).

Utah: Colossus the Fire Dragon (haven't been since Wicked).

Ohio: Maverick.

Florida: Expedition Everest (haven't been to any of the Seaworld or Universal parks).

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^ You aren't counting this Dragon Wagon


I really like this topic! Let's see what my top coasters are by state.


California- X2

Connecticut- Boulder Dash

Florida- Dragon Challenge (Chinese Fireball)

Maine- Excalibur

Maryland- Wild One

Massachusetts- Bizarro (though I think Wicked Cyclone will pass it)

New Hampshire- Yankee Cannonball (haven't been on Coastersaurus yet, but I loved Wooden Warrior)

New Jersey- El Toro

New York- Cyclone

Pennsylvania- Phoenix

Rhode Island- Roller Coaster at Enchanted Forest (It closed, but I got the credit!)

Virginia- Apollo's Chariot

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For me...


California - Superman: Escape from Krypton

Florida - Manta

Georgia - Batman the Ride

Indiana - Legend

Kentucky - Kentucky Rumbler

Maryland - Superman - Ride of Steel

Massachusetts - Bizarro

Michigan - Shivering Timbers

Missouri - Outlaw Run

New Hampshire - Yankee Cannonball

New Jersey - El Toro

New York - Comet

North Carolina - Intimidator

Ohio - Millennium Force

Pennsylvania - Phantom's Revenge

Tennessee - Mystery Mine

Texas - New Texas Giant

Virginia - Intimidator 305

West Virginia - Big Dipper

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Colorado: Twister 2

Florida: Kumba

Georgia: Goliath

Illinois: Viper

Indiana: Voyage

Kentucky: Thunder Run

Missouri: Screamin' Eagle

Nevada: Desperado

Ohio: Diamondback

Pennsylvania: Ravine Flyer 2 (have only been to Waldameer unfortunately)

Tennessee: Wild Eagle

Wisconsin: Hades 360*


CANADA: Behemoth (I know its not a state)

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Going only by coasters I've ridden... (From North to South)


Maine- Excaliber

New Hampshire- Yankee Cannonball

Massachusetts- Bizzaro

Pennsylvania- Lightning Racer

Ohio- Diamondback

West Virginia- Big Dipper

Virginia- Intimidator 305

North Carolina- Afterburn

South Carolina- Swamp Fox

Florida- Montu

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Let's see here...rather than "best", these are my favourites from each state I've visited:


Arkansas: X-Coaster

California: Xcelerator

Connecticut: Boulder Dash

Florida: Kumba

Illinois: Viper

Indiana: Voyage

Maine: Excalibur

Maryland: Superman Ride of Steel

Massachusetts: Bizarro

Michigan: Shivering Timbers

Missouri: Outlaw Run

New Hampshire: Yankee Cannonball

New Jersey: El Toro

New York: Ride of Steel

Ohio: Maverick

Pennsylvania: Skyrush

Texas: Titan

Virginia: Intimidator 305

Wisconsin: Cyclops


Bonus Canadian round!

Ontario: Leviathan

Quebec: Goliath

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Arkansas: Arkansas Twister at Magic Springs

Illinois: Goliath at SFGAm

Maryland: Wild One at SFA

Missouri: Outlaw Run at SDC

New Jersey: El Toro at SFGAdv

New York: Steeplechase (only visited Luna Park)

Ohio: Maverick at CP

Pennsylvania: Skyrush at Hersheypark

Texas: Titan at SFOT (I'm pretty sure Texas Giant would be here if it was open when I visited).

Virginia: Intimidator 305 at KD

Wisconsin: Avalanche at Timber Falls

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New Hampshire: Yankee Cannonball!!!!

Maine: Excalibur

Massachusetts: Bizarro

Connecticutt: Boulder Dash

Vermont: Okemo's timberliner coaster

Rhode Island: None. Our state sucks.

New York: Comet

Penn: Steel Force

NJ: El Toro

Florida: Deuling Dragons (Fire).....Kraken is a really close 2nd

Callifornia: Ninja


For states and coaster I haven't gone to:

Ohio: Diamondback

Georgia: Mind Bender

Carolinas: Afterburn

Virginia: Intimidator 305

Maryland: Wild Thing

Nevada: Desperado

Illinois: Raging Bull

Kentucky: Lightning Run

Tennesee: Tennesee Torndao

Washington: Wild Thing (AKA Rocky Point Corskcrew )

Orleans: Mega Zeph

Texas: Rattler

Michigan: Shivering Timbers

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