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Best Roller Coasters in the US (By State) or country

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Ohio: Maverick. Millennium is a close second.

Kentucky: KY Rumbler

Indiana: Voyage. Cornball Express is close.

Texas: Shockwave, SFOT.

North Carolina/South: Afterburn

Tennessee: Thunderhead and Mystery Mine

California: Cali Screamin'

Florida: Space Mountain

Illinois: Raging Bull and Viper

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California: Flight Deck

Nevada: El Loco

Idaho: Tremors

Missouri: Outlaw Run

Indiana: Voyage

Ohio: Raptor

Pennsylvania: Skyrush

New Jersey: El Toro

Connecticut: Boulder Dash

Massachusetts: Bizarro

Florida: Kumba

Georgia: Goliath

Texas: Superman Krypton Coaster

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Hmm--let's see here . . .




Georgia--Mind Bender



Iowa--The Outlaw

Maryland--Wild One


Missouri--Powder Keg (haven't ridden Outlaw Run yet)

New Jersey--El Toro

North/South Carolina--Afterburn


Pennsylvania--Ravine Flyer II



Texas--New Texas Giant

Wisconsin--Hell Cat

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California: Tatsu

New York: Cyclone

Connecticut: Wooden Warrior

Massachusetts: Bizarro

Ohio: Maverick, Diamondback a close second

Pennsylvania: Phoenix

Maryland: Apocalypse

Virginia: Intimidator 305

New Jersey: El Toro

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Florida: Kumba

Kentucky: Lightning Run

Indiana: Voyage

Ohio: Maverick

California: Manta

Virginia: Big Bad Wolf (it's been a looooong time since I've been to Virginia)

Texas: Great White

Missouri: Outlaw Run

Minnesota: Rock Bottom Plunge


In case anyone reads the thread back this far, I edited my choices to be up to date

Edited by Koasterking48
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Florida- Kumba

Illinois- Batman: The Ride

Indiana- The Voyage

Kentucky- Thunder Run

Michigan- Shivering Timbers

Minnesota- Sponegebob's Rock Bottom Plunge

New Jersey- El Toro

New York- Ride of Steel

Ohio- Maverick

Pennsylvania- I honestly can't decide between Skyrush and Phoenix.

Tennessee- Thunderhead

Wisconsin- HellCat

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Well, this will be fun. Of course, several states could have a number of honorable mentions, but I suppose that's not really in the spirit of the thread, so I won't mention any unless my rankings are just too close for comfort.


I noticed that a healthy majority of states I've visited have at least one top- 10 or 25 coaster for me. And all but Oregon are at least in my top 50 wood or steel (which in either case means I like plenty about any one of them).


Arkansas - X Coaster

California - X2

Colorado - Cyclone

Connecticut - Boulder Dash

Florida - Montu

Georgia - Goliath

Idaho - Aftershock

Illinois - Viper

Indiana - Voyage

Iowa - Tornado (long-held soft spot)

Maine - Excalibur

Maryland - Wild One

Massachusetts - Cyclone

Minnesota - Renegade

Missouri - American Thunder and Outlaw Run

New Hampshire - Yankee Cannonball

New Jersey - El Toro

New York - Comet

North Carolina - Intimidator

Ohio - Maverick

Oregon - Ice Mountain Bobsled

Pennsylvania - Phoenix

Tennessee - Thunderhead

Texas - Iron Rattler

Virginia - Flight of Fear (maybe?)

Washington - Classic Coaster (Coaster Thrill Ride)

Wisconsin - Cyclops


British Columbia - Coaster

Quebec - Vampire

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Here's the best IMO that I've actually ridden:


Alabama - Rampage (SBNO)

Arkansas - Xcoaster

California - X2

Connecticut - Boulder Dash

Florida - Montu

Georgia - Mind Bender (sorry Goliath)

Illinois - Viper

Indiana - Raven (sorry Voyage)

Kentucky - Kentucky Rumbler

Maine - Excalibur

Maryland -Superman Ride of Steel

Massachusetts - Bizarro

Missouri - Outlaw Run

Nevada - Desperado

New Hampshire - Untamed

New Jersey - El Toro

New York - Ride of Steel

North Carolina - Afterburn (haven't been on Intimidator)

Ohio - Maverick

Pennsylvania - Phoenix (haven't been on Skyrush)

Tennessee - Thunderhead

Texas - New Texas Giant

Virginia - Flight of Fear (haven't been on i305)

Wisconsin - Avalanche

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Out of 236 coasters in the US.


CA - Xcelerator (Gold Striker very good too)

CT - Boulder Dash

GA - Goliath

ME - Excalibur

MA - Bizarro

NV - *Speed - The Ride (Desperado if that doesn't count, El Loco surely would win this though)

NJ - El Toro

NY - Jack Rabbit (Only been to Seabreeze and Darien when ROS wasn't operating)

NC - Carolina Cobra (...I guess)

OH - Millennium Force (Maverick very close)

PA - Skyrush/Phoenix (Masterpieces in their own way)

SC - Intimidator

TN - Thunderhead

VA - Intimidator 305

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My personal list of favorites is as follows:


Maryland- Superman Ride of Steel

Virginia- Volcano The Blast Coaster

Pennsylvania- Lightning Racer

New Jersey- El Toro

New York- Coney Island Cyclone

California- Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (I only went once when I was a little kid, so I couldn't really go on coasters)

Florida- Dragon Challenge: Chinese Fireball


Looks like I really need to get to some more parks and/or states.

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Connecticut - Boulder Dash

Florida - Incredible Hulk (Florida is really a tough choice)

Georgia - Mindbender

Illinois - Batman

Kentucky - Kentucky Rumbler

Maryland - Joker's Jinx

Massachusetts - Superman: Ride of Steel

Michigan - Shivering Timbers

New York - Superman: Ride of Steel

Ohio - Maverick

Pennsylvania - Phoenix

South Carolina - Afterburn

Virginia - Volcano


Illinois will probably switch to Goliath this summer. Pennsylvania might change as well, but Phantom's Revenge and/or Ravine Flyer II will need to blow my mind for this to occur.

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Better late than never...


Alabama - Cannonball Run

California - California Screamin'

Florida - Revenge of the Mummy

Georgia - Mind Bender

Indiana - Raven

Maryland - Wild One

Nevada - Canyon Blaster

New Jersey - El Toro

New York - Steeplechase

North Carolina - Ricochet

Ohio - Millenium Force

Pennsylvania - Phoenix

South Carolina - Afterburn

Tennessese - Thunderhead

Texas - Iron Rattler

Virginia - i305

West Virginia - Big Dipper

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California: X2 (SFMM)

Florida: Montu (BGT)

Georgia: Dare Devil Dive (SFOG)

Illinois: Demon (SFGAm) (Haven't been to the park since I was little)

Indiana: Voyage

Kentucky: Thunder Run (SFKK) (I'd put Chang, but...)

Maryland: Superman: RoS (SFA) (The ONLY coaster I've been on in the state of Maryland )

Ohio: Wicked Twister (CP) (I have a soft spot for this coaster, okay?!)

Texas: Road Runner Express (SFFT) (Also haven't been there since I was little)

Virginia: I305 (KD) (I would put Flight of Fear, but instead thought this monster deserved the spot more)

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