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Think like a GP


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Wow Millenium Force is sooooo amazin its surely the tallest fastest coaster in the world ! (already heard that @ Cedar Point )


What else could I say...


Anaconda at Walygator is grat it has such a cool layout and super smooth by far my favorit


(Nah just kidding, GP doesn't know Walygator even exists ! )

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flite dek at californa grat amarica iz a compleet copy ov flite dek at canada wondurlan becuz it hangz frum da trak lololol flite dek at canada wondurlan iz betur becuz it caem firs


da behemuth iz a copy ov da lavathin becuz it iz a lesss betur costur and itz smaller and behemuth haz no speed


thundur rode lookz egzacly liek hurlur y wood carowins hav 2 costurs dat look egzacly aliek?


i luv lavathin but dey need 2 put seetbeltz on it and da sholdur seet beltz and giv it lotz ov loppy loops.


My GPA dropped TREMENDOUSLY and I'm an A-B student. Someone's not going to college.

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