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Chuck's Shameless Nostalgia TR: TPR's 2006 UK Trip


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  • 2 weeks later...
It's not as good as the Batman clones but better than Alpengeist.


Wait...so you're telling me there are inverts better than Alpengeist?


Quite a number of them actually (although I do like Alpengeist).

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So, the first TPR trip had come to an end at Thorpe.


And there was much sadness.


But now it was time for the first "official" TPR Trip Add-On.


And there was much rejoicing.



Yes, many of us were making a brief foray into Scandinavia, to visit Tusenfryd in Norway and Liseberg in Sweden. Much like the "zero day" at Legoland Windsor, the quick trip to Sweden just sort of "evolved." Robb and Elissa were taking a small group to ride Liseberg's legendary Balder, and others became interested--so much so that Robb and Elissa decided to open this extra trip to more people.


Thus was born the TPR Add-On.


We flew on Ryan Air out of Stansted airport to Goteburg, which boasted an terminal that really isn't much bigger than my house. Then it was a long bus ride to Norway, and along its famous fjords, to Tusenfryd. It's hard to top this park for natural beauty. Woods and mountains surround Tusenfryd--it reminds me a bit of Knoebels in that regard. It's also the home of Speed Monster, another great (if somewhat finicky) launched coaster by Intamin. We had ERT on Speed Monster and Thundercoaster, the park's surprisingly good Vekoma woodie (it runs really well after a nice rain, as we found out that evening). Unfortunately, Speed Monster experienced some sort of issue just before ERT began; in fact, the park had to call Intamin, because the problem they were having was brand new, and their technicians couldn't get a handle on it. Fortunately, I think everyone wisely heeded Elissa's warning to ride it earlier in the day.


Tusenfryd was also the home of what I think was the world's smallest coaster (at least at the time)--the legendary Teeny-Weeny. Oddly enough, Teeny-Weeny's trains were surprisingly comfortable for adults.


There was also a very cool multimedia attraction about Vikings. You sat on a ship that rocked back and forth and was surrounded by different effects (such as a dragon). There was even a device that translated the narration into English. It's gone now, but the park has replaced it with a new dark ride (Thor's Hammer).


Let's have a look at Tusenfryd.


How's that for a dramatic park entrance?


Speed Monster will take your head off! That's why they have the nets!


Yes, years before Cedar Point built Gatekeeper, a park had a coaster as part of its entrance.


It's a much better ride than Rita at Alton Towers.


I also prefer it a bit to Kanonen at Liseberg.


Then again, one must take the bad along with the good. This is the infamous Loopen, a Vekoma machine of pain.


My life will never be the same again!


Teeny-Weeny--small but cute.


It's even friendly to big, dorky enthusiasts.


"Please. No pictures of me on Teeny-Weeny. I'm just too ashamed."


"I want to go on something more thrilling than Teeny-Weeny."


Maybe Thundercoaster would be more to your liking, then.


Or maybe you prefer a more-than-acceptable . . .


. . . level of wetness?


Ice cream for Vaal! (This is for the Star Trek fans out there--you know who you are.)


Tusenfryd also had this somewhat random Wild West town.


"Draw, hombre!"


"Guilty. That is all."


"Well, so much for ny quick trip to Norway."


Thundercoaster is especially good after a nice rain.


I'd nearly forgotten about this haunted house (now gone, I think). Unfortunately, I can't forget stupid Loopen.


"We are the Borg! Resistance is futile!"


"Help! I've been assimilated by Barry!"


One last look at Thundercoaster. Next stop, Liseberg!

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Glad you got a shot of that (actually) great little haunted walk-through, Chuck.

It had a couple of actors in it, and although way shorter in time than Gasten Hotel,

the sentiment was the same, hee hee hee.


RIP Tusenfryd Haunted House.

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Next up was a day at Liseberg, and I must admit that I wasn't sure I could make it. I picked up a miserable cold during our day at Tusenfryd, and my head felt like it had been stuffed full of cotton. I was uncomfortable and couldn't sleep on the long bus ride back to Goteburg. Plus, to top it off, I had to endure an uber nerd "Apple vs. Microsoft" argument for much of the trip. These two, who shall remain nameless, just kept sniping and yammering and yakking it seemed for an eternity. It was enough to make one yearn for a visit from the Reaper: "Please, take one of us! Even if it's me!"


But I survived to see the next day, still feeling like hell. I shambled along with the rest of the group to Liseberg, wondering if maybe I should make my way, zombie-like, back to bed. But it was the last day of the trip, and there was no way I was going to miss out on this Balder I'd heard so much about.


Then a miracle happened. (Well, maybe that's overstating it just a bit.) The park management took us into Balder itself, where there was a little cottage. From this cottage, they produced "Balder hammers," nails, and beer! We each got to hammer a nail into Balder, sign our names on the wood, and drink beer. "Well, things could be worse," I thought. "What nice people."


I felt slightly better when I boarded Balder. After the first ride, I was completely cured! Yes, my head cleared, and I felt great! To this day, I believe that Balder is the cure for the common cold.


I really enjoyed the rest of our day at Liseberg. Kanonen, the park's Intamin launched coaster, was great, and Lisebergbanan, which is reported to be Anton Schwarzkopf's personal favorite of all the rides he had designed, was a lot of fun. The Hotel Gasten is the best "permanent" haunt out there, with its incredibly detailed sets (the "water room" is amazing) and "secret passages" for the scareactors.


Plus, the park is just plain beautiful, and the staff is first rate. Any city would be proud to host a park like Liseberg. It's just a great place to hang out, even if you don't ride anything.


And, thus, all good things, like this trip, come to an end--but what an end it was. Every park enthusiast needs to visit Liseberg at least once.


This picture pretty much reflects how I felt early that morning--a little fuzzy.


The group was ready to follow on the footsteps of the many famous people who had passed through the gates of Liseberg.


Yes, THE Hasse Alfredson! He was brilliant in that, er, thing he was in!


Who among us has not been moved by the work of Stig?


Carola--so famous, she needs only one name.


You know, I'm feeling better already.


The cottage from which much goodness came.


A hammer, a nail, and a bottle of beer.

I did mention there was beer, right?


They also gave us these nice Balder backpacks. I still use mine for short trips.


I think the thumb and cocked eyebrow indicate that Jimmy is "ready."


This was my first Intamin woodie. Better this than Jupiter in Japan!


Yes, in the Mitch Hawker Steel Coaster Poll, this is my "Favorite Wooden Coaster Any Park Anywhere."


Well, let's show Kanonen a little love. They even staged a "rollback" for us.


Balder does not waste time with frivolous rollbacks!


"Hey, these 'big boy' coasters are all well and good, but where are the kiddie credits?"


This picture is pretty dark, but it should give you an idea of how beautiful Liseberg is.


Those looking for "beauty" might want to turn away now. You have been warned.


OK, Liseberg's one mild disappointment was this dark ride. It was like a bunch of department-store animated displays strung together.


Like I said, a beautiful place. And it even had a special spinning boat ride for Elissa. ;)


And now the view from the observation tower, which I think is now the Atmosfear drop ride.


Goteborg is a mix of the old and the new, the quaint and the modern.


Behold the Nexus of Awesomeness: Balder and Kanonen!


I have not forgotten Lisebergbanan. I like how it wraps around the shot tower.


It's not a "super thrill machine," but I love how it rambles all over the hill overlooking the park.


Yes, this ride interacting with Helix--you Scandi Trip folks are in for a treat!


The horror . . .


. . . the horror!


Why do Daron and Lou look particularly happy?


Because it's time for fruity vodka drinks in the ice bar!


"Er, little privacy, please?"


No one dared to use the ice toilet--thank god.


"Must . . . resist . . . urge . . . to . . . worship . . . porcelain . . . ice . . . throne . . ."


One ride to rule them all . . . yes, let's end with Balder. That's a wrap. Thanks for reading.

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...And that was the last time, I was able to fit THAT t-shirt, LOL! I now keep it as a souvenir only,

with no chance of it ever fitting, again. Hmmmm. Maybe a pillow.....


The Horror, indeed.


Great look at Liseberg, Chuck. Some great shots there, especially

from the now gone observation tower.

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