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Electrical Survey Marker


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Does anyone know what 3 lines like this means on a ground survey for underground electric? I found these in my yard when I got back from a business trip. I am in the process of permitting building a pool and believe I have to have the waterline five foot from underground electric. However, I am not sure which line I need to measure from. I figured many people here follow marking like this closely for park additions and may know what it is.


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I just had some of my property marked last year to extend my driveway. Here's the color code they gave me which is standard across the U.S.


Red: electric

Green: sewer

Yellow: gas/oil

Blue: water

Orange: catv/phone

White: area to be excavated

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Thanks, yes sorry about that. SRP is the name of my utility company. I was thinking the same that the middle is the most important. However, when I call SRP they can not tell me what these mean. LOL. My pool builder never saw 3 lines before either and we are trying to figure which line to measure five foot off for excavation. Best part, is there is no easement agreement filed for my property on this line.

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I happened to be here when they marked my electric lines so I was able to talk to the guy who was doing the marking. I had the same pattern near the edge of my property with three parallel lines - he told me that marked the main feeds coming from the transformer at the back corner of my property. Essentially the 3 lines means that there is more than one buried electric line in that area.

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