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Who's your favorite band/singer?

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My Favorite band is Evermore! They Rule! I have every CD and bit of merchandise they have. I also Like Shannon Noll, Anthony Callea and Shape Shifters as well as Kylie Minouge

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My favorite band ever? Oingo Boingo - and because of them, I met Robb and a lot of other very cool people.


Aerosmith (anybody that's seen our house, or my wife's car can attest to that one)

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon is etched into my DNA at this point

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Rush is a classic. I saw them during their 'subdivisions' tour, (sorry, can't remember the LP name.) Outstanding. Neil Peart, awesome drummer!

As far as vocals: Early Steve Perry (Journey)

The lead vocalist for STyper was good.

Anne and Nancy Wilson: Heart. (damn shame how the public treated them after they ditched the drugs and gained weight.)

Pat Benetar: she kicked a$$.

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mariah carey-yellow card-linkin park-pod-life house-3 doors down-good charolette-simple plan-staind-soul decision-orgy and does any one agree with me when i say that jay from orgy is hot ecspecially with his makeup on


Wow you have quite a diverse taste in music...but anyone that knows who Orgy (is...was?) is cool in my book. Yeah, Jay Gordon definitely has a marketable look down and is also VERY tall BTW.


Since I can only post one, and Stitch has already posted most of my favorites, (except Mushroomhead...bleh) I have to vote in my all time favorite...Tool. Maynard James Keenan has one of the most unbelievable voices I had EVER heard in the rock community. I love that band! 8)

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There are to many good bands to chose one favorite, so I'll post a few of mine:

Blink 182 (all time favorite)

Rise Against

Funeral For A Friend

Billy Talent



Foo Fighters




and last but not least:


Unblest is a local Nu Rock band but they have potential to become very big in the biz I would recommend you to check out there site and download both songs you can download for free there http://www.unblest.net

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in no paticular order



Nine Inch Nails



(the mighty) NONPOINT

Darwin's Waiting Room



Limp Bizkit (don't hold it against me)

Hed (PE)

Linkin Park

Avenged Sevenfold

Faith no More

Dr Dre

Snoop Dogg


Marilyn Manson


Red Hot Chili Peppers

Stabbing Westward



White Zombie

Westside Connection


Digital Underground


Oh Yeah......and RUSH


P All " that's a hell of a lot more than one "

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^^Even though I agree, even though I think OAR sounds like elevator-rock to me), I would say that excluding ALL hard rock is somewhat extreme. While I mostly listen to more easy going music(often alled "stoner music" even though I don't do any drugs or anything :? ) I do find that bands like Death From Above 1979 can be quite catchy.

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Here are my top 10:


10- My Chemical Romance




8-Kanye West


7- Nelly....accept the songs where he trys to sing...OMG!


6- Hawthorne Heights


5- Bowling For Soup


4- Weezer


3- Nelly....accept the songs where he trys to sing...OMG!


2- Sum 41


1- Blink 182....Why did you retire?!?!

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It would be extremely hard for me to pick a favorite, so I'll just list all my favs.

My Chemical Romance, AFI, Blaqk Audio, From First to Last, Silverstein, Killswitch Engage, Underoath, Alesana, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Good Charlotte, and Smashing Pumpkins

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I can't pick a favorite, so I'll just try to list my favorite bands.

My Chemical Romance

The Almost


The Used

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus



Hawthorne Heights


From Autumn To Ashes

Mayday Parade

The Academy Is...

Boys Like Girls

Avenged Sevenfold

Marilyn Manson




Madina Lake

Senses Fail


Rise Against

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Just to name a few, in no particular order...


The Fray - I play piano, of course I love them


R.E.M - Just plain awesome


Aerosmith - Classic


Daft Punk - Yeah, odd guy out on the list but they're awesome


Matchbox Twenty - again, just plain awesome


The Mars Volta - I'm dying to see them live, amazing band


Sigur Rós - I would be surprised if anyone else knows them


Snow Patrol - I'm not even sure why I like them so much

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Sigur Rós - I would be surprised if anyone else knows them


They're not that obscure, they're fairly mainstream for a post rock band. Wasn't their music on an episode of CSI?

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