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Some Kings Island questions


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I was debating about posting this in the KI Discussion Thread or here, but since this is mostly questions about the park, I decided here.


My family and I have confirmed a midwest trip this summer. We will be visiting Cedar Point, Kings Island, Kentucky Kingdom, and Mammoth Caves in Bowling Green, KY. I've already been to Cedar Point, so I have a few questions about Kings Island and its coasters.


-How is Diamondback in terms of a hyper coaster? Lots of airtime? No airtime? How would it compare to Millennium Force?


-Is Beast another one of those intolerably rough Cedar Fair wooden coasters, or is it actually pretty decent? How would it compare to Ghost Rider?


-Is Firehawk a good flying coaster? It will be my first Vekoma flyer. How would it compare to Tatsu?


-Is Invertigo better or worse than standard Boomerangs?


These were just a few questions I had. It would be great if some of them could be answered. Thanks! I will probably end up with more in the future.

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Are you also going to Beech Bend? I noticed it's in Bowling Green.


I can give some personal opinions based on one visit in 2011.


--Diamondback had at least one or two good pops of airtime (I believe more) that can take you by surprise. I like how the layout is a little more varied than the norm.


--I'm not one to give the most unbiased opinion, but I didn't think Beast was unbearably rough. It was way more tolerable than Ghostrider.


--I enjoy both the Vekoma and B&M flyers. The Vekomas don't have a single moment of extreme intensity like the B&M pretzel loops, but are more forceful throughout the course compared to the overall gentleness of the B&Ms.


--I think any inverted Boomerang is much more fun than the standard ones.

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Diamondback does have some pops of airtime, as stated above. But not as much as Millie. But I prefer DB.


Beast, isn't very rough at all. Adventure Express is the roughest coaster in the park, in my eyes.


Firehawk, is usually a no ride for me. I just don't like falling on my restraint the whole ride.


Inverdigo is a decent ride, my second favorite in the park. But then again, I've never rode any other boomerang.

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Here are my views, based on a 2010 trip.


- Diamondback was relatively weak, and it had a bit of that B&M rattle. It was not bad, but it does not compare with MF in terms of airtime.


- Beast certainly has some rough spots, but I did not consider it unbearable. It does not offer much in terms of airtime, but the length and location are impressive. It is one of the best coasters I have ridden at night.


- I did not like Firehawk as well as Tatsu. It can be a little rough, but it has some fun moments.


- Invertigo is definitely better than your standard Boomerang.


Be sure not to miss out on Flight of Fear and Drop Zone.

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