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Where in the World are Robb & Elissa??? 2014 Edition!

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South Korea?


Just guessing on these clues


That actress I think was in the bourne series, until the avengers 2 starts shooting the bourne ultimatum is the only hollywood movie where some was shot in korea.


I think I saw a Korean dry finish beer in the drinks picture.


The meat vending machine could be because Korea is famous for barbeque restaurants everywhere for those meats.


The Singapore photo is of 1 of its most famous skyline attractions under construction and south korea is currently constructing the lotte tower which will completely change Seouls skyline and become it's most recognizable building when finished.


Korean toilets, there are trash cans next to them because they can't flush toilet paper very well so that explain the extra flushes picture.


Korea also has a F1 track and I think it may be the newest out of all the f1 tracks.


Everland is running it's snow festival right now, could be releated to the frozen and snow pictures.


Edit: Some-one made an olympic connection, if that is related Korea is getting the winter olympics in 2018.


USB Plug on the table matches a korean socket.


I think I am most likely wrong since both Atlantis and T express are down for refurbishment right now and the new credits of Childrens park won't open until next month when the parks overhaul is complete, and I don't think you guys would come out when so many credits would be missed but I tried putting the clues together and it was the best I could come up with,

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So we have:


Scott Pilgrim (with a "YOUSUCK" anagram in the caption)

Mel Brooks (bet_youll_never_figure_this_one_out_lololol)

Andrew Carnegie (Carnegie Deli)

Ballys Las Vegas

Are We Not Men by DEVO

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Suzuka International Racing Course (Suzuka Circuit) Ino, Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, Japan


If you make an acronym, you get SMABAMS, and SMABAMS backwards is SMABAMS, so I guess that means... umm...

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Okay, so the RENT and DEVO pictures both have RED, GREEN, YELLOW, and BLUE outlined in black. The Ballys picture shows a series of rings and the Suzuka Circuit shows a ring-shaped ferris-wheel. Here's some Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, and Black rings:



Here are some more:


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That's Le Nitro at Dennlys Parc in France, but the image name, "Gold Mine Roller Coaster" might imply Happy Valley Shenzhen which is right near Hong Kong, which would fit in with the Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park hints.

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I'm sticking with my Sochi Park guess. Lots of these clues have Olympic overtones and the Sochi Park besides being immediately adjacent to the Olympic venues has working rides.While not every clue picture points that direction, Robb said that not every clue is "real"

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Updating my earlier post:


still going to Sochi:


Julia Stiles did a Russian Vodka ad, the word AD was used in the Super Target Clue.


no Super Targets in Las Vegas, the actual Super Target in question was in INDIO California. The Target Ring is a clue, as are the Palm Trees and mountains in the background. Much like Sochi, Sub Tropical climate on the coast of the Black Sea, with Snow covered mountains in the background.


I was wrong on routing though. It's obvious now, that they left from Tampa, on Delta 1892, on 2/13/14, (drinking Cokes, an Olympic sponsor), via Detroit. Where they passed the Mcdonald's (another Olympic sponsor at the center of A terminal) and then on Delta flight 252/KLM code share to Amsterdam Schipol airport. From there on to Russia DME via Aeroflot or KLM/Aeroflot code share via Moscow, then to Sochi

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My last comment for the night. I think they are going to Asia, as there are alot of clues pointing there. After looking through Flights to Asia, none leave at good connecting times from AMS. I then was looking at Turkey, but none of there parks open until April. So i am stuck until we get some more clues

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Let's get everyone caught up on all the clues!


I believe that all of the clues EXCEPT TWO are actual REAL clues that can be decoded. The two that are not real, I have actually said they were not real if you know where to look (and I was being honest).


Where in the World can we be? And where do you think we are going?



Oh, look... our plane is here!



Our flights are looking good!



Can forget where our car is parked.



This means something.



Ooooh! I like her. Maybe I can watch one of her movies on our flight!


We also posted a really kick A$$ El Loco video! You should go watch it! It's some of the best footage we ever got!



Oops! I just accidentally took this photo!



Yay! Land!!!



How pretty is that???



Hey look how close that other plane is!



Where are we now???



There is a clue here somewhere.



Oh, no! I hope where we are going isn't "Frozen."


Wow, looks like ELSA has really Frozen this place!


That looks like an interesting place. Maybe it's time for a stop?


You could never have too much McDonalds... or can you?


Where we are going, we might need a few more flushes!


Time to board our next flight!


Yay! Our next plane has power!


You Only Use Scott 's Underwear Casually Kept


He's a funny guy. I didn't get a chance to see The Producers on Broadway. Wish I could have. Oh, well, maybe NEXT time?


Love little hole in the wall places like this.


I feel like I was just here. But then again, this wasn't.


There really IS a truth to de-evolution!


You might not think it's a clue. You're probably right!


If there is one thing I love, it's a good race!


What do you like better? The movie or the show?


Oh, yeah, we WILL be riding some roller coasters where we are heading!


I'm sure we will probably ride a flat ride or two.


Another airport. Are we done flying or not?


Happy horse year, everyone!


That's all of them so far... now tell me...


Where in the World are we? And Where in the World are we going???


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