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[RCT3] Rusty's Coaster Blog!

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Hey! This is my first thread on RCT TR's so constructive criticism on my story telling is very much appreciated!


The Coaster Blog!



Welcome to the Coaster Blog, where updates are given to the parks around or near the county of Olivas Valley! This is where you can count on for the most recent and crucial activities going on with the theme park business! Down below is the Table of Contents of reviews that ends with the most recent trip. Enjoy! And don't forget to read my latest update!


Table of Contents





Sunny Oaks Tour........................................................................................................Right below this post! \/

Six Flag's Yolo-World debut article ................................................................................ CTRL+F[000]

1995 Six Flag's Yolo-World Season Update 1 ................................................................... CTRL+F[002]

1995 Six Flag's Yolo-Word Season Update 2 .................................................................... CTRL+F[003]

Backyard Coaster project Idea and mention of the Foster Farms Halloween event ................... CTRL+F[004]

Backyard Coaster/Halloween Construction Update 1 .......................................................... CTRL+F[005]

Backyard Coaster/Halloween Construction Update 2 .......................................................... CTRL+F[006]

Mini Suburban Railway Update/Foster Farm's Halloween Bash TR Part 1!................................. Page 2

Foster Farm's Halloween Bash TR Part 2!.......................................................................... Page 2

Foster Farm's Halloween Bash TR Part 3!.......................................................................... Page 2

1995 Six Flags Yolo-World Off-Season Update!...................................................................Page 2

Completion of Suburban Railway: The Backyard Coaster!......................................................Page 2

Six Flags Expansion and Water Park Announced!.................................................................Page 2




1996 Six Flag's Yolo-World Off-Season TR and Construction Update!.......................................Page 3


1996 Six Flag's Yolo-World Construction Update 2!...............................................................Page 3


1996 SFYW Opening Day TR.............................................................................................Page 3


1996 Six Flag's Yolo-World Trip Report/Water Park Update!....................................................Page 3


Sunny Oaks Town Fair Update..........................................................................................Page 4


Sunny Oaks Town Fair Report...........................................................................................Page 4




Welcome to my Town! This is a Tour of Sunny Oaks!


Hello readers. Upon netting a decent job at a local motel, I have just enough fincancial stability to visit nearby parks and conjure some updates from them. I figure that I should devote a little of my time to the community that I adore most.

With the opening of Six Flag's Yolo-world a few hours down the rode, I'm just dying to speed over and experience the awesomeness the chain put together, whether it be a beautiful park or a concrete wasteland. But first, I should explain who I am and where I come from before we take flight!


My name's Rusty and I reside in a small town that calls itself Sunny Oaks. There's me standing in front of my one and only home.


Here's a better shot of my home in case you were dying to see the rest of it.


The street in which I have lived ever since I was born. It's a very peaceful place.


Down to East end of my street lies a public golf course, it's a fine delicacy to live right down the street to this place. Plus it gives me awesome bragging rights!


Sunny Oaks is right off highway 321 (original name huh?)


Here a shot of main street. The street that contributes to the tourists we get very often. It's really not much, but it looks damn nice for what it is.


The west end of Main street is this small building that houses multiple businesses as well as the politics of this town.


Directly to the left is the Chinese hotel/condos. This place is thrice the age of me but it still has it's charm!


...and the back.


The Grand Colonian serves as the as a motel for the tourists, and also my job! It's far down the East end of the street and across of some suburbs.


The parking lot is a little... chaotic, but as long as I got the green flowing its fine by me!


And the structure you see hiding behind the trees is the main attraction for this quiet town.


The entrance is a little far from the highway but it was a must to regulate the traffic flow during events.


If you haven't guessed already it's a stadium that features horse racing! The owners brand it as the "Steeple Colosseum" though the name is never really advertised for some reason.


Left side...


...Right side.


Sorry to drag you guys along, but I must give credit to the place that started it all.


Foster Farm. The origin and the cause to the growth of Sunny Oaks.


I almost forgot my neighbor! He's always been on the unique side, constantly babbling to himself as he scribbles on his clipboard, but I can't help to assume he works for the city. Anyways, he caught me with my camera and insisted on posing for a picture. There ya go buddy!

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^True... but WOW! This is seriously awesome and realistic! It really does seem like and feel like a medium sized town that is attempting a tourist attraction! Good Job! Also, Six Flags Yolo-world? Either this is a world I don't want to live in, or Six Flags just went insane.

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^ Thanks! Glad I was successful on giving off that impression on Sunny Oaks! I have big plans for this place in the future...


^^ sorry to keep you waiting but almost. I plan to pace this project relatively slow.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________Six Flag's Yolo-World Debut Article 000


I woke up yesterday, eager to begin my 2 hour trip to the opening day of Yolo-world. After appying sunscreen, filling my gas, and stuffing my wallet with last week's check, my phone rang and, with dread, answered the call from work. My co-worker Phil never showed up so I was asked to fill in for the day. Anyways, after a day of drowning in disparity, I found this article covering the opening of Yolo-world. Expect a live update from me very soon, I'm making arrangements this weekend so stay tuned!


This looks to be promising considering that it's apart of the Six Flags chain.

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Six Flag's Yolo-World Opening Season TR! 002


Hey guys! Just got back from my trip to Yolo-world and I must say, I'm actually surprised what this park had to offer! For a Six Flags park, This park may fit well in the chain's line-up. Anyways, onto the pictures!


This shot was taken around 7:30 in the morning, I know this photo is redundant, but the you wouldn't believe the utter excitement that swept through my body at this moment!


The morning was cool and crisp, a perfect day to ride some coasters!


Here is my one and only Bessy. She will be taking us to the park.


And away we go!


After two hours and fifteen minutes of little traffic, I was greeted by a familiar sign.


All visitors are herded through these security booths before they can even reach the front gates of the park, It's nice to know the park is taking measures to keep the place safe.


A woody was hiding behind the trees. I'm guessing this is the Entity.


Here's a better view, that first drop looks promising!


I have to say, I was a little disappointed by the entrance the park, it lacked a... well, building.


Looking past the front entrance, I was actually stunned by that bell tower sitting at the curb! I remember reading from the opening day article in regards to the Entity that "Some say to have spotted this thing [an unknown assailant] on the rooftops of town square."


My first visit was Frontier. An ice cream store just past the gates. I got my hands on a Triple Chocolate Delight, I don't know what it had in it, but like every ice cream, it was delicious!


The way this coaster wrapped around this marvel caught me in a trance for it while, it isn't much, but it's still fascinating nonetheless.


The other side of the strip sat this long building disguised as multiple structure. It houses a massive arcade for the mild ones.


As I was continuing onward, I spotted the Entity!


This park sports a tranquil, garden like theme. The fact that a massive coaster is prominently towering over the trees makes this view 10x better!


The forest Flyer was the first ride I passed, it's very secluded in it's small clearing. This provided an awesome experience.


The Megadrop serves as the park's drop ride. Like the Forest Flyers, this structure is also very hidden.


As I was waiting in line for the Megadrop, I caught a glimpse of another coaster! This one seems to be very mild though.


Looks like my first coaster of the day will be the Entity!


Walking through Entity's queue provided excellent photo opportunities of this steel beast.


They were testing the ride apparently. By the looks of the track and train, I'm more than confident this is an Arrow looper!


Since this I got here less than 20 minutes after the park opened, I was able to snag a seat in little to no wait.


Here's the loading platform, I like the simplicity of this building.


My train has arrived!


I have to say, this ride packed a serious punch. The quick turns followed by the snapping airtime really did it for this ride!


At the exit of the ride, the train seems to charge into you right before making a sharp left. This was a rather intense part.


These faces pretty much sums what the GP thinks of this ride.


After exiting, I noticed this unique transfer track design. It seems like the trains make their home under the loading station. Interesting.


Found this just outside the exit. Not sure if this is a good thing or bad considering how they marketed the park.


The park got very crowded by the time noon struck.


Say hi to Grumble, the junior coaster! (Weird name)


This coaster was terribly slow but it had it's moments.


This observation tower was idle the whole day. I tried to search for an entrance but gave up. I would assume it will open at a later date.


At the end of the park, we finally get to meet this mysterious hunk of steel!


Gotta say, I was shocked to see the station so bare!


Them curves.


The crowd really gravitated towards this ride.


Riding this left me dumbfounded. The journey it took us was both beautiful and intense at the same time! The only complaint I have is the half after the batwing. It exhibits a twister layout that really likes to mess with your neck. Anyways, here's my on-ride photo!


Here are some night photos I took at the park.


Forest Flyer gracefully sent riders soaring through the cool air.


The lighting package for Velocity is very powerful.


The bell tower with Entity hiding behind it.


Got to hand it to Entity's menacing red glow!


Well, that concludes my trip to Yolo-world! This was a thrilling little park!


As I entered back into the Sunny Oaks city limits, I noticed a game occurring at the stadium.


I missed you house.


Lastly, I managed to get a copy of the ride statistics for Entity, Velocity, and Grumble.

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Six Flags Yolo-world Update 2 003



Hey guys! This is the last week of season operation so I decided to plan a trip to check things out. After this week, the park will resort to off-season schedule and will only be open on the weekends. Onto the report!


Back to SFYW, which is literally right off Highway 321.


The entry plaza was pretty dead when I arrived.


I wonder what's going on here. They have this side blocked with staff behind their own individual gate. I'm assuming they're being trained?


Back at Main Street. Seems like all the guests may be toward the back of the park. Looks pretty deserted here.


All seems a bit quite. Except for the GCI on the left.


Ah, here comes the crowds.


The dining area was dead when I grabbed a snack. I wonder if this establishment makes some sort of profit.


The sky tower is still sitting here with the lack of an entrance. I'm really concerned now since this season is just about ending.


Velocity doing it's people-eating business.


The GP really seem to adore this ride, the line never shortens!


This really is a great ride for this small park. This shot was taken from the queue for the Entity.


The train exiting out of the Batwing.


Entity was down for the first 3 hours of the day. They were mostly testing the trains during this time.


It really is hard to catch glances of this woodie. The exit platform is the only good shot I can get of it. Other than that it hides behind the trees and the buildings.


Guests taking a spin after it opened.


I noticed how weird the side of the Main Street buildings look like. I wouldn't say it's ugly but, it kinda detracts from the experience.


Here I noticed front of Frontier Ice Creams is a complete Facade.


Look who I found at the park, my neighbor! It's funny how he still brought his clipboard while visiting a theme park, he's weird like that though. Anyways I snapped this picture of him real quick. He was a bit startled.


This is what I had to avoid while leaving the park. Six Flags, step up your game!

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To be honest, I really wanna see more of that town more than the Six Flags park. You don't really see many RCT projects that don't involve parks much. The town itself has quite a bit of attention to detail. I'd flesh that out a bit more.


I feel calling the SF park YOLO World makes it seem like it's more of a joke project or something you shoehorned in the project at the last minute because you realized the RCT project didn't have a park to show off. The park itself is fine, but I'd give it a more original name to differentiate it from the billions of Six Flags parks out there. Maybe incorporate it into the town storyline and give it a bit of a history. Keep the rides and names.

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Hmm... I'll take your thoughts about the name into consideration. Don't worry about the it, it won't stay around too long.

I'll seek for the right opportunity to change it as soon as possible.


As for the town, all I'm saying is that you will see more in the near future. This thread is based on this town and the Six Flags park is vital to this town's story. Anyways thanks for the comment!




General Update/New Project! 004



Hey guys, its the times us enthusiasts dread the most, the off season. Even though SFYW is still open for weekends, It's still depressing to see the park in it's deserted state.


Being in this depressive state got me thinking, what if I built my own roller coaster right here in my backyard! With that thought, I researched on the topic and picked up some lumber and PVC at the local Home Depot. The footprints will have to be small, but I think I can get this thing functional.


...also worth noting, since it's nearing October, the Halloween events that Foster Farms host is about to get prepped for setup in the town! I'll be providing some updates on the construction of this event in the future.


Haven't started construction yet, but I laid some of the material on the grass.

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Construction Update 1 005



I went around and gathered some shots of the Foster Farms Halloween event as well as the construction of my backyard coaster. As you may have guessed, this update is a construction filled one. I also want to note that SFYW will not be hosting any sort of festival for Halloween. I'm not too surprised on this as it just opened this year. A park can only handle so much at a time! I'm planning a trip over to the park in November. So expect that coming.


This is the progress so far, Haven't laid any PVC down yet. I'm trying to get a basic frame to begin with.


Here's the pumpkin patch across the street with it's perfectly ripe pumkins.


They got the graves up. The fact that it takes place in a wheat field adds to the suspense.


There's a close up at those ribs poking out of the ground.


There's no sign as of right now, so I can't really say what the theme will be. It's usually a Jeepers Creepers maze. But there's no telling if it's gonna be the same. Most likely it will be.


The pathway of this maze eventually leads into this warehouse, where strobe lights and other effects take place.


I climbed this hill to get a final overview of the progress thus far. Expect a second update on this attraction's construction.


As began to prepare for my journey back down this hill, I noticed the Colloseum's entrance is now sporting some green! It looks 10x better now!


And with that, I leave you at this.


This will be the location of the initial drop. The length will extend until the frame bumps against the fence.


The layout will expand through the whole yard. And yes, it will be a shuttle. I haven't come up with a name for the ride, I do have some ideas though.


As you can see in this photo, the activities from the Farm are now visible from the road.


It seems like a second maze is making it's way back.


Here's a closer shot. It seems that the maze "World of the Living Dead" is claiming back it's spot for the season. This maze usually features zombies roaming the cornfields. Glad to see this one making it's way back.


Here's an even closer look at the entrance. Those two workers seems awfully busy.


The actual farm is where the main hub of this event is located. I can see they have already made progress with the entrance.

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Halloween/Backyard coaster update 2 006 123



There's been a LOT of construction on both my coaster and the Foster Farms Halloween Event throughout the course of the week. I couldn't help myself but take a stroll and catch some sneak peaks on the activities. Before we get down to the nitty gritty, let me catch you guys up on the status of my backyard coaster!


This is the freshly constructed east end. as you can see, I calculated that I overestimated on the amount of wood this thing would take, so I added a little more lumber in the construction.


The ranch home is almost complete. Foster Farms just needs to finish building the upper floor.


The pumpkin Patch is doing it's usual thing and just laying around, waiting patiently to be taken home and gutted.


The hub of the festival is now sporting some booths and some festive lights! The workers seemed to be inspecting the bulbs for some reason. Perhaps one broke?


It seems like a flat ride was placed in the wheat field! I can't tell what type of ride it is, but it's either a teacup, carousel, or swing ride.


They still haven't put up the wall blocking this view from the maze goers.


The crew still hasn't installed the sign. Perhaps they're having trouble fabricating it?


This place looks like a death trap! I'll admit though, I'm a bit intrigued on this maze as in the past, all you did was walk through the cornfield as scare actors attacked you until your lead to the building. Now I'm assuming that there will be interactive displays instead of scare actors. I have no idea whether I should be excited or not.


Here's an overview of how the place looks from atop this same hill.


As you can see, I'm able to catch the sight of the props from my roof! This will be the last update on the construction of this event so expect a TR soon because it's scheduling to open next week. Until then, your gonna have to make do with these pictures.


As you can see I've laid some PVC down. The bolts holding it against the wood are not tight yet, but I kept them firm enough to support the weight until the project is finished.


The construction of the the first drop's supports are now in place.


I can already capture what it will be like to glide along the rails! On another note, I've decided to brand this coaster as the Suburban Railway. It just seemed adequate.


At the end of my street, we can spot even more activity going on down the road.


Looking back at the Jeepers Creepers maze, it seems like props have started to fill the cleared out space. And apparently this will be a tank themed maze?


Looks like the Torture Chute will be making it back this year. This slide is notorious for scraping rider's backs and making kids cry. And no, there is no water.


World of the Living Dead seems to be be coming along nicely, with a new structure further in the cornfields.


They've built a second hand reaching from the ground and seem to be testing the flame emitters.

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____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 2 Table of Contents


Foster Farm's Halloween Bash TR Part 1.......................................CTRL+F [002]


Foster Farm's Halloween Bash TR Part 2.......................................CTRL+F [003]


Foster Farm's Halloween Bash TR Part 3.......................................CTRL+F [004]


Six Flag's Yolo-World Off-season Update......................................CTRL+F [005]


Suburban Railway Compleion (a micro-update)...............................CTRL+F [006]


Six Flags Expansion and Water Park Announced.............................CTRL+F [007]



______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Foster Farm's Halloween Bash TR! (and a small Suburban Railway Update)



Welcome back to the Coaster Blog! I'm happy to confirm that the Foster Farm's Halloween event (dubbed The Halloween Bash this year) is now in full swing! I visited the festival last Sunday and have been organizing all the shots that I took! Unfortunately, I'm going to have to break this TR up into three parts. The first will cover the daytime activities, while the last two will display what the Bash has to offer after dark. Below you'll find my small Suburban Railway construction update as well as my visit to the Halloween Bash that morning. Enjoy!


I'm happy to brag that I have completed all of the supports and laid 90% of the track at this point!


This intersection may look like it's a traffic jam inducing trap, but this method is actually very efficient in getting the visitors as well as non-visitors to their destination quickly. The traffic guard in the back is really only directing 3 lanes.


This box was just sitting in the cornfield. They had this last time and I know why. I'm not gonna tell you what it is though; you'll just have to be surprised.


The entrance to the pumpkin patch is now set up but it's really just a decor piece. Walking under it is totally optional.


The farm is still a few minutes from opening, but that didn't stop a select few to wait around the entrance.


Here are visitors coming from the Steeple Coliseum parking lot. Foster Farms rents this lot to adequately accommodate the visitor's cars.. The complaint I have about this is the long walk people have to go through. It gets tiring fast.


It's small, but we are finally here.


The typically Lemonade, pretzels, and souvenirs are sold in these booths.


This shot displays a highly entertained group and a very confused one in the back.


These pumpkin things walk around and entertain people. There not necessarily scary (though some would beg to differ) but provide great photo opportunities for guests to enjoy.


Speaking of photo opportunities, this guillotine prop provides a nice, dark scene to pose in.


Here's a shot at the East end. This is where the cart will go backwards.


The ticket booth stood on its own. A ride on the Crawl-a-round was 3 dollars while mazes went for $15 each.


This is the Crawl-a-round that costs $3.


This is basically a themed carousel that was plopped in the field.


The queue bore fun and festive lights spreading over the paths.


The queue also provides a great look inside this rib cage!


I thought this booth may be a bit too horrific for the kids, but that's none of my worries!


As I've said, all of the supports are finished!


And of course the other side.


On to the Halloween Bash TR! As you can see, banners have been put up all over the town!


Behind the people crossing the street lays a finished manor in the distance.


It seems like Foster Farms finally covered up the borders of the maze. This looks pretty menacing!


Here's a shot of the Torture Chute. I believe a kid was just about to slide down in this shot. Poor kid.


So far, it seems like an abundance of people are making their way to the farm.


This path was closed off. The closest I could get to this maze's entrance was at this shot. As you can see the farm managed to get that sign finally up.


Here's a random shot coming back from that path.


I took this picture when I noticed the crowd was becoming more dense.


When I seen the ticket clerk and the mechanic flirting, I had to snap a quick picture. See, you can even find love at the farm!


And here's a final shot of the festival during the day. The next update will be the after dark activities. That's when the REAL interesting stuff starts!


duh duh duuuh.... the Torture Chute!


This shot was taken just before I climbed to the top. Why you ask? It's simple; the platform provides amazing views of the area! Just thank me for my pain and suffering later.


The layout of World of this Living Dead can be clearly seen up on this platform! I made it a point to study this picture before I actually entered that maze.


After taking in the sights, there was only one way down. That was by sliding on that damn chute.


This is how steep the drop is. Why they allow guests to ride this without water is beyond me.


After walking off the red burns on my back, I made it back to the booth to get my two maze tickets for later that day.

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^Thanks for the feedback! That really means alot!



Foster Farm's Halloween Bash TR Part 2! 003



As dusk fell, I grabbed my Go Pro and a coat to tackle the mazes with. Instead of halting to a complete stop to grab that perfect shot that may never come and hold everyone back, I simply took a video along and uploaded the screenshots. Enjoy!


As I headed out the front door, smoke and fog could be seen in the sentence. *edit: I meant distance, but I left it cause it sounds funny and still makes sense. :p


After about 20 minutes, I finally made it to the Bash.


The Booths sports their own individual light to ward off the dark creatures lurking about.


Those pumpkin things are now sneaking up on people and scaring them. Who would've guessed pumpkins would be scary!?


The Crawl-A-Round was very lonely.


These Frankenstein lamps nicely illuminate the queue. I'm actually not that surprised there was no line as kids do not generally come at this hour.


After contemplating which maze to tackle first, I decided that the World of the Living Dead was teasing me enough.


Speakers hidden in the cornfield were adding subtle ambiance.


These guys were clearing the street of zombies to provide guests with safe passage.


The guards made it a point to make it clear to every passerby that the cornfield was hostile territory. It was strongly recommended that turn away. I don't think that many people took their advice however.


Walking just past those guards, three more were making sure no zombies curiously walked out of the field and onto the street.


At the end of the street, a relentless mist can be spotted.


This hand looming over was just asking to be captured in the fog.


This is the view once you get past the last of the guards.


...and once the moment you it around the corner your welcomed with even more fog.


A few seconds later we see our first zombie.


These zombies, however, seemed very uninterested in me. They seemed to just be innocently lurking about.


These fires didn't really do much to light the area.


It seems to be blanketing the corn field, or otherwise known as the World of the Living Dead. The fog is a new effect this year!


Very loud screams were heard past this fence. If I didn't know any better, I'd say there was a mass murder taking place as we speak.


This cop cars blocked this road. The city usually closes off the 2 roads that run along the perimeter of the farm to create a safer environment in the dark. They also add to the zombie theme!


The Torture Chute in the dark. It's nice and lonely like it should be.


The hands and manor intimidates maze goers into keeping out.


Looking back, I noticed a line behind me. I picked up the pace when I heard people yelling obscenities at me.


The farm took that one box down to unleash this demonic statue. This is their most expensive piece I believe.


The first zombie to attempt to eat me is captured in the foreground with the manor looming overhead.


This guy made my heart skip a beat!


Getting closer...


Hobo zombies.


The yard of the manor was filled with zombies. All were hostile.


This building gets bigger and bigger the closer you get to it. The fog plus the red lighting really doesn't make this place inviting.




This poor guy was alone in clearing out the zombies. I wonder if he was ever successful.


The house provided a nice break from the thick fog; it allowed me to breathe for once!


The only problem was this place was filled with zombies and was poorly lit!


This zombie actually followed me till I left the house. I think he liked me.


Fog was leaking into the building. It was also filled with zombies.


I have to admit, I was kind of relieved to be out in the open again and rid myself of this madhouse.


...until I saw this. I forgot how nerve racking this fog was.


As I nervously stepped forth, I found myself once again overwhelmed by the thick mist. You literally cannot see anything past 20 feet.


Lurkers lurked about through the clearings.


This one seemed confused. Poor thing.


Another useless barrel. If you're gonna light a toxic barrel and poison everyone around, use it when it makes a difference!


As I progressed, the zombies became incredibly hostile, some even chased me.


After running for a few seconds, I finally got rid of my paparazzi.


Everything shortly turned red.


Red lights generally aren't a good sign.


A zombie literally grabbed my torso and motioned to consume me. You can see his arm just before he did it.


I was glad to see this zombie wasn't hostile. It seems like the deeper I venture, the more tasty I become.


Don't worry, this is a statue. I thought it was a real actor too.


As I walked ahead, I noticed a huge crowd of zombies huddled together. When I got closer, I realized that someone was being attacked! This poor guard was hopelessly attempting to ward off the dead as he was being overwhelmed. I honestly don't think he made it.


I realized why the guard was overwhelmed as I continued.


Dozens of zombies filled a clearing a few feet ahead!


Walking past these guys was a huge obstacle! It seemed like every step I took, another zombie would grind me to a halt!


I captured this when I looked back at that pit.




More zombies littered the path.


Is that the exit?


YES!!! I was never as glad to be enveloped by darkness as I was now!


Looking back, I mumbled a curse to the zombies in the thick fog.


Here's a little context of where the exit is located. I have to say that this maze was very disorienting! I honestly thought that I covered at least three miles in this field! The actors were great and overall, It's a GREAT improvement from last year's maze witht the fog! The third and last installment will be posted soon so stay tuned!

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^ YES!!! Glad to see my storytelling is successful so far (I honestly was questioning it). Thanks for the feedback!

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Foster Farm's Halloween Bash TR Part 3! 004



It's been awhile, but I've finally uploaded the 3rd and final part to this huge TR! I originally meant to display this a day after my second one, but alas, the Grand Colonian had me working overtime this past week (this actually correlates my school assignments in real life). The contents of this update will present the second and final maze that Foster Farms created for the GP. Enjoy!


After the World of the Living Dead, I rushed on over to the back of the festival to experience that one last maze.


As I turned to follow the continuing path, These guys ran over and blocked me.


I was lead to the entrance of the building as well as to more of these psychos.


Inside, I was greeted with a gigantic prop and one measly attacker. (pshh.. one's nothing compared to the hundreds out back)


Making my way around the corner, I was presented another with another massacre yard. Though this one was relatively tame.


Yet again, I was blocked!


The path narrows into this black room. Surely nothing good can come out of this!


The black room transformed into a long dark hallway. This is where things got up close and personal!


I have to admit, the experience encountered in this part of the maze proved one of the scariest. I was seriously having a hard time making my way through here as it was to dark to even see the walls before me!


The exit finally ensued!


Outside the dark halls, more assailants welcomed me...


After an employee checked my ticket, They let me down the path. This is the first view (The maze was actually behind me in this picture.


.... alot more assailants.


After dodging them, I finally made it to the end of that segment.


... I was then greeted by more.


The path may have been less dense with scare-actors, but that didn't make this part any less intense!


Fog and smoke filled the air as more chainsaw people filled the halls.


Uh... behind you.


After turning around, the maze of mystery had finally revealed itself. "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!"


The entrance proved subtle as there were no "Entrance" sign or any guidance whatsoever.


Inside the small shack that doubles as the maze entrance, you are greeted by a scare actor that you can barely see on the left side of the screenshot.


After exiting the shack, I was greeted by this army of chainsaw wielding assailants!


There are no guiding objects or anything of the sorts. It was basically a free-for-all until you found the exit of this war zone!


I do have to hand it to the props! The wagons you see in the distance actually move!


After making it to the end of the clearing, I looked back to see the hundreds of chainsaws one last time.


This guys made a swipe at me, I proved quick to dodge thank god!


Ahead, the hallway faded into a red tint. That can never be good.


I rushed along till I was led to the exit of the building that lays behind that corner.


Once I made it here, all the actors were as still as statues. As I warily walked across, All of the actors ambushed me! after the ambush, the black curtain lifted to reveal the exit of the warehouse.


Finally! Fresh air!


Behind me, all the actors got in there places again for the next batch.


Glancing back ahead, I found that the assailant outside moved!


Finally! The exit is seen! This scare actor was lazily attempting to scare the maze-goers. He did a pretty terrible job.


After these 2 mazes, I decided to grab a churro and take a few lasting shots from my camera before calling it a night.


With churro at hand, I climbed to the top of the Torture Chute (you can thank me for my pain later) and took the following shots of the festival and mazes.




The cornfield is so thick with fog that you can barely make out the zombies it blankets!


After the horrible journey down the Torture Chute, I took this final shot of the festivities. This concludes the 1995 Foster Farm's Halloween Bash. Overall, I'd say this was another phenomenal year for the farm! Expect another update from me in the coming weeks for a SFYW off-season update. I've been planning a visit in November!

Edited by rustyinpeace
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______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1995 Six Flags Yolo-World Off-season Update 005


As promised, as soon as I got a Saturday off this November, I hopped in my car and raced to Six Flags to finally ease my coaster deprivation that had accumulated over the past month (No I have not ridden the Suburban Express yet). The crowds were not light (much to my surprise) and some landscaping work as well as scaffolding was seen inside and outside the park. On to the pictures...


The two giants greeted me as usual on the way into the park.


Entity provided a nice, smooth, airtime filled adventure like always! This is perhaps my personal favorite so far!


As I headed to the back of the park, I noticed some refurbishments as well as some new paint being laid on the side of the arcade. I'm personally glad some work is getting done on this building. It really was an eye sore.


Continuing along the path, construction walls were seen blocking the east side of the path (right behind the arcade building). This only confirms my theory of expansion!


Here's to give a little context on where this fence exactly stands in the park. It also seems like they're fixing up the back of the building also!


Walking along the barrier to attempt to find a view into the site, I finally realized that you can get a nice peak at the end of the barrier! I believe that's a new planter being made over there.


When I turned around, I noticed this guy walking towards me. Meet Dale, he's an active reader to my blog and wanted to say hi! Good luck with the cats Dale!


I continued onward!


Wait... is that a hidden Mickey I see??? What's this doing here!


The restaurant seems to finally be getting some business! I went in and ordered some buffalo wings. After a 15 minute wait, I got some cold, dull pieces of chicken.


I decided to ride Grumble after I ate to wait for those wings to settle.


Six Flags, we meet again.


As usually, This sky tower sat lonely. Unlike the front of the park, there were absolutely no activity going on to this ride. The only thing I can think of is the park having trouble getting permission to open it by the state?


Thinking about the sky tower situation, I headed over to Velocity.


Entering the queue, this mechanic came walking out. Once I spotted him, I made it a point to ask him about the construction going on in the park.. He basically said that I "will see" soon enough. When I asked about the sky tower, he shrugged it off saying, "The world may never know."


Velocity's line was luckily half the length compared to my last ride.


I always seem to forget how intimidating this ride is from the station!


I decided to hit the Megadrop before leaving and managed to snag this picture right before the drop. It seems like there's dirt behind the employee training area too. This can just be a coincidence though.


As I made my way to the restrooms that lays behind the Six Flags Yolo-World logo, I noticed this view of some work being done behind the arcade building. We can obviously conclude that an expansion is underway. This park must really be successful for the chain to be able to expand this soon!


Here's a shot at some newbies being trained in the off-season.


Ahh... It's been awhile since I've had this view.


Like I said, There was quite the crowd here. Not as much as during the summer, but quit a bit for November.


First ride of the day was Entity as always.


As always, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a shot at Velocity looming over the queue.


Managed to take this shot just before we left the station. Love this view!


Leaving a the park, I peaked behind that employee training barricade and spotted this vehicle. I'm personally stumped on what's going on here. Oh well, that's what time's for!


Good bye Six Flags! Until next time!

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I love the level of detail that your parks have, its truly amazing! (Though it looks as though you use a fair amount of CS). The only thing that kind of sticks out to me is the drop tower, it kind of looks like a large S&S Frog Hopper... Which I don't really think Six Flags would lean towards... Anyways, great job and keep up the great work!!!



(Also, if you want me to put up a download for my observation deck just ask )

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I love the level of detail that your parks have, its truly amazing! (Though it looks as though you use a fair amount of CS). The only thing that kind of sticks out to me is the drop tower, it kind of looks like a large S&S Frog Hopper... Which I don't really think Six Flags would lean towards... Anyways, great job and keep up the great work!!!



(Also, if you want me to put up a download for my observation deck just ask )



Thanks for the feedback! I see what you mean about the free fall, to be honest it was more of a last-minute decision. I'll be sure to correct this once an appropriate opportunity presents itself.


I'm gonna try my hand at building an observation tower first, but if I horribly suck at creating it, I might take you for that offer.

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______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Suburban Railway Complete! (A Micro Update) 006

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It's finally complete! After countless days of struggling to get that beam just right, that screw nicely snug, and that PVC smoothly curved, all my hard work has finally come to an end. The result, the birth of Suburban Railway: A backyard PVC coaster! Here are the pictures of the finished project below!


* Crap! I forgot to delete the in game supports! Sorry if this gives anyone OCD.


It took awhile to assemble a cart to fit nice an snug to the rails. But with effort, the task was accomplished!


Here's a look at the front of the cart and the initial drop in the back. (That black rope you see there is attached to a pulley system. Basically, I put a long cable on the hill that extends to the top and (through a pulley attached at the end of the track) continues down to the ground. With someone pulling down on the rope from underneath the track, the cart will b elifted to the top. It will then disengage from the rope and begin the journey along the track.)


Amateur lift hill porn!


Here's a view I snapped of me riding it. I shot this just as the cart began to roll back!


With permission from my neighbor Adam, I managed to take some unique shots from his backyard.


That concludes this micro Update! Overall, this was a phenomenal project and I would love to make this a hobby. The only problem with that though is my limitation on land. I guess I will put future ideas on hold for now I guess. TTFN! Ta ta for now!

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______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Six Flags Expansion and Water Park Announced! 007



Need I present More? :D :D :D

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Page 3 Table of Contents



1996 Six Flag's Yolo-World Off-Season TR and Construction Update!........................................Scroll Down


1996 Six Flag's Yolo-World Construction Update 2!................................................................CTRL+F [003]


1996 SFYW Opening Day TR!.............................................................................................CTR+F [004]


1996 Six Flag's Yolo-World Trip Report/Water Park Update!.....................................................CTRL+F [005]



______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ January 2, 1996 SFYW TR and Construction Update 1



Happy new year everyone! It's been awhile since my last post on this blog (almost a whole month)! I've been out of town visiting my family down at Colorado. Now that I'm back, I can continue updating you guys on the Six Flags expansion! Down below is a small TR/construction update of my January visit to Six Flags Yolo-World.


Jan. 2nd SFYW TR/Construction Update!


Towards the northern end of the site, A new planter is now visible with the removal of the bordering trees. You can't see in this picture, but that planter is filled with a concrete base. I'm more than assuming that this will be one of the locations of the rides being installed.


Here is a view of some port-a-potties.


Lucky for me, there was a gap in the construction walls, so I proceeded to take this shot.


...and subsequently found an abundance of people ordering their meals!


Here's a view from the entrance plaza, which will now serve as the central hub for both parks in the future.


A structure is now in the works.


I end this report with a image of the SFYW logo. In the newspaper article, it was stated that after the three year project, Six Flags will be getting rid of the name "Yolo-World" in favor for another name. I'm honestly not sure what the reasoning is behind this, but I'm sure we'll discover it in the future!


As you can see, the off-season crowds seems to be in effect.


The Main Street held almost no one!


To my dismay, Entity was closed for maintenance. On the bright side at least Six Flags is maintaining their one and only woodie!


In line for the Megadrop (which seemed to be giving the staff issues all day), I snapped this unique photo of Velocity.


Despite having a near empty line, Velocity was running only 1 train today.



The crowds began to pick up as I made my way down to the diner...


On to the construction photos! As you guys can see, all the columns have been painted from black to pink. I can also spot some details being added to the back side of the arcade.

Edited by rustyinpeace
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______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ February 10th SFYW Construction Update 2 003



I'm back with another construction update after yet another month long hiatus! I apologize for my absence but I really cannot find any decent material to post at the moment. With my trips to Six Flags limited, I really can only provide consistent updates for my home town which has, unfortunately, been dead ever since the end of the Halloween Bash. On the bright side, during my visit to the park, I noticed a considerable amount of work done since the past month. Almost all of the path work has been laid and practically all the vegetation has been planted. Enjoy the post!


Six Flag's Yolo-World Construction Update 2


Here's a final shot at the construction from the top of the Megadrop (which was functioning well during my stay). Toward the back of the new area, a new flat ride is barely visible poking out of the undeveloped plants.


The first picture I present you guys with is that of a tree! Just kidding, if you look past the tree you can find some progress on the expansion.


Panning a bit to the right, a new building can be found.


It seems like they've covered up the white panels on this side of the arcade. In all honesty, I didn't think those panels looked half bad! Even though I prefer the panels, the wall still maintains a better look than before the paint job.


Newly planted vegetation has sprung up!


Peeking through the gate, we find that all the masonry near completion as some construction vehicles even out the planters.


Here's a view through the opening in the gate. This area is filled with baby trees!


Heading to satisfy my Velocity addiction, I noticed another construction wall down the path!


I don't recall reading or hearing anything regarding an expansion near Velocity. It's in close proximity to the SBNO sky tower. That only leaves us to ponder on whether this area will serve as an entrance to it?

Edited by rustyinpeace
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  • 2 weeks later...

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1996 SFYW Opening Day TR 004



Welcome back! It's been well over a month since I've provided an update! Though my visits have been sparse, that doesn't mean I've lost faith to this blog! As you can tell by the title, this trip will cover the opening day of the season for the park on March 17th. Not only did the park open for the second time, but it now sports a brand new plaza that introduces two new flats and a fast food! Now let's get back to my report.


March 17th Opening day trip report.


Burgers and French Fries are the main dishes served here.


One of the two attractions provided this year is the Twirler! This is basically another version of Wipeout over at Knott's Berry Farm. The believe this park purchased this particular model from another park. It seems to fit in quite nicely here!


As shown, the line weaves through a beautiful garden.


Over at the East side lies the Garden Scrambler.


This ride actually sits on a small hill that overlooks the area! Here's a shot of the queue.


This is a photo I took before the ride actually started. As you can see, the vegetation isn't fully developed as of right now. In fact, the majority of the planters are still filled with dirt! I can't wait till I at least see some grass rolling in here!


Later in the day I decided to fuel my Velocity addiction before heading out. It seems like the restaurant hasn't lost too much customers to the new fast-food joint.


Walking down, I noticed that those construction walls over here was gone! I've almost forgotten about the activity going on here come to think of it!


It seems to be some kind of resting area. After contemplating on the reasoning behind this place, I finally realized what a great improvement this place was. This area provides non-riders a place to actually sit down while the thrill-seekers took on Velocity.


This family seems to be waiting for the rest of their party to return.


Crowds were moderately light compared to last season, but to be fair, the park had just opened it's gates a few minutes ago.


This place also seems to provide a great view of Velocity!


I managed to snag this shot of the Velocity's transfer track for all you coaster nerds out there!


Before I leave you guys, here's an update for the new water park Six Flags is building.


Thanks for reading!


Exiting main street, you are provided a nice view of the newly constructed plaza. Finally those hideous construction walls are gone!


Before I explored the new features and attractions the park had to offer, I headed straight for the restaurant to scarf down my first meal of the day (I skipped breakfast this morning AND dinner last night).


Here's a shot before I stuffed myself with buffalo wings. Now the I've filled myself to the point of explosion, let's get on the the new plaza.


A man made pond poses as the centerpiece to this new expansion. It looks bare right now, but after those baby trees mature, this feature will surely look 5x better.


Over at the west end of the plaza, a cottage themed fast food sits in the corner providing guests with meals and treats.


Here's a close-up view. The building gives me a warm feeling inside.


The interior is just as nice too! Though the windows are a bit too high for my taste, guests seem to love relaxing with their families away from the sun.

Edited by rustyinpeace
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Thanks for the complement! Though I feel that Six Flags isn't detailed as much as it could be (unlike Sunny Oaks) but alas, all that will change once the story progresses! As for the park name, I've incorporated a name change into the story that will take effect when the water park opens for the 1998 season.

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