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What Brand/Property Needs A Ride?

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For anyone who was interested in the ghostbusters dark ride:




Control F below


I'll take a moment to zoom in on one particular model that caught the attention of many including myself. Sally produced a dark ride concept based on the original Ghostbusters animated series, billing it as the "greatest dark ride never built."

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I always thought a "24" themed dark ride/shooter would be awesome! Although, I love that show, so I might be biased.....
I don't see that anybody mentioned 24. I would like to see something themed to that. You could certainly tie that into a shooting dark ride.


Had to rib ya a little bit, since it made me chuckle since our posts were right next to each other! All in good fun though....


I'm just glad someone else has the same vision of the awesomeness that would be a "24" shooter dark ride. Although, with as tense as that show can get, I'm not sure many people's hearts could handle the ride!


Wow! Sorry I missed your comment. I must be blind.


Yeah, that was one of the few shows where I was literally on the edge of my seat at times. We could use an intense shooting dark ride, though.

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Swamp People River Ride

1000 Ways To Die Ghost Train

Robocop Shooting Dark Ride (the original, not the pussified remake)

Postal The Ride

Cannibal Holocaust Adventure Ride



Can relate to that, being a retired postman/letter carrier here in Vancouver.

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^There's a Uwe Boll movie called Postal which is quite possibly one of the most offensive movies ever made. I mean what other movie has Verne Troyer being sexually assaulted by 1000 monkeys and the director appearing in the film and admitting the film is funded from Nazi gold.

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A James Bond shooting dark ride, on a trackless system themed to a car chase, could be pretty cool.


I was thinking more of a James Bond roller coaster themed as a car chase like what the Blacklot Stunt Coasters were when they had the "Italian Job" branding.

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I know of another Brand/Property that needs a ride, DragonBall!




What do you mean by "fixed", does/did a DragonBall themed ride already exists/existed?


Six Flags should have done a Tony Hawk themed Zamperla Disk'O ride when they had owned the rights to use him!

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Attack on Titan.


I'm sure they could theme something to the manoeuvre gear they use on the show.


Could totally make a ride out of something in the above clip... Maybe a wing rider with keyholes that look like Titans/breaches in the 3 walls?


If an anime was gonna get a ride, definetly see AtoT being easier to theme then dragonball Z.

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There's one Disney property from the 1990s that would be great as a theme-park attraction: The Rocketeer. Unfortunately, the movie wasn't a hit, although a remake is reportedly in development.


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