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[RCT3] TriWorld Park

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Hi everybody


It has been a while since my last visit. I had a lot to do and only a few time.


Now to the action : here comes season 6. It took me a lot of (non-available) time to assemble everything, but now it's done. I hope you will enjoy that video, I think one of my best RCT3 one


Screenshots will follow as usual, as well as a movie of the POVs.


Enjoy !



Season 6 video :



Season 6 map :


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First time I've actually taken a look at this park, and wow! Everything is clearly well planned and the time you have put into the park is clear. It's too bad you haven't gotten more comments, I think this is one of the more exciting RCT3 projects on the forum right now. Also, love the aerial maps! Maybe you can include a few screenshots in that faux-isometric style that some players have figured out?

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Hi everybody !


I thank both of you for your nice comments. I put many efforts in my coasters, in the park, and in the movies to have pleasant things to look (and to hear) at.


@ALT2870 : I used a the 'Revolutionary Rapids' CTR for the river rapids with invisible tracks.


As usual, I prepared some commented screenshots, and at the end there is the movie with 3 POVs of Uranos. I hope you will enjoy them.


I wish everybody a nice summer and look forward to see you again in one month !


Kind Regards,





TriWorld season 6 screenshots :


A view of the new coaster from the far forest


A nice overbank loop watched behind the Thor track


Uranos is one of the heighest looping sitting B&M coaster in the world


The huge Uranos loop is bypassed by the train on the lift


The cobra-roll looks impressive from below


The track has nice ups and downs


The track of Uranos is looping above its station. People queuing can see and hear the trains running above them


Twisty turns and loops


Uranos has seven inversions. The sixth one is a right corkscrew


New shops and restaurants are providing nice buying and resting possibilities around Uranos


The Uranos lift


Another view of Uranos from the surrounding forest


TriWorld's new mini-golf course


The park was missing a calm river ride. It can now be ridden on the lake


Some areas of the park have small nature surprises to relax at.


The shadows of Uranos can be seen over other structures


An aerial view of the new mini-gold course


An aerial view of the new boat ride


Neptune didn't see the titan which is now behind him


Uranos can be seen from nearly every point of view in the park


TriWorld has grown from a small family park to a coaster megapark


Little Draken riders can watch at the other coasters from below


The monorail track has been modified to fit in the new area which hosts Uranos


A picture of the bobsleigh. In the back, the biggest coasters


Finally, an aerial view of the whole park, taken from its north-east corner




TriWorld season 6 POVs :



- Uranos front POV : 0:10

- Uranos Back POV : 2:50

- Uranos Rear POV : 5:28

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