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Guess this coaster (by the sound)

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Ok so I had this crazy idea and if you think this might be a bit too much please say. I thought the topic Guess this Coaster! (By the Layout) was great fun and so I decided to take one more step to see how well we know our coasters. Now each person, instead of posting the layout of a ride, will post the audio clip of a POV. This is simple to do: you find your video, copy the link and go to this website http://www.youtube-mp3.org/pt where you can convert it into mp3 and then download it. If you find another way, you can obviously use it as long as you respect a few rules:


Make sure nobody in the video mentions either the name of the coaster (obviously) or the park;

Try to find one where the audio quality is good;

As this may get pretty hard, please make sure the ride has some distinctive sound which at least will limit the possibilities (a chain lift noise; a launch; the noise the track makes or even something like the floor dropping on a floorless coaster);

By the way, if the POV itself takes a while to start and what's before is irrelevant you can indicate when it starts.


If you you think of anything else you would like to add, please do and have fun!


I'll start.


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I've ridden that coaster dozens of times and can recognize that sound in my sleep! Its funny, this is similar to what CoasterRadio (Podcast) does. They call it sound wave, and the only difference is that its a contest and they don't play the full audio clip. But regardless, its a fun topic!

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