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NEWS: Rotterdam looks to the London Eye for inspiration

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Perry Oerlemans of Skyview Attractions is one of the participants of “Stadsinitiatief 2014″ (city initiative 2014), and presented a plan for a 60 meter high Ferris wheel that he wants to build in Rotterdam, preferably in a busy location. He can have it up and running within a year. Oerlemans is already negotiating with the City, reported RTV Rijnmond.


‘I will discuss possible locations with the City Monday,’ said Oerlemans. The Ferris wheel will cost 6.5 million euros. ‘All I need is a suitable location and a permit. Once I have permission, the wheel can be up and running within a year,’ said the entrepreneur.


The Skyview Attractions CEO pictures the giant ferris wheel in a busy location, ‘maybe in the “Knoopgat,”‘ he said jokingly, but admits a more realistic location would be the Leuvehaven. ‘It will be a “Dinnerwheel,” where people can get a bite to eat while enjoying a view of the city. The company has giant ferris wheels across the world, such as Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seattle, Capetown, London, and the Niagara Falls.


The highest building in Rotterdam is 165 meters. The famous London Eye, with its 135 meters, was not built by Skyview Attractions, but was partly designed and built by other Dutch companies.


Among the plans that were presented during the Stadsinitiatief 2014, there was also another ferris wheel, the “Kaapse Knijter,” a giant ferris wheel to be located on the Katendrecht. Oerlemans assures he has nothing to do with those projects.

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Well maybe because that observation deck is in a terrible location, and so will this Ferris Wheel be if they only make it 60 meters high. It won't get over the tall buidings in het area of Rotterdam. And that 165 meters high building is right across the river so that won't help either, It's a terrible idea to start with Rotterdam is no Londen or anything despite i love living there...

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I remember doing a boat trip around the netherlands on the famous canals. We stopped over one night on a rather seedy stretch of harbour - a ferris wheel would not have helped much.


Next I guess most tourists head for Amsterdam, Delft and Gouda. And for theme parks to Efteling...

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