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Weird Chinese Coasters

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Check out the bottom of this first drop. Watch the riders heads closely. Unbelievable that this is allowed to operate.

The loop entry is so abrupt! Someone pointed out on the comments section that you can see one of the running wheels lift of the track a bit on that nasty "twist" and then hit it really hard as the track bends upwards.

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1) How do these designers/engineers/amusement parks in China not know how to build a coaster with proper banking, element entry/exit, element shape and transitions? It's like they never rode a coaster before or thought about how it would feel if you took a sharp turn at 40+ MPH with a flat left! LOL. And those loops don't even look like the same shape!


The funny thing is all you have to do is look at the coasters here in America, use them as a template, and mimic the design. I mean, even as a kid (I'm sure a lot of you can relate to this), when you get on a ride you learn that banks and angles make the ride smooth or rough. Proper transitions keep you from banging your head around. It's like these parks in China literally don't care and start building rides from scratch before they plan them out. Mind boggling.



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I don't want to know where it is, I don't want to know who made it, I don't want to know who rode it. There's enough hate in this world already.




I've found this a few times. It's actually an awful picture, it looks like it's been squashed a lot because the actual rides don't look anything like that bad. 6 of them exist today. http://rcdb.com/r.htm?ot=2&mo=6618



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