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Weird Chinese Coasters

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I've always found this obscure Arrow-Vekoma frankencoaster to be interesting. It was started by Arrow and finished by Vekoma in a similar fashion to Ninja at SFStL. Two POV videos exist - an older video and TPR's video.




Other Video-


This coaster has a unique layout. It appears to sit on a hill. It's inversions seem like they are in reverse order - it starts with a double corkscrew, then a reverse sidewinder, then a loop. In fact, my research shows that it is the first reverse sidewinder element. Unfortunately, the coaster was recently left to be SBNO. The state it is in today is restorable, but still dilapidated. Here is a video showing that-




Now, I would have dedicated this thread to this unique Arrow looper that might never run again if I hadn't found a coaster with the same name that is totally messed up in every way, shape, and form. This monstrosity-




It has a circular loop, oddly shaped transitions, and a sharp downwards slope near the end. It is manufactured by a company called Chang Long, which has made 15 coasters total-




Most of their coasters share the name "Gliding Dragon" and seem to be Dragon Wagon type rides. But they make some weird crud too. Here is another Chang Long looper-




Or this one with unusual seatbelts-




And there is one more that has no pictures-




Chang Long has also ripped off a spinning wild mouse-





From the same guy who got the videos of the dilapidated Crazy Roller Coaster, here is a POV of one of Chang Long's loopers. Notice how the entire train groans simultaneously at certain points-



Finally, on another note, they guy seems to have some cool park vidoes. His name is pysclonesteve.


What Chinese coasters do you find unusual?

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^^You have got to be kidding me!


I can't remember the name, but I recall seeing an Arrow loop, corkscrew model knock off where the lift hill was steeper than the first drop. I thought that was pretty amusing.

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That sidewinder...how does someone mess up the shaping that much? It looks like something that happens in NL1 when you accidentally pull one of the handles on a track node too far and it stretches the element out. It's so bad. Are there any videos of this adjustment out there? I've got to see how the train rides through that. It appears that while still basically upside down the train levels out then...rolls...or something. It's so awkward.

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There's an unopened coaster at Carde Happy World built by Hebei Zhongye Metallurgical Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, the jointing work on the loop hasn't been complete yet, part of the support structure actually connects with the track and the bolts that connects the supports and the footers started to rust!!! Thank god this coaster was prohibited from opening a couple of days back.






Are you kidding me!?!?


Undone jointing work.


Rusted bolts


The whole coaster. Also among the coasters with the ugliest color scheme.

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I just have to bump up this thread!!! I can't stop laughing while I saw these two picture. This coaster valleys before the side winder so the manufacturer did some modification lately. This is REAL! RCDB hasn't been updated yet. Thoughts?


It looks like it would barely make it's way around the first loop.

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^^You have got to be kidding me!


I can't remember the name, but I recall seeing an Arrow loop, corkscrew model knock off where the lift hill was steeper than the first drop. I thought that was pretty amusing.


I think that was a LAUNCHED knockoff. Gerstlaueringvar, could you dig up a picture of this? I'm too lazy.

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Sorry Yin, but China is TERRIFYING!!!!

I get terrified a lot as well, especially that Sidewinder. Definitely the worst roller coaster element in the roller coaster history IMO.


Now, any idea what we need to name that Sidewinder? I would like to call it EncephalemiaWinder.


The WTFWinder or the Miley Cyrus Winder is all I can think of at this point.

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