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where do the passengers sit? what are the restraints, or whatever, etc.

First go to the first page of this tread and see links to photos and a video of Sonic boom.


The video is here in another tread from last year. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=17992&sid=a9ae52dcb2240250ece3eec08d86ae63


Here is an explenation of the ride.

First here is the car that you ride in

Look inside the door of this photo and you will see the car in the door and you will see a seat with seat belts hanging down here

See person sitting inside here You have to wear air protection because it is loud, the seat is similar to an Insane ride seat, where you are in a saddle with a seat belt over the lap and over the shoulders.


Next close the door to the car you ride in, then close the door to the steel tube so riders are traped in the car inside the tube

Once the door is closed the car is lifted the 360 feet to the top by a simple cable mechanism. Arrive at the top of the tower and then you are dropped for a fast free fall 90+ MPH. The fall is just a free fall, like a fast elevator ride becuase you dont feel the wind rush buy you so its kinda different then an exposed drop ride. The ride car is enclosed with a solid bottem and plexeglass covering. The ride seats 2 people side by side. You ride in a standing position but seated. Was told the ride stopped smooth but fast.


As the car falls it enters the tube where air resistnace inside the tube begins to slow and then stops the falling car, the shape of the car you ride in and the tube are the same. The car has a type of rubber seal that goes around the car and fits inside the tube to make a seal. There are slots cut into the side of the tube to let some of the air out of the tube so the car will fall into the tube, without the holes in the side the car would just bounce back out of the tube because the air inside would have no where to go ( The holes where the hardest part to get correct as less hole the car gets stuck in the middle of the tube and to many wholes the ride doesnt stop.


AS for the sound, it does make a whoosh sound but does have a booming sound and can be heard for a mile or so from the park. Mr Checketts told us at the event that sound was a problem because of the boom sound it makes. If you watch the video and you have a bass speaker set up on your computer, then listen in the video you will here a thud, but its much louder and clear than the noize that my cameras speaker recorded.


Its a very simple ride set up and has no brakes yes NO BRAKES, there is no back up for safety, the only thing that stops the falling car is the air that is inside the tube. You just need to watch the video and look at some of the photos that I have on my website here http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/eventSIL.html BOOMER is at the bottom of the page. Hope this helps as I dont know much more to say.

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Exactly. What if...


With continual maintainence, it would be assured that the rubber seal would not break.


And, that recent drop tower accident in which the "cable" snapped did not have a backup, either. But, that cable has continual wear and tear on it. A rubber seal would not, and there is no friction of moving parts. Yes, I'm sure the rubber seal could be affected by the friction of the air, but it wouldn't be terribly much friction.


It's extremely unlikely that it would fail.

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I know but what attracts most people to parks today? Coasters. When genral public hears of this, they'll say, meh, there arent any coasters at this park.


Roller Coasters are what attract people to parks!!


Have you actually ever been to a Family Entertainment Center? Castles n' Coasters in Phoenix is a great example. They don't have great rides, but tons of people come for the massive arcade and mini golf!


How about Sea World? They don't have tons of coasters, but they draw huge crowds. You can easily draw people if you give them good VALUE and a couple of fun hours of entertainment.


-Bryan "Someone has Cedar Point Syndrome" Wood

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  • 1 year later...


A very odd concept, almost seems like a suspended log flume! It just doesn't look like the arms of the car would be able to hold the two 'cars' through the elements. A unique concept...


Think it could become reality?

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This is a concept posted a long time ago, dont know if there are any other topics too it though. But this is pretty old news.


But just in case someone hasnt made an OFFICIAL topic for this....


The ride looks like it might have some serious lateral G's because it doesnt really bank on the turns, looks like another S&S fail if you ask me.

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Woah...I searched on got some really wierd code...thing.


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Sorry if someone finds an older thread of this!

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I'm fairly certain this ride would feel completely pointless, though the bit with the water seemed interesting. There's really nothing added to the experience here, though it is interesting to see some new (actually old by now I guess) ideas be thrown around. This is just like all the random crap Arrow used to do, glad to see the tradition is being carried on.

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I definitely would not say this concept is going to be the next big thrill coaster but I would not put it down so fast. I think this ride would produce quite an unique experience. I could definitely see this making for a really nice family coaster. If the ride is family friendly, gives a pretty good ride, and is themed nicely it will probably pretty popular at a park.


For the most part most of the people here are probably always looking for the next most thrilling ride we can find (me included) but running a successful park is not all about appealing to just the major thrill seekers. You need to create a balance in a park, and a ride that could be appealing to both thrill seekers that want to experience something new, families, and non major thrill seekers all in one makes for a very balanced ride (witch are often the most popular attractions).


Also don't forget a lot of the general public likes gimmicks to a point (witch this ride can fall under in some ways). For the most part SUF always seams to get a long line. Between the flying gimmick and not being the most intense ride it always seams to draw a big crowed.

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Between the bouncing arms that the ride vehicles are attached to, and the over-under flips that they'd do on the inline twists, I think it could be a great ride and possibly more thrilling than it looks. I don't understand the comment about serious lateral Gs. Since the ride vehicles pivot on the arm of the train, they would swing and therefore create positive Gs around corners.

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Laws of physics are completely denied by that video. With the weight of humans in the cars, there is no way they would say level unless done at very low speed, or banked slowly in and out. The weight in the train would also make the cars reaction to change of direction slow, causing opposite banking in weight shift...


This would be an engineering nightmare, along with a mechanical nightmare.


Think of the wear and tear on this... Look at what X went through, and that was controlled with only 2 people per side.

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Past physics and all that stuff, this looks like an awesome concept. That feeling would probably be more exciting than you think. I bet it might work better if they started it out on a smaller scale say a dark ride or something similar.

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