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[PC/RCT3] Valley Hills

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Friday, May 10, 1991 - Opening Day


The Valley Subscription - Spring Issue



Devin Smith - park spokesperson


Valley Hills introduces the all new BLACK STALLION wooden roller coaster, new for 1991. Black Stallion, will forever change the entrance of the park with its towering wooden peaks and trains full of screaming thrill seekers. Towering 109 feet tall, Black Stallion boasts an impressive course with its twisted track and lengthy out & back course. The coaster was built by world renowned wooden roller coaster manufacturer Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters for approximately $4.4 million.




The first things guests will notice is now not only the iconic Parachute Tower, but also the towering 109 foot lift hill of Black Stallion.





Black Stallion features authentic stable-inspired dual stations. The loading station towers high above the midway with it's impressive structure.





As trains slowly climb the 109 foot lift hill, adrenaline is rising, riders trying to processes the intense experience that lies shortly ahead.





A 97 foot drop kicks off the relentless & wild journey through nearly 3000 feet of twisted wooden track.





After rocketing down the first drop at 55 M.PH., riders will race up a 76 foot camelback hill, shortly experiencing zero gravity.





Many hidden surprises await on Black Stallions secluded turnaround course.





Riders make the return trip to the station by passing over multiple 'airtime' inducing hills.





Black Stallion bucks its way through multiple twists, turns and drops on it's tucked away turnaround. Parachute Tower provides the only view of this wild & unique portion.





Black Stallion is truly an impressive structure & experience, visible from most places within the park.





Black Stallion has seen an awesome opening day crowd, the largest in Valley Hills' history. We are sure our guests will continue to enjoy Valley Hills' tallest, fastest & longest roller coaster, Black Stallion, for many years to come.


Devin Smith-

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Monday, July 15, 1991


The Valley Subscription - Summer Issue



Devin Smith - park spokesperson


Black Stallion has been a huge crowd draw for the park this season and a new attendance record could be set. The coaster has been especially popular with teens & young adults. I even met one guest who traveled all the way from Missouri to try out the new coaster. Upper management has been pushy about marketing, and it seems it has payed off well.





Guests entering the park can catch a glimpse of the action inside, a train full of screaming riders says it all.





Black Stallion from Parachute Tower's base.





Bonus shot!

The coaster dominates the entrance plaza of the park, it is also the largest Wooden Roller Coaster in Appalachia.





The former WV Turnpike station site was limited on space, so we had to improvise.

The entire maintenance bay for Black Stallion is built upon a flat truss, spanning the creek. It's designed to look like covered bridge.





For all our curious subscribers; West Virginia Turnpike is still open. Its relocated station is behind Black Stallion.





Bonus shot!

An exclusive look of the first of many maneuvers in Black Stallion's turnaround.





Uncle Joe's Churros is an all new vendor at the Valley Market this year.

Serving hot & yummy Churros at a fair price, the more you buy the better the deal.





Hop on the Valley Lift and come get your final rides on Monster. This season marks the end for this 6 y.o. attraction. With decreasing ridership and its prime real estate, we've decided the site could be better utilized for next season. Only two months left until it's gone forever!


Devin Smith-


*Final Issue of The Valley Subscription*

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Friday, May 8, 1992

Devin Smith - Valley Hills spokesperson


Greetings from Valley Hills!

Today marked the opening of the 21st season here at Valley Hills. This year also marks the parks 20th anniversary. That's right, 20 years have passed since that glorious opening day back in May 1972. Soo much has changed since then, expanding from only 8 attractions to the now 32. Valley Hills now offers more rides and attractions than any park in the Appalachian region!





Mountaineer Wheel, previously known as Mountain View, rises high above the entrance plaza with it's old gold & blue color scheme.





Scrambler, after 20 years, has remained a staple attraction here at the Valley.





Black Stallion, with it's impressive station, looms over guests as they enter the terrain-following queue. Black Stallion gave over 900,000 rides last season, making it the most ridden attraction at Valley Hills last season.





Kid Town has a variety of attractions for both kids & families, offering six rides and one restaurant.





For guests looking for a quick & relaxing way to the Gladiator midway, look no further than theValley Lift, it will provide the best of both.





Just before descending into the eastern station, you may notice a new protruding structure.





Barrel Blast, NEW for 1992!





A wild spinning adventure, in a barrel - inside a wooden shack, will offer fun for the entire family.





Riders can freely spin their barrels around, creating a fun (and dizzying) and unique experience every time. Barrel Blast is even popular among the teens.





Phoenix hasn't been feeling well lately. The ride is expected to back up and running by sometime in June. The ride has been suffering from a lot of mechanical issues lately.





After a short closure, rebuild & relocation, Bluegrass Theater is still a family favorite. Although it's golden years are behind it, the theater still manages to sell out a few times a season. The Theater will be performing the original play BillyGoat Yodel , in celebration of the parks 20th anniversary. It is also the very first play ever to be performed at the Bluegrass Theater in 1972.





Towering Inferno is entering its 10th operation season this year, and the queue still manages a 30 minute wait on opening day. Quite the success!



Devin Smith -

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Happy 20th! I get the feeling that Phoenix won't be here for much longer.......


-Devin Smith


Dear tarheel1231,

Phoenix is expected to be better in the coming weeks, we've been working closely with Intamin and they are already on site to address the issue.



Limited time only - SUNDAY FUNDAY ticket

Valid Sundays only - With the purchase of a single adult ticket you can bring a friend along (any age) for FREE! That's right, FREE ($0.00) This limited time special is part of Valley Hills 20th year celebration. Don't miss out on this limited time offer, because when it's gone, it's GONE!



With the Sunday Funday ticket, you can enjoy over 30 rides and attractions!



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^Do you mean between Gladiator and RattleSnake? Because Black Stallion and Gladiator are on opposite sides of the park from each other..


I don't know if you noticed JonnyRct3 (You may have already done it), but there is a new version of the Freefall CFR. It is less than half the poly of the original and is recolorable. The best thing is since it has basically the same everything as the old version, all you'll have to do is replace the old files with the new ones (They both go under the same name). When you open the game,Towering Inferno will suddenly be less poly (Noticeably less lag for me) and recolorable! It also keeps all the info from the ride such as amount of total riders, were the entrance/exit are, mechanics and loading/unload times, etc. It helps a lot if you haven't already done so! It's on CS Depot and SGW.


Anyways I love your park and it has a very nice vibe to it! What did you use to make the station for the kiddie coaster in Kid Town?

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I don't know if you noticed JonnyRct3 (You may have already done it), but there is a new version of the Freefall CFR.

Anyways I love your park and it has a very nice vibe to it! What did you use to make the station for the kiddie coaster in Kid Town?


I wasn't aware there was more than one version of it. Luckily, Towering Inferno is already the less-poly & recolorable version.

I tried to capture the authentic "amusement park feel" without using excessive CS. It's great to know my effort has payed off.

I used Baffies Stations & Vodhins Ironwork Trellis Set for Caterpillar's station.

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Saturday, June 4, 1994



Devin Smith - Valley Hills spokesperson

Valley Hills kicks of the 1994 season with TWO brand new attraction for Kid Town! The park is pushing even further into the family friendly envelope, and now offers more attractions for the kiddies & families. This is all part of Valley Hills commitment to family fun, safety & thrills!





The all new Treetop Flyers will greet families at Kid Town this year. Built with an on-board audio system so families can enjoy a fun & educational experience.





Treetop Flyers replaces the former Monarch Flight.

Monarch flight was almost never utilized to capacity so Valley Hills replaced it with a smaller, cheaper, and more appealing model for Kid Town.





Kid Town's second new attraction, Frog Hopper; a froggy adventure suitable for the whole family.





Children (and those still young at heart) can take a spin on Tea Party; one of the original Kid Town attractions.





Kids can enjoy nearly a dozen different fast-paced (4 mph) hot rods on Road Rally.





Caterpillar still maintains a full 10-minute queue after 16 seasons. Still the most popular attraction in Kid Town.





Caterpillar follows a short figure-8 layout. To compensate for the short ride, riders are sent around the course twice.





The new attraction Frog Hopper, takes guests 20 feet into the air and hops down the tower. Creating a unique weightless sensation. Enjoyable for all ages.





Sky Slide's popularity has decreased over the passing years. It's mainly popular among groups and adults who want a dose of nostalgia.





Kid-sized meals, sandwiches, and cookies are all available at the Kid Town Market. This season (1994) marks Valley Hills' first year in partnership with Pepsi, the park's new official soft drink.





Elsewhere in the park, RattleSnake's empty queue, lucky me!





Summer crowds are starting to pick up, catch the short lines while you still can!



Devin Smith-

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Thursday, September 1, 1994

Charleston Gazette



Valley Hills's is preparing to take thrill seekers to new heights over the next four years, and is spending big bucks to do so. Premiere Parks Inc., parent company of Valley Hills, will be investing over $20 million in the park over the next four years, in an effort to increase attendance from 1.25 million to 1.8 million before the new millennium. Premiere Park’s spokesperson, Jon Peterson, had this to say:


“Valley Hills has become a key asset to Premiere Park’s portfolio, and we find this expenditure a very profitable and smart economic choice for the parks future. We are working with industry leaders to ensure Valley Hills receives 5 star additions that will shock even the most seasoned thrill seekers.”


No details were given regarding the type of attractions, however, one can assume that these will be no ordinary additions. Things are about to change drastically at Valley Hills.


-Tessa Keystone




Devin Smith - park spokesperson




Valley Hills has already begun preparing for the 1995 season!





Peeking over the barrier, you'll notice some busy site preparation.





Whatever could this be? Hint: ^%


-Devin Smith

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Morgan Hyper.

Hm...sounds interesting. Morgan is never really mentioned.


I see now. Is this going all Six Flags?

For the coaster, i can see the possibility in an Arrow Hyper.

Yes, I think a hypercoaster would do well for this park. However, it takes MUCH more than coasters to make a great park.

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Tuesday, June 25, 1995


Shawn Laird - local resident

Valley Hills's parent company, Premiere Parks Inc., has brought about some wonderful & much needed changes the park. 1990 saw the renovation of the outdated entrance plaza, and in 1991 we finally received a world class woodie. 1993 was when the park added the family friendly Barrel Blast, and 1994 was the year Kid Town received some much needed love. The company has really turned this park into something quite special, and I'm even more excited to try out the new 1995 attraction.




Arriving through the front gates, my attention was immediately drawn to this new figure on the horizon.





Blackwater Falls! An all new water ride!





The splash created from these boats is quite impressive. The ride is named after West Virginia's iconic "Great Falls" widely known as Blackwater Falls.





Riders plunge down the 82 foot drop at 52°....





...and then splash down at 41 mph. Blackwater Falls is the worlds tallest (85'), fastest (41 mph), and steepest (52°) water ride!





Blackwater Falls also features water hoses, operated by onlookers, to drench riders even further.





Blackwater Lodge is also new this year. It's your typical fish & chips joint.





Guests enjoying their fish & chips at Blackwater Lodge can catch great views of Blackwater Fall's splashdown.





Thankfully, Valley Hills now offers two separate water attractions. Wild Waters(pictured here) is a more tame & lengthy excursion, where you get mildly wet. Blackwater Falls completely drenches you. Rest assure, you will get wet!





Due to the new midway expansion I can catch some new views of RattleSnake. Cool.





Phoenix is STILL closed. The entrance has been closed off and the thing looks like it hasn't moved in months.





Barrel Blast, the last major attraction added, is still going strong. It is a must when I visit with groups.



All in all, my day at Valley Hills was quite enjoyable. Blackwater Falls was a great escape from the summer heat, and the fish & chips at Blackwater Lodge were quite tasty, and cheap too. Premiere Parks is really turning this place into something special.



-Shawn Laird

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Just read through the entire thread for the first time. I love the park!


I would really like to see park maps more often, they give a good look at how the big the park is getting.


I could see a Batman clone appearing at the park soon...

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