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[PC/RCT3] Valley Hills

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Friday, May 9, 2008


David Trust - park spokesperson


Well, it's been a VERY busy off-season here at Valley Hills. After 6 months of non-stop construction, and 14.5 million dollars later, we can proudly introduce WHITE LIGHTNING, the Tallest, Fastest & only Dive Coaster at Valley Hills! Lines began forming as early as 6:00 AM, with the entrance area filled to capacity by 9:00 AM. I have NEVER seen an opening day crowd so eager to ride. Starting at 9:00 AM the park opened early for the coaster so the media and season pass holders could get 2 hours of exclusive ride time. Get ready for White Lightning, a strong brew of close to home goodness!



White Lightning, NEW for 2008!




The one-minute, thirty-second long crackling adventure starts with a 45°, 185 foot towering ascent.




White Lightning is a unique mix of a coaster. Holding riders nearly face-down, eighteen floors above the ground! Extreme anxiety and anticipation will soon take over, the ultimate thrill-seeking rush!




White Lightning unleashes it's thunder in an explosion of kinetic energy. Assuming a 180 foot vertical drop of 68 miles per hour.




After the wildin' first drop of zero-g's, White Lightning gains tremendous momentum, accelerating to +4 Gs as it enters the massive immelmann loop.




Following the immelmann, White Lightning storms over the queuing area, picking up +3 GS as it enters a large 90° banked, half-carousel. Providing a unique, sideways weightless sensation while towering high above the midway below.




Halfway through this G-force-intoxicating mixture, you'll be given a brief moment to catch your breath...




...only to be dropped 90° for a second time! Lightning really does strike twice!!




The G-force adventure isn't over yet! White Lightning throws you for another intense +3.8 G carousel turn, with just enough clearance to bypass other nearby attractions, enhancing the thrill on the outer seats!




If you're too dizzy from intense drops & G-forces, a sobering splashdown will surely give you a nice refresher.


[Author's note(much more on this next update)]



After a quick cool-down, White Lightning heads into the finale with a 360° barrel roll. A FIRST for Dive Coasters, and only at Valley Hills.




Unlike the traditional zero-g roll, this element provides continuous positive g-forces throughout, keeping riders glued to their seats with minimum lateral forces. No snap to be found here.




White Lightning then strikes through a final immelmann loop, providing zero-gravity at the peak.




White Lightning then gives out one last pop as it dives underneath the exit bridge, exerting 3.5 Gs, and heads for home in a half-carousel turn, filled with plenty of "head-choppers".




The 3018-foot, one-minute, thirty-second long journey of intoxicating G-force comes to a close as it enters the final brake area.




So, how was it?

Sherri Compton

I absolutely loved White Lightning! As a coaster enthusiast, I can honestly say that this is one kick [word omitted] coaster! A true winner for Valley Hills, and a must for any coaster enthusiast.

David Cross

I'm not a very big fan of big coasters, but WOW! White Lightning completely re-drew my perspective on big thrill machines. Every moment was filled with pure terror and excitement!

Harley Yack

WOW! That's really all I can say. The insane anticipation of the drop, combined with the overwhelming sensation of speed and forces create an all-around solid coaster experience. I think Valley Hills has outdone themselves on this one!

White Lighting is a success among our season pass holders!!



Shortly after the 2-hour season pass holder exclusive ride time, White Lightning opened to the general public, with the line maxing out at 4.5 hours. For a ride with a hourly capacity of 1152, that's incredible! This may be the most successful opening day yet!




Valley Hills worked closely with the coaster's manufacturer, Bolliger & Mabillard , throughout development to ensure the ride would not interfere with the existing midway and tunnel. As you can see, White Lightning has a unique supporting system that weaves around the two, leaving the midways open and free of columns.

(looking east)



(looking west)



The Dive Coaster, White Lightning, sits atop the land a proposed GCI coaster would of been placed. However, White Lightning maximizes better on layout by having a steep lift hill, short train, along with vertical drops. The previous Cardinal personal storage building has been relocated, along with Chaos, to make way for the attraction.




Who's ready for a nighttime ride!?




Valley Hill's tallest & fastest coaster has definitely struck fear into some hearts! A wild mixture of G-forces and adrenaline will have any thrill seeker eager for more! Addictive, ain't it?


White Lightning - Valley Hills.



-David Trust

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I want to thank JohnnyRCT3 for letting me do this guest TR.



Nathan Patterson, June 14, 2008


In the past few years, I've pondered whether I should visit Valley Hills or not. It didn't seem like a destination park at first, but as the park started to grow, my interest did too. This year, with the addition of White Lightning, I knew I had to visit the park. So I decided to drive 4 hours from Charlotte, NC to Valley Hills. The crowds were moderate for a Saturday, so I didn't have too much trouble finding parking.


When I got into the park, I decided to hit Parachute Tower first. Not only is the view of the park beautiful from above, the view of the mountains in the distance were amazing! I wish I had taken pictures on the tower, because the view is very photogenic. After getting off the the parachute tower, I headed toward my first coaster of the day, Black Stallion.


Black Stallion is a great wooden coaster with a few decent pops of airtime with some twists thrown into it. It's a very re-rideable coaster, and the park has taken good care of it, so it's not overly rough. 8/10.


Next I headed toward Ignition, the park's B&M invert. I've been on Afterburn and Alpengeist, so this coaster did not disappoint! It's probably my second favorite invert behind Afterburn, but that does not mean that this coaster is not fantastic! 9/10


I decided to do a little credit-whoring and rode Cosmic Coaster the park's Wacky Worm. I looked pretty dumb riding it by myself, but I do love Wacky Worms.


Since I was at the north side of the park, I decided to ride Rattlesnake, the park's Schwarzkopf. There is not a bad coaster Anton has made, and this coaster is no exception! The ride had some decent forces. I just wish it was longer so I could enjoy the forces more. 8/10


It was around noon, and the park was starting to heat up. I decided to ride Blackwater Falls. That water is cold! But it was refreshing. I decided to sit and dry off for a few minutes before riding anything else. Blackwater Falls gets a 7/10.


After drying off, I rode the Valley Lift to the other side of the park. I got off and rode ZERO. It had a bit of a wait, but nothing unbearably long. The view from the top was nice, but I only got to enjoy it for about 5 seconds before a terrifying drop to the ground. ZERO is a great drop ride. 8/10


Now it was time to ride the one thing I came for: White Lightning. I've been on Griffon at BGW, so I thought I knew what to expect, but I was wrong. This coaster surprised me! The first drop was amazing, and the zero g roll was great! I stood in line another 30 minutes just to re-ride. This coaster is pure awesome. 9.5/10


After getting off of White Lightning, I decided to ride some of the flats in the area. I got on Cardinal first. This was actually my first Huss Giant Frisbee. It's dizzying, but it certainly is thrilling! 7.5/10


I'm not a fan of spinning rides, but I somewhat enjoyed Barrel Blast. I don't know why, maybe it was just my mood. But I re-rode it twice after my initial ride. 6.5/10


I skipped out on Wild Waters since I had been on Blackwater Falls earlier, and rode Buccaneer, the park's swinging ship ride. I love ship rides. It's a good ride, but nothing really new to me. 6.5/10.


I headed back down the midway to ride Towering Inferno. I don't know why I love Intamin Freefall rides more than Drop Towers, but I do. Towering Inferno was my favorite flat at the park. 8/10.


It was about 4 'o clock and I was getting hungry, so I went to Uncle Joe's Churros. This is not a place to skip when visiting Valley Hills. Uncle Joe's Churros are the Cinnamon Bread of Valley Hills.


I decided to stop at a shop and get this Valley Hills magnet: 1791395844_ValleyHillsMagnet.jpg.4649c33b47f5b133441994987b5b2583.jpg


I decided to ride the park's Intamin shuttle coaster, Pulse. I love these coasters. They give me the feeling that the coaster is going too high off the track as if it's going to fly right off. 8/10


After getting off of Pulse, I went over to ride Kanawha Railway. This is my favorite mine train, I love that underground tunnel. Very re-rideable, 7/10.


I left the park after that. Valley Hills a great park, and a destination park as well. The park has a solid coaster line up as well as some nice flats. The staff are friendly, and customer service is always a plus. The food is great! The only thing missing from the collection of rides is a dark ride. I know West Virginia was famous for it's coal mines back in the day, so that might make an interesting ride. Other than that, the park is perfect.


Here are some shots of the park I took: 1.jpg.671c9962d2bafe3e96b48fbe36fc7d5b.jpg

I was greeted by flags advertising White Lightning.


Lookin' good!


Photogenic Zero G Roll.


I hope you enjoyed my TR!

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Monday, June 2, 2008


Devin Smith - park spokesperson



There is no better time to own a season pass, as Valley Hills prepares for Coasters After Dark, an exclusive event for season passholders!

From 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM on every other Sunday, (starting June 15) season passholders will have EXCLUSIVE access to ALL of Valley Hills major roller coasters. That's two hours of exclusive ride time, with minimum waits! Here is a list of attractions offered;


  • Black Stallion
    Rattle Snake
    White Lightning
    Kanawha Railway
    Chaos - bonus!



Come join the fun! Starting on Sunday, June 15!

FREE hot-dogs & PEPSI will be provided at the all new Cedar Tavern.



full size here


Get your season pass here!


-Devin Smith, Valley Hills-

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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Max Sherman - Coasters After Dark director


It has been an interesting journey working here. From starting out as in intern in 2000 (when the park was under Six Flags management), to a cashier, to being a ride operator, to now working at park headquarters as part of the PR team! It was originally my idea to do something special for all of our season passholders (also, to generate sales) as a token of Valley Hills' appreciation.



Welcome passholders, to Coasters After Dark!



Black Stallion's 109.9' lift hill is looking especially thrilling tonight! Who wants to take a ride on this "air" time lovers dream!?




Not only will Black Stallion buck over a few hills, but also gallop through some twisted track.

"Air" time and twistyness, the perfect package!




Rattle Snake, a good mix of old-school coaster design with lots of slithering turns. Enjoy your ride on this Schwartzkopf classic!




A few moments of "air" time can be found on this "solid" coaster, as some enthusiasts like to call it.




Valley Hills most popular coaster, IGNITION, will be running both trains tonight. So expect minimum waits on this steel giant!




Who wants to zero-gravity their way over the station?




Unfortunately, Kanawha Railway will be unavailable during Coasters After Dark.




However, Woodstock Express is open to all you coaster fanatics. No child is needed to ride either!

(credit whore's galore!)




White Lightning provides some striking views at night. Get ready for some wildin' on this unique dive coaster.




Coasters Restaurant really come alive at night, especially with White Lightning supporting its theme.




Being launched at 65 MPH up two towering vertical pikes. Who can say no to that!?

Pulse can deliver that extra edge of excitement, adrenaline and acceleration for all you avid thrill seekers.




Don't forget about the FREE endless hot-dogs and Pepsi™ at the Cedar Tavern. Along with minimum waits on Chaos.

All exclusive to Coasters After Dark participants.




Valley Hills thanks you all for coming out and enjoying the very first Coasters After Dark! Come join us in 2 weeks for the next Coasters After Dark, and enjoy this FREE meal ticket* to Blackwater Lodge!


*valid through the 2008 season only



-Max Sherman

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