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Parc Asterix "Journee Premium"

Blue Fire Guy

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My family and I are going on a trip to France this July, and while this isn't a theme park trip, we are going to spend one of our days of the trip at Parc Asterix (specifically Wednesday, July 16th). I would like to be able to get all the credits in one day with room for a few rerides (looking at Oz'Iris and Tonneere de Zeus for these) here and there, but I hear the place can get insanely packed with the major rides getting up to 2-3 hour waits in the height of summer.


This has led me to consider the purchase of the "Journee Premium" passes, which while pricey looking, could prevent the day from being a total flop. I have a few questions regarding these passes (questions 2-4 are if I do decide to get the pass):


1 (the most important). Are they worth the money?


2. Are there specific queues for Journee Premium guests or do you enter through the exit and then get let on the ride?


3 As far as seating is concerned, do the ride ops let you choose your seat or do they assign you to a remaining free seat?


4 In what order would you recommend riding the non-Journee Premium rides (specifically the two Zierers for credits, and Transdemonium) before riding the ones that do use it?


If there are any other tips you have for me regarding important things I might have missed, I would greatly appreciate that. Thanks!

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I bought two passes for me and my daughter last year and it was indeed worth every euro. First, you get to park your car on the busses parking, very close to the park entrance. You get an onride pic per ticket. The lunch is the best you can get in the park. And the front of line passes are really great. You enter through the exit and the ops hold the normal line as soon as the see you, letting you choose whatever row you want. We rode eg Oziris several times, each time frontrow. I would never go back to Parc Asterix without those passes.

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Robb got these for us on the TPR Europe Trip and these were a saving grace. The crowds were INSANE that day, and I would've spent the entire day in line if it wasn't for this. DEFINITELY get this.

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Hi there, I came upon this thread whilst searching where to buy these mysterious 'Journee Premium' tickets - honestly I can't find them anywhere! If anyone knows where I could buy these tickets from or if you have bought them before and still have the link handy could you help me out? Pretty please!

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^Can't find it either on parcasterix.fr for the moment.

Or they don't sell it any longer or it's too early to buy at the moment. You can try to call the park or wait a bit longer and check back regularly.

I remember when I bought them, you had to choose and fix the date you will be visiting. You can buy the tickets upto 3 or 5 days (I don't remember exactly) before your visit. If you have a timeframe of a few days for your visit, you can wait till the last minute and decide based on the weather forecast.

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