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TPR New Front Page In Development!

Which version of the new TPR Front Page do you like better?  

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  1. 1. Which version of the new TPR Front Page do you like better?

    • Option 1
    • Option 2

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I like option 2 slightly more. I feel like having high res images would help it look even better.


Also, I'd suggest maybe trying something other than having the font over top of the image as it makes the text tough to read.

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I voted for Option 1. I really do like having a Twitter feed, just, right there. I've seen it on more and more sites, lately. While I am sure the main page will be updated as quickly as necessary. Tweets tend to be an even faster, and simpler way of giving notice of anything immediately noteworthy. A quick glance at the feed and, boom, I am up to date.


I, also, like the way that the feed helps frame and anchor the main image window. Option 2, on my monitor, has the huge main image, and nothing more. It looks fine, but, for me, having that floating there, makes it feel incomplete and too simple. The Twitter feed adds context to the images, and brings me more into what the site is all about, fresh and up to the minute information about theme parks and attractions around the world. At the same time, the window is large enough to really be able to appreciate what is being shown.


Just my opinion, Whatever is chosen, I am sure, will work just fine.

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Given that both layouts appear to be the same with the little Twitter feed being the only difference, I prefer Layout 1. It gives us a little extra content accessible right on the main page that in no way detracts from any of the other features. The rotating images are still large enough to clearly be a main attention grabber. Overall I think both options are great in that they are fresh new looks that retain the TPR style everyone's grown accustomed to. So when it comes down to it I'd be happy to see either one!

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I'm not sure I like how the gold and white text is overlaid on the cycling image. On some images the text is very difficult to read.


Might I suggest something like this? You could use a black bar at 70-80% opacity. You get easy-to-read text and you can still see the image behind the black bar.


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I am going with #2 on this one.


I know most people are voting for #1, but what I like about the second is that big image that immediately catches the eye. While the Twitter feed on #1 is a nice touch, I feel that you already have all of the social media icons right there at the top and it might be better to have the Twitter feeds in a different section lower on the page after the main site content.


The only other suggestion I would have is to consider getting rid of the scrollbars on the lower section, as they really make that section seem crowded to me. Maybe just have the 5 or 6 most recent Official TPR Updates and News and Updates with either a link at the bottom that goes to a "See All" page listing all of them, or a link that says "See More" that loads the next 5 updates via an Ajax call: www.jquery4u.com/function-demos/ajax/


(I probably suggest this mostly as one of my previous employers would constantly ride me to "do whatever you have to to get rid of those scrollbars!" )


I did find the headings slightly confusing at first of "TPR Updates" and "News And Updates"; I would probably rename them something along the lines of "TPR Site Updates" and "Theme Park News".


Either one looks great, # was just the one that caught my attention better; one of the fantastic things about TPR is the coverage and the excellent photo updates and to me for there to be a big image that immediately announce the unique feel and style that really sets TPR apart is why #2 was my choice.

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1st option because of the social media updates. I was gonna say put more social media updates (like Facebook, Tumblr, etc.), but then I realized...everything on the other social media is exactly what's posted on Twitter! So...just Twitter then.

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I voted for 1 because it has the nifty little Twitter feed. Where I am not "Twitter-pated" all that much, it's nifty for those that are and for the rest who are too lazy (myself included) to get onto our Twitter page and sift through all of the tweets, it saves us that sometimes eye crossing step.

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Admittedly I don't look at the front page often (usually just go straight to the "/forum" URL) but the first option seems better to me, because a lot of Robb's content these days is on the Twitter feed - either as tweets or links to photos/videos (I know a lot of it shows up later in a forum update, but it's usually on Twitter "first").

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Chose Option 2 because of the (slightly) cleaner look


The trend, it seems, of many corporate (and other) web site front pages is to change to a cleaner, neater, and an almost "minimalist" look. The page still provides access to information, but does so by keeping the visuals simple. Even look at the evolution of the WDW and UO front pages - they've been simplified quite a bit in the past 5 years.


The challenge for me is that the addition of the Twitter feed, I feel, pushes the "busy-ness" of the front page over the edge. There is just too much going on - you're trying to put just SO much material and links on the main page that the result is a cluttered and ineffective page.


I do agree with some of the folks in previous comments who have made some great suggestions to take the two options and clean them up a bit to make it easier to view


Change is GOOD - glad to see the evolution of TPR!

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I like Option One because of the integration of Twitter. Personally I don't like Twitter but it interacts with most TPR fans more, and that a good way to keep people on TPR!

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