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Which rides have given you greyouts?

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Have you ever experienced a greyout or even a full blackout? If so, which were the rides that gave you one. I've had two, the first one was when I was riding nitro for the first time. I was sitting in the third row and during the helix I got a slight greyout. The second one was on one of my rides on skyrush, on the turn after the first airtime hill, I was sitting somewhere in the middle. What about you?

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I've had slight greyouts on Millennium Force at the bottom of the first drop and Nitro in the helix. They're a little more significant on i305.


Personally I don't care for them, but I just close my eyes if they start to bother me.

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I don't think I've had a ride on i305 without greying out. Other than that I don't think I've greyed out on any other roller coaster. I used to see stars when going through BLST helix.


Sheikra and Kumba slightly


While I don't remember greying out on Kumba, I do know it's the only roller coaster that left me disoriented.

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Each of these coasters, every time I've ridden, I gray out in these places:


Sheikra (BGT) - bottom of first drop into the inversion (never happened on any of my Griffon rides though)

Nitro (SFGAdv) - helixes towards the end... big time, every time

i305 - most of the first part of the ride, haha, but love it!

Bizarro (SFNE) - helixes before the tunnel at the end

Goliath & Titan (SFMM & SFOT) - upward helixes


The most intense ones for me were i305 and Nitro. I don't mind it though, I really like intense coasters and even the crazy flats.

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I-305 and Goliath (MM) both made me grey out consistently. Millenium Force and Ride of Steel used to but not so much anymore.


All were caused by a high-speed turn or helix. I find that turning your head and looking in the direction of where the turn is leading to helps prevent greying out

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A couple roller coasters have made me see stars like Ninja SFMM, Nemesis Inferno and Nemesis, but the three main ones where I have really genuinely lost vision significantly are:


Silver Bullet: Helix before brake run

Batman SFMM: Both loops and the helix coming out of the second loop

Goliath SFMM: The helix

Tatsu: Bottom of the pretzel loop

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Goliath at SFMM was the first.


I-305 during the New Hotness tour in 2012 made me just about black out. I was really dehydrated that day, so I only took 2 rides on it. This year, I rode it about 10 times during Coasting for Kids, and greyed out every time, but not as bad as the previous year. It's my #2 steel now.

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