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Why is that everything in these parks can get a decent picture taken of it except for that Intamin Hyper, it's like it's purposely being avoided or something. I don't see how everything else is getting photoed but the only like two pics of the Intamin Hyper is grainy way off in the distance




I appreciate all the pics TPR users post!!!. I am not, nor do i want anyone to think I'm attacking anyone for not posting the pic (s) I want to see I was just saying

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If the tilt coaster isn't made by Vekoma then I would definitely think twice before riding it.


I like Skyrush's colors so hopefully they look nice on this too, but I did really like the white and black.

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The dual tilt coaster has been confirmed to be a Vekoma for a while now (though correct me if it has changed). I've been very excited for a tilt coaster with a more substaintial layout!

Yea the track style seems to be the new-gen Vekoma style so hopefully this will also include new-gen trains!

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That track is definitely Golden Horse!

Can't we say that about any track, regardless of style, that shows up in a Chinese park under construction?

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I would never trust a knock off company with a complicated mechanism like a tilt track.


Although it is impressive looking I would hardly call it complicated.

Nor is a brake run.


I wouldn't even trust them to include the safety stopper.

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I know that the Intamin mega coaster is supposed to be two hundred and umpteen feet tall, but it looks pretty drawn out. Kind of like a middle-ground between the speed and grace of Millennium Force and the crazy airtime of, say, Skyrush.

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