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New Wanda Parks in China.

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Another update as Wanda Guangzhou tease more rides. A better look at some of the duelling moments on that launched sitdown/inverted launch coaster seen on the previous page, a Dynamic Attractions SFX coaster and a (Mack?) spinning coaster. As well as a decent looking water ride.


We still don't really know who's building that launched duelling coaster though. Vekoma, Intamin and Premier all seem possibilities.






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From the tiny NoLimits screenshots, it looks like the invert is Intamin (track and train like DrageKongen), but the sit-down is Vekoma (track and train like Formula 1)... Is this even possible?


I like how they use the free-fall drawing from Zierer for their SFX.

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The same park is getting an Intamin Impulse similar to Wicked Twister (both spikes are twisted) going by RCDB.


A new intamin impulse? Nice to see someone buying one again was the last bought how many years ago? Over a decade maybe?

Steel Venom at Valleyfair was the last one so nearly fifteen years ago.

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New record for tallest inversion?! It beats GateKeeper by almost 30 ft...


yes assuming the stats the park give are correct (Not always a given in China) the ride is 60m tall. Which is around 197ft.

Which easily takes Gatekeepers record for tallest wing coaster but also takes Flash's record for tallest inversion (52m/171ft)


Here's a few more shots from inside the park.




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It was kind of wierd, seeing photos of the coaster, standing all lonesome, out in the open by itself.

Glad to see there are other things being built in the park, lol. Thanks for the new photos.

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