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Visually Awe Inspiring Coasters

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Say what you will about Dorney, but that image of the lift hill of Thunderhawk dwarfed by the lift hill of Steel Force, that juxtaposition of old versus new, 80 feet versus 200 feet, is iconic and yes, to me, awe-inspiring.




This is actually a really good one. The first time I went to Dorney I was far from an "enthusiast" and had only ridden a handful of coasters. When I saw Thunderhawk dwarfed by Steel Force like that I was amazed and actually pretty scared to ride it.


The funny thing about that is that Thunderhawk is the better ride (though it's starting to get really rough).

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Bullet en Selva Mágica.


Las montañas/cerros del fondo ayudan a que Bullet se vea muy bien desde este punto del parque. Selva Mágica está ubicada en una zona alta (hablando geográficamente) de la Ciudad de Guadalajara.


Lo que me gusta es que la montaña rusa está ubicada a un costado de la entrada, por lo que la estructura de 40m te da una buena bienvenida al parque.


Bullet at Selva Mágica

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Also, Ednör at La Ronde, built right over the lake, looks very nice(even if it's an SLC), plus it has great photo opportunity if you go on the Orbite's observation desk and have the sun at the right place :


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