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XYZ's Last Visit to SFMM! (Photo TR) BONUS PHOTOS Posted!


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(Also, a lot of the captions do have a good amount of factual information, so yeah, it can be confusing )



XYZ's Last Visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain

XYZ's Last Visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain: BONUS PHOTOS!!!



Hello TPR members throughout the world! Here is the amazingness of my SFMM trip report for the last time I'm going to SFMM! (Except that I'll return in the future to re-new my pass, go on the new ride, go to special events (WCB!!!!!!!!!), check out park improvements, etc.)


Anyways, I'm sure you are here for the photos, so here they are:


Enjoy! (Enjoy this more than Coca-Cola.)




Closed: The Ride





Best parking lot view???





Only Chuck Norris' fingernails and Mr. T's mohawk are more powerful than the Parking Lot Coaster of Doom!





Where's the magic?





90 minute wait for the Season Pass Processing line? First Magic Mountain Problems.





Call PETA for this, SFMM is suffocating bunnies!





Must take photos in photogenic places.





The only reason why I go to Magic Mountain.





Advertisements on abandoned areas...





Bad movie, bad actor, bad coaster. I feel sorry for Green Lantern.





Cedar Fair lied to you, Windseeker will be built on top of Superman. SFMM needs the world's tallest swingy-swing-swing ride you know.





I can't wait to go on "The Ride"!





The Ride was pretty good today.





Oh yeah, I forgot. Food Etc. is more powerful than Chuck Norris' fingernails and Mr. T's mohawk.





Wow, a walk-on for Goliath! This is great!





Now that the General Shermany Shermany Sherman Sam Tree is removed, a massive amount of space is opened up, so I think SFMM has enough room to build a Millennium Force clone here. Since SFMM really wants the record for best coaster in dah world.





Concrete plazas are the in-thing now.





Freshly built by Home Depot.





In case you didn't notice the big Full Throttle sign at the entrance of the ride...





Full Throttle has YOLO!





I like how the only airtime in SFMM hurts your legs. At least the airtime exists...





GTA should've given Full Throttle the "Best Theming" award. Wasted!





Signs of the greatness that used to exist here.





At least it's open...





Seriously, I ate at Five Guys at Town Center for lunch.





At least it doesn't look too faded on this image...





So, this is an inversion...





and this is not an inversion.





The nicest looking part of Full Throttle.





I swear, it did not have one train operation that day!





Paper Weight Tower is looking good from this angle.





Just to let you know, Shipwreck Rapids, Splash Battle, and Jurassic Park are all open today and they all get you way more wet than Jet Stream.





SFMM sure does a great job at making a carnival themed area.





Oooh, another ride called The Ride!





The Ride has seen some better days.





This is where SFMM's water supply comes from.





GCI surely makes some interesting looking wooden coasters.





How are you still alive?





I got into a coma by looking at this image, so this is the end of the trip report. Thanks for reading and comments are, you know, appreciated!

Edited by XYZ
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I needed to pop four Prozac just to make it through this.

You and me both Wes, you and me both.


You don't want to know how many I took from creating this.


one of the best trip reports i have read in a long time!!! i could have gone through 4 or 5 pages of that!! great job
:lmao: Amazing trip report!
Excellent trip report. I was cracking up the whole time!




It would be even more hilarious if it wasn't so sad. Seriously, WTF is wrong with this park!? Oh well. YOLO!


I think the sadness makes it more funny.


Nice trip report ! I loved all the sarcasm
Great report! I was laughing all the way through it.




Nice TR. I usually eat at Five Guys for lunch as well when I'm at SFMM so now that makes two of us!


Hmmm, anyone else in the "Rather eat at Five Guys than Food Etc." group???


Great trip report, it's kinda sad how easy it is to make fun of this park




Tatsu & Scream look so faded that it's not even funny anymore. Glad to see Viper running!


I still think it's funny.


Great report! Not bad pictures either!




Nice Report! I honestly can't wait to get back to MM! (Well at least to get my remaining credits)




When I am done laughing my a** off I will let you know what I think of your trip report.





Anyways, I have a lot more photos of Magic Mountain that I didn't share, so do you all want to see these photos?

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Wow, Just seen the photos of Apocalypse. I rode it back when it was Terminator in 09 and it looks brand new. It's photo now look dreadful. Has the ride experienced changed much or is it solely down to the aesthetics of the wood changing over time (as expected) ?


Nice report!

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'Closed: The Ride' Aaaahahahahah!!


Great trip report! I loved the sarcasm!




Looked pretty crowded for off season. What day was that?


December 29th, 2013. The Sunday after Christmas. Though, I've seen way worse.


Wow, Just seen the photos of Apocalypse. I rode it back when it was Terminator in 09 and it looks brand new. It's photo now look dreadful. Has the ride experienced changed much or is it solely down to the aesthetics of the wood changing over time (as expected) ?


Nice report!


Honestly, Apocalypse is really not very enjoyable now that it is rough. Heck, I think it's as rough as SFDK's Roar now. (Which is really too bad since it was really good and not too rough in early 2013.)

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Are wooden Coasters just not good for SoCal? I hear a lot of complaints about Ghostrider, Psyclone (SFMM, prior to demolition), and now Apocolypse. Or is it simply the way they are cared for?

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It would be sad and pathetic if it wasn't already so sad and pathetic...the park, not the TR...which just makes me think that they are never going to get it or get it together...perhaps WCB should be KBF and a park TBD instead from here on out...I'd even drive to San Diego for Sea World at this point...

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